Theater!Lance Headcanons

In honor of today being the last show of my school’s musical (i’ve cried SO much today guys) I’ve decided to compile a bunch of theater headcanons for team voltron that are mostly lance-centric!! 

>the paladins would so be in their school’s drama club

>Pidge would obviously be the all around tech manager

       >she dominates the sound/light board

>Hunk is the stage manager!!

        >He often works front of house and sells his baked goods! (some people            go to the shows just for them)

>Shiro is the director and works hand in hand with Hunk about the crew

>Coran is their theater teacher (you cannot argue with me on this, he is TOO dramatic)

>Allura is their choreographer when musical season comes! 

        >She teaches the crew everything from tap to ballet

         > She was the one who taught Lance how to use his legs to make his                   ballet hella graceful

>Keith always manages to land a lead, albeit the smaller ones, mainly due to his angelic voice

>He has the spark that makes the audience just adore him 

>He’s SUPER animated and it gives him this flair that makes him stand out

>when musical season comes he BLESSES everyone with his voice (like holy damn did the reincarnation of Beyonce step into the room)

> He’s super nice to the freshmen who join and give them tons of pointers!!

> He’s gotten nominated for multiple awards over the past few years like Best Male Lead Overall, Best Male Dancer, and Best Male Singer, and has even won a few!

> He! Loves! Costumes!

> He’s the god of quickchanges, like he will go from a tux to day wear in a single eight count

>Despite being the lead and being needed on stage constantly, he always makes sure to help out backstage with the crew

        >he always makes sure to thank each and everyone one of them after                  every show!

>He does other acting jobs as well outside of his school’s theater

       > he’s currently trying to nail a role in movie!!

        >also trying to get into voice acting because why not??

>He helps everyone with their makeup and makes sure they never go on stage without highlighter

>PRESHOW RITUALSSSS (most of these are based on my own cast’s)

        >they each have their own lion that they bring to every show (Lance always        brings his on during bows!)

         >Lance caresses the ghost light before every show asking for it to bless              them

        >they chant the voltron theme song (the dundundundunDUNdunDUn                  Dundun one)

        >they practically scREEch before going on stage every night

>at the end of every show there’s always something planned, usually either a party at Lance’s or going to eat at Applebee’s (half-apps???) or the Diner

>if anyone thinks lance wouldn’t be a theater kid you can personally fight me bc my boi is too dramatic to not share it with the world

i hope you liked them!!