I’ve always wanted to do a follow forever, decided to do one now since it is the end of the year. These are some of my favourite blogs. I’m really sorry if I missed you out, I feel like I’ve forgot a few :)

A: aircanadas, ajleefan4life, allthingsaj, ambrvse

B: bigelangston, brietheactionthriller

C: caroling-for-hbk, cjpunkx, c-m-punks, crazyshowoffs

D: dolphslays

E: everything-ortonised

F: fame-ass-ers, fyeahambrose

G-J: ~

K: kinghudson

L: litafan4ever, loup-a-c

M: moxleysmistress

N,O: ~

P: punk-auditore

Q: ~

R: rhodes2future, robenedictsass

S: santajax

T: thecmpunk, thesantasofjustice, timefor-changex

U: untamedobsession

V: voiceofthewallsofjericho

W: wwe-twitter

X, Y, Z: xpunkspirationx