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1. Imagine your dream car. What color is it?


2. By sound alone, what’s your favorite instrument?


3. Should the Twelfth Doctor wear a kilt?

No; it would elevate the sexy to lethal levels.

4. Pen or pencil? Cats or dogs [I’m not judging you]? Sword or dagger? Sudoku or crossword?

Pencil, cats, dagger, crossword

5. Sum yourself up in 5 words or less.

Brilliant but lazy

6. Would you be a firebender, earthbender, airbender, or waterbender? Feel free to add reasons.

Airbender, because then I could fly.

7. Do you prefer to live urban, suburban, or rural?

Suburban to urban, but not over-urban (looks sideways at Beijing)

8. What is your opinion of Canada?

It’s cold and its politics is almost as screwed up as ours…but the people there are so nice, they’ve got the Queen on their money, and I think they get free BBC. (Do they? Sami, are you reading this?)

WAR. Favorite food?

Possibly my dad’s basil pesto. (It took me a minute to figure out the numbering.

9. What is your favorite font?

Times New Roman. I feel more comfortable reading serif fonts, and TNR is what I grew up with as a default.

10. What was your last anon message? Or if you’d prefer to be vague, what was the nature of your last anon message?


11. What is your accent, exactly?

About as close to John Barrowman as it is possible to get while still being a young woman.

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