Birds Of A Feather ✧ |Closed Starter|

Echo, needy?

Mm–perhaps. She could get clingy at times. And if she wasn’t, there was a good chance she was trying to emotionally detach herself. Like, say… now. With her hair plaited back from features, donning all black, it was easy to tell she had just gotten back from work. Which meant her mood was as bitter as black coffee in the morning, and the only one who could cheer her up was an angel with wings just as dark. But since he seemed to be a bit MIA, she would settle for grabbing Babu up and burying her face in his fur, exhaling. Will, where the heck are you? 

Ocean hues SETTLED on a foreign stature, gaze unresponsive as
always. No SPARK, not even a twitch at an EDGE or a curve found
on her childlike visage. It had flourished INTO a habit, a dead end
when WELCOMED by the unknown. Riley wasn’t a BOOK but
rather a sealed case and in MOMENTS like these, it sure came in
handy. The smoother THINGS would go, the quicker it WOULD all
end. Despite her irritation HEAVY and lingering within her bones.

“Your car is parked too close from mine, can’t get it out.”

&& alluringhailstormx


          ❝I’m going to have to ask you to move along.

        She’s nervous, of course, but Jessie had no intention at all of it showing. In reality, she supposes that her uneasiness is circumstantial considering a number of factors.

    One: she has done battle before.

Two: she hasn’t truthfully ever hesitated when it’s come to Downworlders.

And final factor three: she most certainly, at the end of it all, has enough raw instinct to get by.

   'Untapped potential’ was what Charlotte had called it, whereas Jessamine, would have it only described as a woman’s wrath.

    She’d taken her time with any intervention of the argument brewing between the small handful of werewolves, all big and burly, not to mention drunk and loud mouthed, with the slender looking man of unknown origins.

     Being slow to move could be blamed on his likeliness to a certain annoying git back at the institute, and her total detachment with her surroundings.

     Sweaty, cramped and poorly up kept bars had never been her forte, nor would they ever be. But of course, it had ended up being on the list of places she had to make rounds at.

    How she’d known beforehand that her field training would be nothing but a bother must have been her woman’s intuition at work. The tallest one out of the mix seems to be the only one out of the five to either hear her, or actually acknowledge the female Shadowhunter’s existence.  

                                    ❝Mind yer own feckin’ business Nephilim.

                                               S'got nothin’ ta do with you.

   Pushing her seat back, long legs uncrossing, Jessamine stands to her full height, leather boots clicking against the floorboards as she makes her way across the room to size herself up against him. She has absolutely no patience for this. ,

         ❝Now you listen to me, you giant, flaming throw rugged ignoramus, it’s either     you, and your pack of merry imbeciles leave willingly and refrain from disturbing the peace, or I’ll make you myself.

         And when I do, you’ll be missing very important parts that your healing won’t ever be able to replace. Are we clear?❞

✧;  "We’re closing in half an hour, so please make sure not to dwell too long, though I know how tempting that is,“ Echo announced when she heard the faint chiming of the door. She’d been working at the bookstore for six months now, and people were always coming in to grab essay books for late night assignments. Not looking up from her own book, she tucked her hair behind her ear and waited.

✧ Angels & Airwaves ✧ |Echo & William|Closed Para

She hadn’t meant to get herself lost again–but the witch, being who she was, tended to do so almost all the time. And with her arm still bloody from the little tussle she got into with a dark witch she was bounding, she was even more exhausted than she usually was after going on a mission. She was about to just teleport back home, really, even though she preferred not to. You see, sometimes having too much power gave witches God (or Goddess) Complexes, and Echo didn’t need one of those with the rest of the problems she had in her life. She didn’t want to live her life thinking that magick would always get her out of situations like this one. You see, what she needed to find was a map… and a heap load of medical supplies, since she couldn’t perform magick on herself in public.

What she found was an apartment complex, just as the rain began to pour down. Feeling the water sting her injury, she cringed and stormed inside, looking around the area. The people regarded her with a dull sense of curiosity and carelessness–because, really, how much attention are you going to pay to a bleeding, soaking wet blonde girl?–before turning their noses up at her. Shaking from the cold, she was about to just turn around and bolt, when a man with dark hair and bright eyes caught her eye–a man with a supernatural aura to him. She wandered over and cast him a shaky smile. “Hi, um–would you mind if I borrowed your bathroom for a few moments?” she glanced around with a heavy sigh. “They won’t let me use the bathrooms here–residents only, apparently.”

Without fear | Poison and William

“Damn it.” She hissed looking at herself in the mirror. Her birthday was coming up, her mutation was already preparing to evolve, like every year. What kinda serpenty feature will she get this time, she didn’t know. All she new is that her magic was sensitive around this time of the year, it didn’t work sometimes or it backfired. Her eyes were turning back to a misty light grey and she was itching to bite somebody, to end lives. It was all because the snake was evolving, turning more and more animal like by the minute.

She took the stairs down from her penthouse appartment, she needed to get rid of that extra energy that was brewing inside of her and get her mind away from killing a person or two. The streets were more or less empty, nobody would notice if one of them dies from a snake bite. She licked her lips, leaning on to the corner of the building, hiding in the shade and watching the unsuspecting prey walk clueless that they might be alive for just a while. Her eyes shifted from left to right and she caught a look of a man. Narrowing her eyes, she smirked and gently waved to the man, signaling to come closer. Men were curious creatures and if this goes as planned, he will follow her deeper in to the narrow alley.

Sweet dreams are made of this,

☁ alluringhailstormx

who am I to disagree? 

(☾☆)  Rosemary had been wandering in the park when a bird came near by. She smiled, as she always did when she encountered a creature and then waved. As it came closer she noticed it was a golden-winged warbler. It was quiet the endearing little thing and it ended up landing on the palm of her hand. ❝Why hello little one. Isn’t it a bit late for you to be up? Then again I suppose I should be in bed as well.❞

Two Immortals

It had been a couple of weeks since Alyx had gotten the immortality ‘gift.’ To be honest, she wasn’t even sure if it was really a gift. What she did know, though, was that her father had provided her with basically unlimited funds and she needed a vacation. Which is why she found herself in Los Angeles, It was her first night in the city and, after going on a rather expensive shopping spree, the female found herself in a bar, wearing one of her new outfits. She’d ordered a shot of vodka when she felt an unfamiliar presence. Her head whipped around, teal braid almost coming completely undone.