allroy sez

Favorite pop punk albums:

Jump salty- pinhead gunpowder

Dookie, kerplunk- Green Day

Love bites- Buzzcocks

And the women who love them- mr t experience

Allroy sez-ALL

I don’t wanna grow up, ALL- descendents

My Brain hurts- screeching weasel

Nostalgic for Nothing- J church


When I was in my early teens I spent a fair amount of time listening to punk rock music. I didn’t really know what “punk” was exactly, but anything that seemed fast, fun, and/or introspective fell under the banner of punk rock. There was a record store in Keene, NH called Pitchfork Records, and during Keene’s annual sidewalk sale they had a table of cheap tapes they were trying to get rid of. I was digging through them and found a copy of Allroy Sez by the band All. I picked it up on a whim because I knew their name from reading Thrasher Magazine. I didn’t have any idea what they sounded like, their history, nothing. I just knew the name and the tape was priced right around $1 so I took a chance.

My 13 year old self fell in love with the album. The songs were fun, fast, and somewhat complex for a band that I would find out later fell under the moniker of "pop punk". There are pretty harmonies, weaving bass lines, and balls out drumming. Their songs ran the gamut of 20-somethings concerns: sex, their favorite Mexican restaurant, unrequited love, drinking and driving, etc. Suffice to say I was hooked.

I found out some time later that All was founded after Milo Aukerman left The Descendants to move forward with a post-graduate degree in biochemistry. The remaining members decided to change the name of the band and continue on. They chose the title of the last Descendants album as their new band name. They recruited former Dag Nasty singer Dave Smalley, and All was born.

Since I’ve had Hoolidge stuck in my head all day today I’ve decided to share it with you friends. Here it is in all it’s up-tempo pop punk glory.