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Wander has just opened its very own Open Roleplay! No longer restricted by the same partners, join our world of magic vs machine. Three cities, over 270 boards to post in, and a unique plot.

Our plot, our politics, our brand spankin’ new ORP.

The year is 2120. Magic is embraced by two of our three cities: Silverhill, our capitol; and Ashwick, our town in need. Glenmont has banned the use of magic due to its powerful consequences of miss-use, but Silverhill has opened an academy to strengthen the use of harnessing magic through gadgets.

Chance has a funky way of rocking the boat. Every so often, the News reports about a strange happening–could be anything from an assassination to a hurricane, that affects Oscilla. The best part? You have a say in what could happen–you could even end up in the news!

Come check us out and give us a chance!