• All Stars 2:you asked for it so here it is!
  • Everyone:Willam?
  • All Stars 2:don't forget to vote for all your faves!
  • Everyone:So Willam?
  • All Stars 2:all your favorites return!
  • Everyone:well that's cool but we only care about Willam...
  • All Stars 2:the lineup is complete! Everyone you wanted is back!
  • Everyone:I guess this means Wi--
  • All Stars 2:Except for Willam!
  • All Stars 2:We hate that cunt!
  • Everyone:
  • All Stars 2:
  • Everyone:
  • All Stars 2:
  • Everyone:
  • Rupaul:Tune in to all stars!

Sitting at #sanjose airport reflecting on my amazing trip to the #Google #AllStars summit. My brain is packed with ideas and I am feeling SO blessed to have been invited to join over 51 countries (500+ people)… who worked SO hard to be a part of this epic event. I met some really incredible people! Thanks, Google! (And my boss!) #partnersallstars ***Also, #starbucks #refresher FTW.