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Hi everyone! I’m excited to announce that another tumblr user has agreed to co-admin an “All the Sherlock Gifs” blog. She’ll be doing the majority of the work, so make sure to give her a pat on the back when you check it out!

(Note: This gif was obtained through this gifset.)

Looking for a particular Supernatural reaction gif? This blog organizes them so you don’t have to spend hours hunting them down.

“Frozen is the best Disney movie since Lion King!”

“Frozen is the first Disney movie that teaches girls to save themselves!”

“Elsa and Anna don’t look that much like their mother, you’re overreacting.”

“Frozen has the best animation of any movie made in the last three years!”

“Anna is such a great role model for little girls! She’s such a feminist! Look at the girl power!”

“The parents weren’t that bad. You’re just not looking at it the right way. What would you have done?”

“I loved the story! It was great!”