Here’s the freebies that Allure Magazine is offering for the month of May!

If you’re one of the first 500 people to sign up at noon eastern time on each designated day, you’ll score that beauty freebie. Simply click on the red “ENTER [DATE]” link and fill out the form at noon. You won’t know if you were one of the first 500 until the freebie arrives in your mailbox. These are all full sized products, not samples! Also, be sure to select “NO” for special offer so you won’t receive their magazine subscription. I’ve gotten a lot of free beauty products in the mail thanks to Allure :) Hurry though, these run out in seconds! Good luck 

I said no initially, thought about it, and said no again. But I’m a black transgender woman. I felt this could be really powerful for the communities that I represent. Black women are not often told that we’re beautiful unless we align with certain standards. Trans women certainly are not told we’re beautiful. Seeing a black transgender woman embracing and loving everything about herself might be inspiring to some other folks.
—  Laverne Cox on deciding to participate in Allure magazine’s annual “Nudes” issue. Role model forever. (via Allure; link includes semi-NSFW photo)

10 facts about my fursona that you probably didn’t know!


1: Allure is a Sergal/Dragon Hybrid because her father is a Northern Sergal from planet Vilous who fell in love with a visiting Earth Dragoness.
2: Allure was raised on Earth alongside both her family of Dragons and human societies. (A reality where anthropomorphic’s live alongside humans as a minority race)
3: Allure is Intersex. She has fully grown functioning male genitalia and fully grown functioning female genitalia.
4: She has testes but because she is part reptile, she has a cool enough body temperature to have them be internal.
5: Though Allure is Intersex, she uses female pronouns such as Hers, Her, and She.
6: Allure is Pansexual but prefers girly traits and body types.
7: She can fly but she can not breathe fire like her other Dragon family members.
8: When Allure visits her father on Vilous, she wears clothing to hide her horns, dreads, wings, and tail to avoid violent acts of discrimination against her being a hybrid.
9: Allure gets her bad attitude and violent tendencies from her Fathers species, but her intelligence and grace from her Mothers species.
10: She is 20 years old.
12: She is an omnivore but prefers pasta and salads.
13: Allure only wears clothes in human public areas.
14: She gets her purple and white fur from her father, but her feathers, strange striped markings, and blue scaled horns, dreads, and tail come from her mother.
15: She is completely infertile because she is a hybrid.