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Write me Lardo doing something she enjoys please!

Her family and old friends don’t know about her nickname. It takes a week or so to adjust to being Larissa again. 

Larissa wakes up early because likes a few quiet moments to lie in bed and not think before her parents get up. She stretches and inspects the crack in her bedroom ceiling. It’s been there as long as she can remember and it’s grown from a small friendly spider into the road map of an old city with roads laid out like spaghetti. The plaster is old. The house is old. Everything in Boston is old, except for what’s brand new.

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check out A Very Allston Christmas by Allston’s finest.

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‘Twas days before Allston Christmas, when all through Gardner, Ashford & Pratt,
Every creature was stirring, many a rat.
Packed boxes were left by the door without care,
In hopes that a rental truck soon would be there.

Each student was restless on a creaky, old futon,
With visions of free stuff – furniture redistribution.
And workers for UHaul, Budget, Penske and Hertz,
Knew they were in store for a long September first.

Out on sidewalks and lawns will rise much clutter,
Tenants will spring from their bed to see what to plunder.
Away out the door they’ll fly with a flash,
Tearing through piles of someone else’s trash.

The bright sun beaming on fallen possessions,
Giving them luster of newness shone down from the heavens,
When, what to wondering eyes should appear,
But a used microwave, and a six-pack of stale beer.

Though a city garbage truck driver rounds the streets in a cinch,
Snatching up items, he’s the Allston Christmas Grinch.
More rapid each year the sanitation crew has came,
They’ll whistle, and shout, and call out each street by name.

“Now Park Vale! now, Glenville! now, Harvard and Linden!
On, Cambridge! On, Highgate! on Comm. Ave. and Brighton!
Clean up that porch! Tidy up this sprawl!
Take the trash away! Trash away! Trash away all!”

They warn that from the refuse trouble could fly,
When that nuisance makes a new home, it may multiply.
So bright orange stickers warn residents to avoid the debris,
The rubbish could be full of bedbugs, even a flea.

But still there are those who ignore what crews advise,
For they are desperately in need of cheap, new supplies.
They’ll poke their head in whatever’s around,
Down the streets and alleys they will abound.

They’ll be drenched all in sweat, from head to foot,
And their clothes will be tarnished with stains and soot.
A sofa or mattress flung over their back,
They might look like a sad sight, but misery they lack.

Their eyes – how they’ll twinkle! Their dimples how merry!
For each has just become a proud beneficiary.
A new table, TV, even a guitar,
They’ll have saved some bucks to spend at the bar.

The roads will be clogged, drivers gritting their teeth,
They’ll be honking in traffic, no matter the street.
Moving trucks idling and parked wherever,
As pedestrians cross with trash and treasure.

Parents will visit for a day to help out,
When the moving is done they’re likely to pout.
They’re sad to leave their children behind,
Especially in a place so unrefined.

This time of year, there is chaos nearby,
Mission Hill, Fenway and Camberville all apply.
But there is no place quite as anarchic in Boston,
As the ‘Rock City’ village, the neighborhood of Allston.

So for those with no move or dumpster-diving plan,
Retreat from here soon, while you still can.
But for those preparing to partake in this local rite,
“Merry Allston Christmas to all, and to all a good-plight!”



this is perfect. Goodbye trashford street, Goodbye Allston!

New Boston Mayor Marty Walsh holds his first Allston Christmas/ move-in day “Publicly shame a landlord” press conference. I love how they keep the location secret until a couple hours ahead of time. A worthy tradition– imagine moving into a place so crappy and below code that you’re interrupted mid-move by the press, inspectional services, local officials and cops setting up on your lawn to use your place as a slumlord exemplar.

(to be clear, this isn’t just for show– all the above listed folks as well as community activists have been out all weekend fighting the safe-housing battle)

Is Allston Christmas a free ride for bed bugs? Yes.

Allston Christmas refers to the giant student moves in/out of Boston. Allston is the neighborhood where I lived and was attacked by bedbugs–Muffin

baseln thought you’d like to see this article.

By Chelsea Rice Staff | 08.31.15 | 5:53 PM

Everyone has a roommate horror story. But even if a roommate always did his dishes and never ate any of your food, you may never forgive him if his “Allston Christmas” recliner brought in bed bugs.

Sure, furniture on the side of the road is free. But are the savings worth it? This is what officials at Boston’s Inspectional Services Department want residents to ask themselves during the infamous September 1st move-in week.

Bed bugs hide in crevices and dark corners, such as in between couch cushions, between the pages of old books, inside box springs, or on the backs of headboards. They usually bite at night while their hosts are sleeping, giving them their name. As a result, one of the signs of an infestation are small blood spots or stains on bedding and furniture. It’s like a tiny crime scene.

While there has been a higher influx of bed bugs in the city in the past 10 to 15 years, the number of complaints has dropped recently from 410 in 2012 to 344 in 2014, according to ISD. As of August 30, Boston has received 233 complaints since the start of 2015.

Neighborhoods full of college students and dormitories like Allston-Brighton, Fenway, Kenmore, and Mission Hill have reputations for lots of free, curbside furniture and homegoods every September, and those same neighborhoods continue to have bed bug infestations, in part because of high turnover, said Indira Alvarez, chief of staff for Boston’s Inspectional Services Department.

It’s not a coincidence. The map below from ISD shows which properties have had bed bugs complaints filed in 2015. The same areas get complaints year after year, according to inspection data.

“One of the issues is when you see furniture out in a corner, it looks like it’s in perfectly good condition—it’s not broken or scratched—so you think, ‘I don’t have table or bed frame let me bring it into our apartment,” said Alvarez. “Although it looks good, the problem you’re bringing into your apartment is much bigger.”

Sanitation ordinances in the city require landlords to pay for extermination and inspection services for all units surrounding an infestation.

Last week, officials with “ISD” blazened across the backs of their T-shirts and caution vests walked around Boston neighborhoods. They went Dumpster diving and crawled under porches, slapping neon signs on every mattress they came across on the side of the road. These are the allies and advocates for Boston’s new student tenants.

Tenants should report sanitation issues immediately to the city upon moving in, according to ISD. Landlords have 48 hours to improve standards before they’re fined $300. Alvarez says inspectors try to talk with landlords to ease tensions around bed bug infestations.

To get rid of bed bugs, all the clothes, fabrics, sheets, and blankets have to be removed and washed at high temperatures while exterminators inspect and treat for a remaining infestation. Often, this requires tenants to throw out belongings that may be beyond saving. Relocating isn’t recommended, since this can spread the infestation.

Centers of Disease Control and Prevention

“Our priority is for everyone to move into an apartment that is safe and sanitary—so everyone can sleep at night comfortably,” Alvarez said.

If you’re worried that your apartment might have bed bugs or fails to meet some other standard of safety and sanitation, report the complaint to the City of Boston Inspectional Services Department with the BOS:311 app.