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I get that your a canes fan, but Faulk wanted to cry because he didnt get a penalty call for a completely LEGAL HIT. So yea, I think he's a baby for that. Also, pick a can't choose both of them because that doesn't make you a real fan :D

Number one: Actually I can be a fan for as many teams as I damn well please and I can be a “real” fan of both.

Number two: There’s no such thing as “real” and “unreal” fan. You like hockey, you like teams, you like whoever the fuck and whenever the fuck you want. So piss off with your holier than thou “Better fan than you” bullshit and eat a dick.

He wasn’t crying, he was pissed because the guy targeted his head and cut him near his eye and his nose. I’d be pissed too. I’d hardly call him a baby. Lots of players take less serious hits and go immediately off the ice and he finished his shift. That’s complete toughness right there.

So stop talking shit in my tag, twat.

emotionally wrecked..

so this past weekend I pretty much told B that I was done because honestly after a whole year of playing this game and listening to all of his friends tell me that I deserve better, I just got fed up. like he is so impossible to talk to, it’s like talking to a fucking five year old which is pretty damn near impossible. at this point I just don’t even know what to do. i honestly think that after all of these heartbreaks the world is trying to tell me that I meant to be single for the rest of my life, which I’m not ready to accept quite yet, considering that I’m just barely twenty. so fuck love..