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What are your thoughts on Lady Gaga? Sometimes I think she's not really a feminist and she has the capacity to do and say some awful stuff.

Hmm. I don’t know much about Lady Gaga to say that she isn’t really a feminist. I can only personally speak about the things I’ve heard her say. I’ve seen her do some great public proclamations in support of LGBT activism, which I like. And I believe that she has said she is a feminist now. I also like the way that she seems to use her experience of being an outcast in school as a child as a way to tell people that they are all wonderful no matter what, which I think is a feminist message. So, I definitely think she has done and is capable of feminist things, but I can’t make an educated analysis whether I’d see her as a feminist or not.

I think we also have to remember is that feminists fuck up sometimes, too, and we shouldn’t revoke someone’s feminist card if they mess up as long as they are willing to learn and change. I guess the hopeful part of me wants me to see Lady Gaga to be placed in that category…someone who has said unfeminist things, but is sorry and always willing to improve.

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Why did Morgan Freeman say the best way to get rid of racism is to "stop talking about it"? I feel like giving up on life.

I KNOW. It’s really disappointing to me, and even more disappointing that white people are circulating that is if it’s fucking gospel and feeling validated by being “colorblind” or “postracial”. It’s really disappointing and just makes anti-racist work more frustrating ugughhhh

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I don't think changing the name of the slutwalk is a terrible idea considering the circumstances.

I’m totally conflicted. I would support a name change, but then I also understand the impact of brand recognition and how Slutwalk is in response to the officer’s remark about women dressing like sluts causing rape.

I am not sure about the next steps, but I would totally be down with the progression of the movement to move towards another name, but still recognizing the origins of what sparked this recent, more public movement against rape culture.