Whatever the Cost: 

Cas shrugs.  “There’s a chance you’ll survive, you know.”

“Slim.”  Castiel turns to Cas, grasping for other options.  “You’ve had four extra years.  Is there nothing else?  No other way?”

Cas shakes his head.  “Nothing.”

 Preview for DCBB coming soon, written by Cee, art by meha we rhyme

December 6

Dean/Cas snow angels or Dean/Cas cutting down the christmas tree

For allthingsmisha

YESTERDAY’S PICTURE IS FINALLY DONE WOOEEEO gjhgjgk i chose the snow angels idea and castiel is doing a face-down-in-the-snow angel ‘cause he doesn’t know how to do things okay and dean is like CASS YOU LITTLE SHIT LOL jghgjkghgj UHMMMM YEH I THINK THAT’S ALL I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT IT ENJOY!

probably not gonna post many of these but since this one was specifically 

Can you draw any of these 3 (whichever takes your fancy): Castiel with a cup of coffee Castiel with a cat Castiel snuggled in a blanket cocoon - in the bed you’re going to buy yourself :o) 

and they were super easy to combine plus look guys its a sloppy rendition of the bed im getting!!! THANKS TO YOU GUYS!!!

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Gift for jeanetterankin


Title:Christmas Gifts

Gift for: jeanetterankin

Words: 1350

Characters: Dean W., Castiel, Sam W.

Pairing: Dean/Cas

Summary: Dean & Cas exchange Christmas presents with a bit of hurt/comfort thrown in for good luck.

Author’s notes: I’m sorry but I got no clues from your blog so I picked your ‘fluff’ prompt because it’s Christmas and Christmas should be fluffy.  I hope you like it.

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allthingsmisha replied to your post: anonymous said:I’m kind of late t…

I often think folks sometimes read stuff into things that aren’t really there but when I watched the video of the end of Jensen’s panel I was actually cringing with how pissed off he obviously was. I’d have been uncomfortable if I’d been there.

i’m not convinced he was as pissed off as he seemed tbh, cause i’m not sure he would have been so aggressive with words otherwise? Or at least I don’t think sorting hat and the script did it for him, maybe something else happened before the panel, I just can’t see Jensen getting pissed off cause he finds a sorting hat in a box, like, seriously, how petty is that. Not to mention, Jensen usually don’t outright show his discomfort. Though, I remember when a year ago he was pissed at all the baby questions, I felt very uncomfortable watching him lashing out, and Jensen to me looked really really scary, i think if i’d been at the panel i would have made myself as small as possible, I was afraid of him through the video, yet people there laughed, so maybe it seemed scarier than it was…. then again, those people laugh at everything, i don’t think they really grasp human psychology at all anyway, or they laughed to hide how scared they were, haha. But yeah that is probably the only time Jensen has scared me.

allthingsmisha  asked:

You've probably done this before but I'm too lazy to go through your blog :) I'm up to S3 Ep1 of my Atlantis rewatch (yet again I should re-iterate this is all your fault) & I want to try some fic. I should start with non-porny stuff. Any recommendations?


Uh. I have about 600 bookmarks on my AO3 page. You can filter by rating, and I’ve tagged a few of them as my favorites :)


(rodney is me. the zpm is your rediscovery of sga)

allthingsmisha replied to your post: What if Cas is too ashamed of himself to seek out…

I’ve a theory that rather than making Dean bi, Cas could much more easily be made to be bi in canon, so his first time could be a guy… might explain the ‘huge spoiler’ comments at sdcc. Hmm, who could we pair him with that’s not Dean, though?

I think Cas’s sexuality is already wide fucking open in canon. The strongest arguments I’ve seen are for Cas being either pansexual or asexual. And he could absolutely have sex with any number of guys.

But this post was about Cas and Daphne, which I think could have been an absolutely fascinating relationship and which didn’t get nearly the screen time it deserved. And based on canon I think it’s likely that Cas already had his first time and it was with Daphne so…

(And whatever Cas’s sexuality, I honestly think Dean should come out as bi in canon. This is not an either/or situation.)

allthingsmisha  asked:

I'm rewatching Stargate Atlantis because of you, and I'm enjoying it anew, so thanks. I didn't know about shipping the first time around so that's opened a few new dimensions on this rewatch, I can tell you! I may also have a 'type' as there are definitely Misha/Joe physical similarities :) I can't help comparing it to SPN and appreciating that other shows do the whole ensemble cast thing so well.


this is how i feel about rediscovering the Stargate Atlantis fandom: