Sue Mi || Age: 16 || FC: Ham Eun Jung || Status: Open/Taken/Reserved

→ Bio:

When Sue was younger her parents always favored her twin sister Shay. Shay was always good at everything and never got in trouble. Sue was very envious of her sister and always thought that she was never good enough. Sue tried doing good and trying hard to get her parents approval and their attention but they still didn’t notice her. Doing bad became what Sue was good at and it got her parents attention. At first she would steal small things like bikes, candy, small things and break things but soon she began to steal bigger things like cars, electronics, and credit cards. She became a full on criminal. Sue also started street racing when ever she stole a new car. Hot wiring a car became something that Sue knew by heart and could do it with her eyes closed now. Street races were one of the things that gave Sue an adrenaline rush and made her feel alive. She was the only girl in this gang to race but she didn’t care. She had fun and she felt like she fit in. During one of the gangs street race’s cops came right in the middle of one. Some people got away but some people were arrested. Sue was one of the people that got caught and she was taken to the jail house. She knew that her parents were going to do so much more than just scold her about this. When her parents came to pick her up they were very disappointed and just like Sue had expected they were going to send her away. Her dad found a place called Blackwell and decided that thats where she was going to be left at. 

→ Life at Blackwell:

Sue just arrived at Blackwell and still is stealing things. So far being at Blackwell Sue has only been watching the others and has not caused and trouble, yet. Lacie was one of Sues neighbors before Lacie was shipped of to another foster home but when they were neighbors they were friends. Finding Lacie at Blackwell was kind of amazing for her.

→ Personality:

Sue was never a violent person, she was actually nice and very energetic. She just loves to be doing something because of all her energy. Sue is very sneaky and a very good liar when she needs to be.