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Here are the 2 full pieces + the 2 charm/ sticker designs I did for the @cottoncandyheartzine Allurance zine “Cotton candy: Heart!”

I had a lot of fun working with the Japanese arcade/ purikura theme + working with so much pink, purple and blue ( ・ัω・ั ) ❤︎

Friendship & Conversations

Y’all I need to take a moment to say I LOVE HUNK and I’m SO proud of him and I want to specifically thank him for bringing about this moment in S7:

Because this scene??? Is A BIG FUCKING DEAL for Keith. He has never called anyone a “friend” before except for Shiro, and it completely changes how Keith interacts with the rest of the team moving forward.

And it all happened because of Hunk. When everyone was going space-crazy and Keith started to pull himself away, Hunk was the one who fought for Keith to stay and refused to let him go.

Hunk was the one who was ready to risk his own safety to protect the rest of the team …

… and his actions gave the others the wake-up call they needed, reminding them how important it is to stick together and have each other’s backs …

… and showing Keith what it means to be friends.

As I mentioned before, Keith has never called anyone a “friend” before besides Shiro, and he seems to take the term very seriously. When Hunk is struggling with his parents’ disappearance, Keith actively steps out of his comfort zone to be there for him:

Looking at Keith’s body language and choice of words, it’s clear that he’s unsure of what to do and is uncomfortable wading into this kind of emotional territory, but he’s still trying, and that speaks volumes for him.

“It’s no secret that you’ve always been the most scared, but … you’ve never backed down. Never. And to be brave is to go on in spite of fear. And that’s who you are, Hunk.”

Wow, just … wow. Keith didn’t have to say all that for Hunk but He 👏🏼 Did 👏🏼 That 👏🏼. “Not really good at talking with people” my ass, HONEY YOU DID GREAT AND HUNK THINKS SO TOO.

So Keith is kind of new to this whole friendship thing, which makes Hunk the perfect person for him to have a heart-to-heart with first. Not only because Hunk stuck his neck out for Keith in space and deserves some reciprocation, but also because Hunk is literally the purest being to ever exist and would be the least likely to respond poorly to Keith’s attempts.

In short, Hunk is an ANGEL SENT FROM HEAVEN and he showed Keith the magical power of friendship, and I feel like that’s going to make a big impact on how Keith acts in S8.

Because now that Keith has gotten his feet wet in terms of interpersonal conversations, he needs to start having some deeper, more difficult talks with a few other people. Specifically Allura …

… and Lance.

Space-craziness aside, these interactions were pretty brutal and hurt all three of them. Keith cut deep by insulting Allura’s father, and Allura hit a similar low blow when attacking Keith for leaving them.

Allura’s remark also piggybacks on top of Lance’s own personal baggage regarding Keith’s departure.

These issues are all intertwined and it’s clear that they need to be addressed.

Keith simply saying they’re all “friends” doesn’t absolve what happened or provide the closure all three of them need, but it’s a start. He’s already heading down the right path thanks to Hunk lighting the way, and I look forward to (hopefully) seeing him continue in this direction in S8. 🙏🏼

(Thanks to Curry @pidgeonblocks for being a great friend and patiently listening to me whine about writing struggles all the time.)

How I imagine an end story Voltron Timeskip:

Keith and Allura both go back to space together to train the new group of paladins, Keith still being the leader while Allura is his support, not a paladin. They also work together to rebuild a place for the Alteans, and she’s the Queen. And as they continue to grow closer- Keith becomes the King. Being only children themselves, they only have one child that they dote on, and are sometimes too cautious with as they both don’t want their little one being hurt like they were.

