Killian Hemsworth | 25 | Owner of AquaKnox | FC: Colin O'Donoghue | Open

Ability: Warlock

Personality: Everyone knew Killian Hemsworth somehow. He was the captain of the SA’s football team, the student with the best marks and high scores from his grade and now he’s owning his family hereditary property, the AquaKnox - Seafood Restaurant. That’s Killian Hemsworth for you, the golden child. You couldn’t really fathom the number of hearts that broke just because Killian wouldn’t look their way. It was not intentional though, Killian is just really ambitious and flirty and he wouldn’t stop until he got what he wanted. He became more and more sassy through the years and through the last years, there was a girl that caught his attention, Kathleen Collins. She was a real challenge for Killian during the first months after the two met 5 years ago, and his behaviour slightly changed for her, becoming more jealous whenever someone flirted with ’his girl’. Slowly Kate started to stop resisting to Killian’s charm, letting him help her controlling her ’wolf side’ and, on her 19th birthday, the two started dating and the relationship lasts till now, even still not having Granny’s approval, Kate’s grandmother.

Side Notes:

  • Kathleen Collins - Girlfriend
  • Started dating Kate on her birthday, 25th February 2008
  • Birthday: 10th December