It’s spring! The trees are green and the birds are tweeting cheerfully, the earth is full of flowers and the rays of sun bring euphoria! Well, not really but strangely enough I’ve been awaiting for spring far too eagerly. March didn’t start well for me but I’m hoping for the best, as always. I try to fill my thoughts with tons of pink and pastels, sunshine and flowers, road trips and stories regarding love in all of its forms. 

(also, the beautiful girl in the photo isn’t me, it’s Kater aka all this happiness)

allthishappiness replied to your post: for future reference

Why do people say this? I hate it too. Like, ‘you look so tired’ wtf? It’s not a compliment.

the one and only exception i can think of would be if a child said it to me. i know that when i was little, i would think my aunt was sick when she didn’t have eyeliner on, but i was maybe four or five when i did that. when a grown adult just blurts it out to another adult, it’s just freaking rude!