Pidge and Lance stay on earth and get married. Pidge isn’t sure about having children, because she’s more of a tech person and doesn’t know if she could actually handle a baby. Lance on the other hand wants a large family and is constantly begging Pidge to have children until she eventually caves. Pidge is anxious with their first child, but Lance is such a natural, and a complete dork in expressing his love for his family, making cute baby noises. Pidge begins to think a big family wouldn’t be so bad, but she wants to take it slowly. However, their family grows large rapidly. But Pidge isn’t stressed because of how much a natural Lance is with them. Uncle Hunk visits them often and loves playing with their kids. All of their kids think Uncle Shiro is cool and wish he’d visit more, but he seems to be busier than ever. They keep in contact with Allura and Keith, and eventually visit them with their entire family.

Before you ask- no, I don’t know why I do this to myself.

Fic Prompts: Voltron Thursday

Flying through another time-defying wormhole didn’t concern the Paladins unduly. So long as someone kept an eye on Coran, they would be fine.

The new recruits weren’t nearly so calm.

“Don’t worry about it,” Lance patted Romelle’s shoulder comfortingly as he walked by. “We’ve seen worse.”

Romelle looked almost offended. “That’s supposed to be encouraging?!”

“Hang on, everybody,” Coran warned, “There’s a flare on the radar, headed right for us! We don’t know how it’s going to effect all of you, so maybe put sharp objects out of reach now.”

The lights flickered, and everyone braced themselves. The flare passed over the ship with a feeling like intense static electricity, then it was gone. Allura opened first one eye, then the other. She dearly hoped that she wasn’t the only adult again.

“Everyone alright?” she called.

The paladins were fine. The younger recruits were fine. But the Blades, Coran, and anyone else aboard over the age of twenty had suffered the full effects of the wormhole flare.

“What the quiznak?!” Romelle squawked, leaping to one side to avoid a solemn, white-haired boy who looked to be about eight.

“Hey, that’s a bad word!” shouted another small boy who inexplicably had a fluffy orange mustache.

“Oh, well, there’s Coran at least.” Hunk sighed. “Nice mustache, dude.”

The boy twirled the facial hair in question with pride. “Thanks! Who’re you?”

Krolia came charging onto the bridge a moment later with Keith hot on her heels.

“Give me back that knife! It’s as long as your arm, you don’t have the right balance-!”

“NO! IT’S MINE NOW!” The now-small Galra dove behind Allura and stuck her tongue out at Keith.

Keith paused, glanced at the several other children aboard, and groaned. “As long as there aren’t any other flares, this is reversible, right?”

Pidge massaged her temples. “Yeah, should bounce back as soon as we’re out of the wormhole. Just…try to keep your mom from stabbing anyone in the meantime- HEY! Shiro, put that down, that’s fragile!”

“Hey look, I got a ghost hand!” Shiro waved the gadget Pidge had been working on through the air. “Where’s Ryou? I’m gonna scare him!”

Keith dragged a hand over his face and met the others’ amused expressions with a sigh. “Ryou’s on Earth, bud,” he said hesitantly. “With your mom and dad.”

“Oh. That’s probably good, he hates space anyway. Hey who’s this purple guy?”

And then Shiro was off, climbing over consoles and asking questions about everything. Allura stared at the others.

“I knew Coran was going to be a handful if it happened again,” she said at last, “And I guessed that the Blades might be tricky. But Shiro?!”

Lance sighed and pushed himself out of the chair. “You guys worry about getting us out of the wormhole, and I’ll see if I can’t trick the Little Rascals gang into not destroying the bridge.

"Should be only ten kliks til we’re out,” Kid Coran added helpfully.

Romelle stood in the middle of all the consoles and stared at nothing. “Nobody is gonna talk about this?” she muttered, “Why is no one talking about this? Oh stars why are you acting like this is normal?!”

Pidge shrugged. “We’ve…seen worse?”

Romelle made a strangled sound and her left eye twitched a little.

I’m Such Voltron Trash!


I ship EVERYONE! Love every ship! Love every character! Love the story! LOVE VOLTRON Overall!!!! I just want everyone to have a happy ending! 😭

Although my fave, aka wife, is Pidge and my OTP is Plance, I love all them and every ship (like i literally just mentioned lol)

There’s Plance (MyOTP!)



















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