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You're a waste of space. Angela is a wast of time. You're both obviously meant for each other. Two pathetic parasites. You two are the definition of disgusting. Have a nice day (:

I will have a nice day because I’m going to spend the rest of it with Angela soon. Not sure what we’re going to do though. Probably shit on each other. We have to live up to your words. Hell yeah.


Hi, okay, I’m not very good at text posts and I also don’t have a lot of followers but a lot of you probably know or know of Angela (alltimeangela) and you might know that earlier she was talking about killing herself. Like the horrible person I am, I kind of brushed it off, and I figured she would come to her senses or one of her closer tumblr friends would talk to her and I figured that she would remember that her boyfriend was coming to visit her soon. But now I’m just flat out worried. She hasn’t posted in a lot of hours [I don’t know exactly how many] and her last posts were really really really bad, okay and I’m just really worried

So if any of you who might be closer to her know where in PA she lives, like general area or maybe if you live near her can you either a) tell me or b) call the local police near her please? I’m just really really worried about her and she’s such a lovely girl and I really need to know that she’s okay. 

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Is Alex G expecting a baby o.o

yep. he got one of his two girlfriends (alltimeangela or thepartyunscene) pregnant last week and i’m not allowed to say which one. it happened when lisa went to Brazil because everyone wanted her there to save all those trees and alex plowed both girls one right after another and then yeah that happened so maybe if one felt like just COMING OUT and telling the world.

oh my god i met all time low lots of times and have so many followers look at me im so fucking amazing, i can make someone who was just defending botdf feel like an even bigger worthless cunt with all my followers hating on her for no bloody reason.

you know who i love a lot angela ok like we havent been talking forever but i trust her with so much stuff cause were kind of like the same person except shes better than me but i just love her a lot and i cant wait to meet her this summer and eat pizza 

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i'm gonna start off by saying i love you two for making this so SHOUT OUT TO YOU. anyway, i love maddy (thecrowdiscalling), angela (alltimeangela), ksenia (unitedhobosofamerica), steph (thedramasummer), naomi (backseatserenaders), liana (aflickerofsoul), mia (vibeswerepriceless), brooke (solongthanksforallthebooze) taylor (takeavacation), becca (somethingsvveird), rachel (officialriandawson) and sami (jamjardines) FOR ALL BEING RAD MUAH :* (i'd say more but i'm almost out of characters) <3

thank you ily :*