Benjamin King | 6th Year | Ravenclaw | FC: Robert Sheehan | Open

Parents: Richard and Emily King

Titles: Dumbledore’s Army

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Having your father as a cop isn’t always the best thing. Ever since Ben was born, he watched as his father strapped a gun to his belt, gave him and his mother a kiss, and walked out the door. Every day the same question would run through his mind: Would his father ever come back? He knew the dangers of his father’s job, and he knew there was always the possibility that he could be killed. And like most things, Ben was right. When he was 10, his mother opened the door to find a few of his father’s coworkers, their hats were taken off and an envelope in the Chief of Police’s hand. Ben only had to read the first sentence. His father was dead. Little did he know that the killer happened to be a Death Eater from the Wizard World. Not until a few years later, once he had found out he was a wizard, did he put the puzzle together and realize what group had murdered his father. He was now desperate for revenge, and would seek any way to achieve it.

As Ben wandered through the hallways, he knew his blood status was looked down upon. He knew the Slytherins glared at him and hated his guts, so he returned the feelings to them. To him, any person who thought badly of a Muggleborn was considered a Death Eater. And any of them could have easily killed his father. Anyone who didn’t fall into this category was a friend to him. Ben was very friendly to those who were nice to him, and always tried to crack a few jokes to get some laughs. But his marks were what surprised the school. Because he was from the muggle world, Ben tried exceptionally hard in school. He wanted to prove to the world that Muggleborns could be just as good as Purebloods, and he used his marks to show it. He became one of the top of his year, and would continue working until he was top of the school. Ben vowed two things to himself: That he would revenge his father’s death and that he would prove to the world that blood status doesn’t qualify a person.

Relationship Status: Single