• All Stars 2:you asked for it so here it is!
  • Everyone:Willam?
  • All Stars 2:don't forget to vote for all your faves!
  • Everyone:So Willam?
  • All Stars 2:all your favorites return!
  • Everyone:well that's cool but we only care about Willam...
  • All Stars 2:the lineup is complete! Everyone you wanted is back!
  • Everyone:I guess this means Wi--
  • All Stars 2:Except for Willam!
  • All Stars 2:We hate that cunt!
  • Everyone:
  • All Stars 2:
  • Everyone:
  • All Stars 2:
  • Everyone:
  • Rupaul:Tune in to all stars!

So… We’ve got Val throwing the hashtag Allstars around and tagging Zendaya.

We’ve got Mark liking a pic of Mark and Sadie that is captioned #bringthemback #allstars

Have there been any teasers from other pros like this, or is it just wishful thinking on their parts to be reunited for an entire season with their favorite partners?

Rumors were that Season 20 was supposed to be an all-star season and they couldn’t get enough people back.

This spring would be perfect timing because next fall will be right after summer olympics and they’ll want to recruit some athletes for that season.

I have been of the opinion that TOTB wouldn’t let these two couples see the light of day again because they are too high risk, but they also both have a huge fan base, and I guess anything is possible.

If it were actually in the works I think Val would be in trouble for that little teaser. And yes, Z’s too big and busy for the show, but “it’s Val!”

Precure bomber

If you ever feel like your a creepy over obsessed super fan that takes things to far remember there’s a 22 year old man in Japan who got arrested for threating to blow up a movie theater on the opening day of the precure movie because quote “I was jealous of the characters in the film who were always hard working, bright, cheerful, and positive. My love for them has turned to envy”