Made a new print! A Seasonal Produce Guide, so you know when all your fav fruits and veggies are in season to buy them locally!

4-colour print using hand-set type, decorative rule and a hand-carved lino print.  6x9″, printed on French Paper’s Speckletone Madero Beach.

Lots of these up for grabs - send me a private message or email to purchase, $10!


Feeling really excited about this just-finished project! I made the J-card insert for a new CQ cassette tape released through the amazing HAVN friends here in Hamilton. Carved a lino block printed with a blue-grey rainbow roll, used hand-set metal type for all text, then scored each sheet on the press and assembled by hand! Whew! (Also I am playing in this band and leaving for tour on Tuesday so won’t be taking orders until mid-August!)

Also head over HERE if you’re interested in hearing or downloading the tunes! :)

Really excited about these fun little cards I printed for my studio partner! Top left shows the inked photopolymer plate, under it is the first colour, and then the final two-colour print on the right. Can’t get enough of that little squeegee. 

Design and illustration by Dumb Luck.