Allure | April 2009

Elizabeth Arden ‘Color Intrigue Eyeshadow in Mingle’ 
Elizabeth Arden ‘Color Intrigue Eyeshadow in Moonbeam’ 
Elizabeth Arden ‘Pure Finish Mineral Cheekcolor in Rosy Glow’ 
Elizabeth Arden ‘Color Intrigue Effects Lipstick in Poppy’ 

The funny thing about the makeup for this photoshoot is that this was Taylor’s first foray into red lips.

Taylor arrived to the set of the shoot wearing eyeliner and mascara that the shoot’s makeup artist Gucci Westman took off. 

When Taylor was told she would be rocking an extremely strong red lip and minimum eye makeup she said, “I’m excited about doing red lips — I’ve never done them before!” 

How little did she know.