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Hahah well that’s good. You need to let me know what you think of it. There’s almost something therapeutic about breaking Sims up, for me. I’m a messed up individual But then I do things like create Darren Criss and make him fall in love with me haha

I’m gonna make a Sim for every Rising Penis. xD AND YOU. YOU’LL GET ONE TOO. 

Maybe you’ll end up with Brolden. xD Nah, you don’t want him. MAYBE YOU’LL GET EYEBROWS. LMAO.

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Have fun~! O v O -cough-there’slotsofkoreansinhawaii.enjoytheeyecandy-cough-

*________* did you want me to get you anything? text me~

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NOOOOooOoooooooo i will be so lonely in korean class ;_____; you should get pineapple and macadamia nuts though. 아름 씨, 잘가!!

미안~! 파인애플먹을거야 ㅋㅋ 또 나영언니그리울거야. ㅎㅎ

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It’s funny that reading this reminded me of the mug of tea I had left in my kitchen to let steep like… 20 minutes ago. orz;;

LOL!!!!! Nice!! I do that constantly!  We have one of those Kuriig things so I set it to hot water with a tea mug with a tea bag in it and just walk away after pressing the button…. sometimes I forget entirely…. and re warmed tea never tastes the same… XP

While on the subject of that dinner.

I had an awkward moment when I met one of the people who I follow/ mutually follows me back and my cousin was like: you guys follow each other, and stated the URL of her friend and I sat there like…

…… Shit. Which one do I give her? My most recent one she may not recognize, the other one was only a week or two so maybe- Ah, shit why did I go and change my URL like three times? OTL;;;

In the end it was fine but… that moment where I sat and floundered far less amusing then than it is now. u n u;;

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“I can type in a French accent. It’s pretty cool.” Don’t mind me, I’m just laughing. I love you! I honestly believe Clemency Poesy is one of the most beautiful woman alive as well. Maybe it’s just coz she’s so European looking, and I love that haha


Yes! Clemence is GORGEOUS! I love her too! She’s the perfect Fleur, in my opinion. :)

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SORRY I WAS HAVING DINNER. I AM BACK NOW [Well, like I said last time we talked about ages, I don’t see you as a little-un. You act more mature than what I’m guessing your age is. But no one would think worse of you. I think they’d be impressed haha]


And oh really? Well.. What can I say? lol
No but.. I guess I’m not that young.. I think I’m the youngest of the Rising Penises though.. 

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Was that the one where you showed me the eye and I was really jealous coz I haven’t graduated stick figures? That was good. You should finish it :)

I can’t finish it! xD I’ll start a new picture. I’ve drawn tons of people before.. I drew Kristen Stewart(DON’T JUDGE), Demi Lovato(For my sister), Darren, Lea, an imaginary person, myself, and yeah.. I’ve started drawing Evanna Lynch, never finished. and I started HeMo, never finished. And I started Emma Watson, never finished. lol