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It seems so hard to find a blog that doesn't hate on Tara, must less celebrates her. Found your blog on a shockingly difficult journey trying to find decent pics to reference for cosplay. Thank you for your hard work, your GIFs are awesome, so helpful, and you seem so sweet!

You’re an absolute sweetheart, I’m so incredibly glad my blog was able to help you and thank you so much for the kind words!!!

allthesupernaturalfeelings said: … You play WoW? OMG yes. I love accidentally finding fellow WoW players. <3 Hope you had fun!

Lol, same! I did. It was pretty good, just End Time and Well of Eternity. ^^

youwontlikewherewellgo said: you play WoW…as in world of warcraft?? that’s awesome :D what characters do you have?

Yes, as in World of Warcraft.

I have an 85 Smite Disc Priest and an 85 BM Hunter, a 83 Druid, 82 Paladin, 81 Rogue, Mage, and Shaman, and a 72 Warrior. ^^


Just wanted to say a thank you to my ‘Vent’ post, I’m at work and Tumblr doesnt work properly here so I’m doing this as a post instead of a message. But seriously, thank you.

Sometimes when a stranger reaches out like that it really gives you hope because you know you dont owe them anything, they are just doing it of their own backs because they are really nice and care.

You my dear, are a superstar :)

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we’ve got a whiteboard on the kitchen wall and fridge, they’re pretty teeny though, maybe a bigger one will be good for the wall in the landing

A bigger one would be fun. :) I can look at Target or Office Depot or something when I get home.

 allthesupernaturalfeelings answered your questionWhat should I ask my parents to get me for my 21st birthday?

Something fun to go do together as a family? A day trip to Cedar Point or a night out bowling or something? Make a memory?

Ooh, that’s a good idea… Thanks!

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So I seriously just wanted to let you know that your Castiel/Crowley fun!trailer, Soulless Love? It was the first thing I ever Favorited on Tumblr and invariably when I scroll through my favorites I have to watch it. I can't think of a time I didn't. It's fantastically done and so amusing and I may have most of it memorized and it made me ship that pairing way harder than it should. So yeah, just sending some love your way for being awesome.

I love that trailer too :) Unfortunately, I didn’t make it. I simply posted it on Tumblr. You reminded me that I probably should make a disclaimer about this or something on my blog. I don’t claim the videos as mine, but there was one other person before you who got confused too. I will have to think of something :o Have a great day :)