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What are some good make up youtube channels?? Thank you!

ima omit the #chattygalpals cuz you already know. this is, like everything i am, completely unorganized:

  • emilynoel83 / beautybroadcastexpress - everything you need to know about the drugstore
  • fabjennie - fave atm. good approach, simple straightforward, FOUNDATION REVIEWS, she has like these earlier videos documenting the beginnings of her makeup experimentation, she’s learning With You
  • lisalisad1 - my southern mother of luxury goods and cosmetics!!! 
  • uppiesbeads59 - internet-friends with the above, glamorous hair, french cosmetiques, she’s wild
  • destinygodley - beautiful! production value! glowing highlighted skin which make her a fave!
  • meganjones - horrible video quality but she’s smart and has concise, well done reviews on like everything
  • lisasz09 - ya’ll are gonna be like you like such bland people but yeah! loves this blanda. nicely done, simple reviews.
  • thebeautyprofessor - high end niche brands, sometimes improperly used gigantic vocabulary words that are amazing
  • kimgreene - insight into tv & film makeuping 
  • chrissstttiiine - totally that vibe, mostly outfit of the days, entirely lifestyle
  • raeview - professional. luxury. asian beauty exclusives.
  • lisafreemontstreet - vintage/retro hair and makeup mostly hair
  • ivypowell - ok she’s like all hair too but screw you! watch her
  • zwinnieyap - anime makeup tutorials it’s like just her eye but its legit
  • allurabeauty - live swatches! if you’re like me and you hate that nobody swatches on screen, this one’s for you
  • shiseidousa - dick page makeup tutorials on sui he okay
  • jenniferwan - ok she’s not the most like entertaining but shes chill and cool and i want her face! 
  • karimamckimmie - i’m newish to her but i like her approach
  • katiehughesbeauty - she doesn’t update anymore but like her videos have some legit tips

lmfao suggest me more!