allusions are fun

Alright, time to talk about Tauradonna. I’ve been waiting for this reunion forever, and their complicated, broken romance is just begging to explored further. And man do I want to see them come back together. Things aren’t looking so great right now, but the potential for their relationship is just too good.

First and foremost though, I want to make it clear that I disagree with the notion that Adam has ever hurt Blake. Intentionally, anyway. Obviously turning into a cold-blooded killer during his revolution has caused her some personal distress, but Adam doesn’t strike me as a person who didn’t genuinely love her.

Blake’s reason for leaving the White Fang was because Adam had taken things too far; he stopped caring about humans and had no problem letting them die. That doesn’t say anything about how Adam treated Blake as a person, or their relationship with each other.

In fact, we see that Adam cares very much about the people under his command and their well being when he told Cinder to back off, so why wouldn’t he care about Blake that much more when they were personally involved together?

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Antagonize (100 words)

“I wish you wouldn’t antagonize her,” Anders murmurs, watching the Knight-Commander march stiffly away.

“Really?” Hawke says in surprise. “She’s so easy to wind up – I thought you’d enjoy watching her work into a frenzy while she can’t act on it!”

“She can’t act against you,” Anders corrects him. “Because you’re powerful, well-known, connected. But at the end of the day, when she goes back to the Gallows, who exactly do you think she’s going to take all that rage out on?”

Hawke says nothing – but he makes a mental note to hold his tongue around Meredith from now on.

differentandstupidhuman  asked:

Could you make a new year tomco story? And a new year kiss * w *

Here you go! I hope you love it! I had fun writing it and I like the cute fluffy ideas. So i made it a first kiss fic!


“Hang this up over there.” Marco told Tom. Tom nodded and hung up the silver ribbon on the ceiling.

“What’s this for?” Tom asked. Marco rolled his eyes.

“What else, Tom? It’s the new year.” Marco laughed. “Do you not celebrate?” Marco asked.

“Time is a human concept. We don’t recognize it.” Tom explained. Marco laughed at this. “What?” Tom asked. “Time is an allusion.”

“Well this is fun.” Marco assured. “At midnight tonight we have a party with a a bunch of food and drinks, and we celebrate the new year. And we have a bunch of traditions we do.” Marco explained. Now Tom was interested.

“Like what? We have traditions in hell!” Tom exclaimed. He was always so excited to share about his culture with Marco, hoping he could break the (true) idea that demons were violent and horrific. “Our traditions are so fun! Whenever a demon is romantically involved with somebody who’s not a demon, we try to burn them alive!” Tom chirped. His smiled quickly fell away. “And that’s why I never brought you home.” Tom responded. Star walked by, holding silver balloons that said ‘2k17’.

“You brought me to hell like, at once.” She pointed out.

“And after that day I swore not to remake that mistake.” Tom responded. “Remember? You got chased all day.” Tom reminded. Star nodded.

“That was a bad day… good luck Marco.” Star smiled and blew up a balloon. Marco huffed and looked back at Tom.

“These traditions are… different.” Marco assured. “At midnight, it marks the start of the new year. And somebody makes a toast, you play music… but my favorite tradition is something that will involve you and me this year.” Marco held Tom’s and and leaned in sweetly. Tom looked confused.

“You and me?… And Star and Janna?” Tom asked. Marco shook his head.

“No, just me and you.” Marco repeated.

“And Star and Janna?” Tom asked again. Marco groaned.

“No! Star and Janna have nothing to do with it!” Marco cried. Tom nodded.

“Well… what is it?” Tom asked. Marco smiled and kissed his cheek.

“You’ll see.” He teased. He handed Tom a box of streamers. “Now go hang this up.” Marco demanded. Tom rolled his eyes and playfully mimicked Marco. Marco laughed and shoved him. When Tom was gone he turned to Star. “I have a good idea.” Marco told her. Star put down her balloon and leaned forward.

“Spill.” She said. Marco smiled.

“So I haven’t kissed Tom, yet. Like, really actually kissed him, so I’m going to tongiht for new year.” Marco told her. Star smiled.

“Aw, Marco! That’s such a cliche!”

“I know right!?”


Marco slid up next to Tom that night. “How do you like the party?” Marco asked. Tom smiled.

“It’s nice, a lot better than parties I’ve been to.” Tom admitted. Marco laughed. “So what was the tradition you were telling me about?” Tom asked.

“You will know in six minutes and twenty-seven seconds.” Marco said, looking at the timer he had set on his phone. Tom laughed at this.

“You’re weird.” Tom smiled.

A few minutes later everyone was excited for the new year moment, except Tom who was still confused about this holiday. So he was faking it a little bit, but that would change soon. Everyone started the countdown and Marco slid up closer to Tom, who was still confused because time is an allusion. And he had no idea how long a year was. When the group counted down to one, Marco tapped on Tom’s shoulder. Tom turned to face him and was attacked in a big kiss. Marco pulled back and Tom was looking at him with starry eyes and a deep blush spreading across his face. Marco smiled.

“Happy new year, Tom.” Marco said. He gave him another quicker kiss.

“Was that the… tradition?” Tom asked. Marco nodded.

“They say whoever you share the new year’s kiss with, is the person you’ll spend the new year with.” Marco told him. “And I wanted that to be you.” Marco continued. Tom’s blush deepened. He inched closer to Marco.

“I want to spend it with you too.”