emilyzimmerman asked:

Hi, can I have a ship? :) & i have a face/about me page x

I ship you with:

Luke! this gif of luke fucking kills me ok fuck

What he loves most about you: Luke loves your music taste! He loves how you like basically the same bands as him and you two can sit for hours and discuss bands and even listen to new songs together.

Best friend in the band: Calum

Headcanon/Blurb: I definitely can see you begging Luke to teach you how to play guitar and after a few puppy dog faces, Luke would of course give you what you want. He’d have you sit inbetween his legs on the couch and place the guitar in your lap, putting his arms around you and placing his hands on top of yours guiding them to hold the pick and start to play..

Song: Always-Blink 182

-Julli xx 


When fans are trying to get their idols to follow them on twitter 

BTW, Frankie make Zach follow me!!! PLEAAAZZZZZZEEEEE

What’s up losers

I want to make a Homestuck ask account with someone

But I don’t know with who or exactly what characters yet. If you’re interested in starting an Ask account with me (We like both get assigned a character from the ship) then come message me


Or it doesn’t have to be a ship it could just be two friends as characters or we could do some au together and it just would be



And we can be best friends forever if you do this with me.

emotionalllamas asked:

Woops sorry pressed ask too early silly mobile. But I'm about 5"7' and I have long dark brown hair with blonde at the bottom. My eyes are dark brown and I'm tanned. I love reading and staying indoors and I also love fashion and dressing up a lot. I spend most of my time on my computer and I love dogs. Thanks if your still doing them and if not thanks anyways :) <3

last ship for the night guys :( 

I ship you with…


what he loves about you: when you’re really focused on your book and your face is constantly changing emotion

best friend in the band: calum 

headcanon/blurb: I see luke buying you a house with your own library and filling it with your favorite books

song: just the way you are - bruno mars (pierce the veil cover because it’s 229325 times better js) 

- Sierra xx

anonymous asked:

Can I have a ship please? I'm 5'3", love changing my hair color, like all sort of music especially Amity Affliction and Neck Deep. I have a go with the flow type personality. I'm pretty easy going and I love going on an adventure. I really love writing song lyrics so that's what I do with most of my time.


What he loves about you: your guys’ hair always matches bc punk af 

Best friend in the band: Luke 

Headcanon/Blurb I see you and mikey putting dye in his hair and the next day paps are like “michael why do you have blue whiskers across your cheeks?” and he’s like “my girlfriend thinks I’m a cat”

song: Feels like we only go backwards - Tame Impala (song is bomb af) 

- Sierra x


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gilinskysexyass asked:

Ship me?? 5'3, dark blue eyes with a touch of gray, strawberry blonde hair, I have freckles which i hate:( music is basically my life, I'm 17, green day is bae, I play soccer and volleyball, my outfit everyday is like black lol. Wear makeup but not to much. Well there is a description of me. Thanks for taking the time to ship me. I love you so much!

sorry i’m taking so long i’m dealing with some family matters atm 

I ship you with…


What he loves about you: your freckles- he likes to kiss all of them

best friend in the band: michael 

headcanon/blurb: luke would see you putting foundation on your freckles to try to cover them and frown and wipe the foundation off and kiss all the freckles im lame im sorry 

song: If I’m Lucky - state champs 

- Sierra x


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