probably not gonna post many of these but since this one was specifically 

Can you draw any of these 3 (whichever takes your fancy): Castiel with a cup of coffee Castiel with a cat Castiel snuggled in a blanket cocoon - in the bed you’re going to buy yourself :o) 

and they were super easy to combine plus look guys its a sloppy rendition of the bed im getting!!! THANKS TO YOU GUYS!!!

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You've probably done this before but I'm too lazy to go through your blog :) I'm up to S3 Ep1 of my Atlantis rewatch (yet again I should re-iterate this is all your fault) & I want to try some fic. I should start with non-porny stuff. Any recommendations?


Uh. I have about 600 bookmarks on my AO3 page. You can filter by rating, and I’ve tagged a few of them as my favorites :)


(rodney is me. the zpm is your rediscovery of sga)

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I'm rewatching Stargate Atlantis because of you, and I'm enjoying it anew, so thanks. I didn't know about shipping the first time around so that's opened a few new dimensions on this rewatch, I can tell you! I may also have a 'type' as there are definitely Misha/Joe physical similarities :) I can't help comparing it to SPN and appreciating that other shows do the whole ensemble cast thing so well.


this is how i feel about rediscovering the Stargate Atlantis fandom: