Shane Paltrow | 23 | Teacher | FC: Ben Barnes | Open

Teacher: Gym

Responsible For: Dragon Dorm

Ability: Shapeshifter

Personality: Shane would be considered the biggest ladies man at this academy. He loves the chase, but his relationships never last longer than a month. Every girl he dates try to be the one that changes him, breaks his time limit, but he gets bored of them easily. Girls aren’t the only thing that he gets bored of easily, it’s pretty much anything really. School was boring, so he skipped lots of classes until, by some miracle, he graduated and surprisingly he became a teacher of the only class that caught his interest all over the years, Gym Class. Shane learns things easily and quickly, he’s actually very intelligent but he just chooses not to use it to his advantage.


  • Jayden Paltrow - Brother
  • Kayden Paltrow - Brother

Holden Ashwick → 22 years old → Hybrid Hunter → FC: Robert Pattinson → OPEN

Holden is a very inquisitive, well educated man. Holden grew up in London, England. He attended the University of London where he majored in Cryptozoology. It didn’t take Holden long to realize the creatures he studied about were by no means mythical. He became interested in hunting when mysterious deaths started occurring around the city. He did some research and began training. He’s very skilled and knows a lot about the supernatural. He’s often underestimated because of his lanky stature. It works to his advantage because most think he couldn’t possibly be capable of defending himself against supernatural creatures. Holden moved to Mystic Falls after hearing about it being a supernatural hotspot. He hunts hybrids in particular, but he has hunted some vampires over his few years as a hunter. Holden can sometimes come off as a smartass with the way he flaunts around his knowledge, but he really doesn’t mean anything by it. Can Holden find his place in Mystic Falls or will the small town prove to be too much for this well educated huntsman?

  • Family → None as of yet.
  • Possible Ships → Up to rper.

Eric Hart 25 Guest/Helper of: Juliet Von Tess ☪ Open

What’s your name?

My name is Eric Hart, and it’s a huge pleasure to be here

And how old are you?

I recently made 25 years old

Tell the public something about yourself.

Well, there are some people that might recognize me, I’m Eric Hart and I run my own business, one of the most famous record label in New York, which turns me into one of the most young successful entrepreneurs. I know that there are times for everything, moments to be serious and moments to have fun. People think that because of my work I’m some kind of cocky rich guy but I give a lot of value to simple things and from cocky I have nothing.

Who is the competitor you will tutor/guide?

I chose Juliet Von Tess.

Why you chose that person?

 For what I could see from her audition and profile, Juliet doesn’t seem to understand that money and fame isn’t everything and having in mind that she came to “The Watch” thinking she’s the celebrity of this show just gives me a good reason to tutor and guide her, hoping to teach her some values during this months.

What is your game plan?

 I’m gonna help Juliet as much as I can, and I will start by trying to get her to see that she needs to make an effort to win, that the tasks won’t be done by others but by herself. This girl is used to have everything made for her, but now she needs to do something for herself if she wants to win.

Ruby • Demon • Age unknown • FC: Katie Cassidy • OPEN

“I’ll be there with you. That little fallen angel on your shoulder.”

In her past life, Ruby was a witch who sold her soul and became a demon. Ruby first met the Winchesters after following around Sam and watching him. She rescues him when he is in danger of being killed by Pride and two other demonic sins. She leads the Winchesters to believe she is their ally, assisting them in fighting demons and witches. Dean remains weary of her motives, while Sam’s trust is easier to gain. She begins training him to use his powers in killing demons. Ruby is cryptic with her motives, never revealing too much information, only that there is work to be done and that she wants to help Sam. As opposed to using traditional demonic abilities, such as telekinesis, she relies on conventional martial arts and a demon-killing knife. It turns out Ruby was not on the side with the Winchesters at all. She convinces Sam that drinking her blood will enhance his powers, in which they can kill Lilith and avenge Dean’s death. It is later revealed that killing Lilith is the last seal, which when broken will release Lucifer. Managing to crawl her way out of the pit, Ruby has tracked down the Winchester brothers to Mystic Falls. She is hoping to reconcile with them. Has being in hell really changed her or is she up to no good again?


  • Family → None as of yet.
  • Possible Ships → Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Damon Salvatore, Klaus Mikaelson, Kol Mikaelson, Up to rper.

Karen Meester | 27 | Owns Lucky Charm Project | FC: Lana Parrilla | Taken

Ability: Witch

Personality: Losing someone you love can turn you into a very dark person, that doesn’t trust anyone else but herself. For some power isn’t important, for others power is everything. For Karen wasn’t easy to accept Kristen’s offer to create the Lucky Charm Project: Orphanage & Children’s Center, and no one really knows why Karen accepted it, but she knows exactly why. The existence of kids with different abilities that not even Karen had was enough to make her accept working with her cousin, working with some of that children since a young age. Her outfits and ways of speaking, thinking and acting are always showing her superiority toward others, even the ones that belong to her family. Family, a word that Karen isn’t used, after all, they are just puppets in her hands, and a good example of that is Karen’s niece, Christy, who will now come to the place Karen hates, Supernatural Academy, the place that takes away some of the kids with abilities. Karen forgot one thing, all the power comes with a price and soon or later, someone will have suffer. But till there, people better remember who is doing everything for the poor kids, who should be treated like a queen for all the job she’s doing, they better know who is Karen Meester, or at least, how she looks like.


  • Christy Meester - Niece
  • Kristen Meester - Cousin

Side Notes:

  • Zuri Cassidy - Personal Assistant
  • Birthday: 20th September

Side Note For The Roleplayer:

  • After making the acc, more details about Karen will be revealed privately. Please also read Lucky Charm Project info - you can find it on the “Need a Tour?” tab

Luke Harris → 25 years old → Human/Vampire Hunter → FC: Chris Hemsworth → OPEN

I know they’re vampires, Sam. But they’re still people. I don’t feel right killing them if they’re not hurting anyone.

Luke is a charming, skilled hunter. Coming from a long line of vampire hunters, it is in Luke’s blood. His parents were hunters, his grandparents, his great grandparents, and so on. His parents raised him and his sister Sam to be excellent hunters. Luke is a strong man. He spends much of his time training and working out. Not many people attempt to take him on, not humans anyway. Luke’s only problem is his conscience. He doesn’t enjoy hunting and killing vampires. Every time he kills a vampire he can’t help but to think of how he’s killing a person. The main reason he still hunts is simply because it’s what he was raised to do, and because of the influence of his younger sister. Luke is extremely charming. Women have always found him hard to resist, even vampires. In some cases that has worked to his advantage, because he can lure them in. He doesn’t like to do that though. Luke is a small town man who just wants to find the right girl, settle down, and live a normal life. He and his sister have been staying just outside of Mystic, monitoring the vampire situation from afar.


Ariel Harris  ★ 21 ★ Competitor ★ Open

What’s your name?

My name is Ariel, just like the mermaid but without the red hair

And how old are you?

21 but in a few months I’ll have my 22, hopefully in a Paradise

Mind telling us a little about yourself?

There isn’t too much to tell, I’m just a normal 21 years old girl that has her own place, loves to have fun and hang out, sure I had problems with food in the past but I’m strong and with a small help I got over it. I only told this now because if I get accepted, papers would obviously find out and tell the story in their own words. I can be very bipolar, that’s something people need to know, and I apologize if I treat someone bad…I’m just like that.

Now, describe yourself in 3 words.

Funny, Strange and Difficult

Why did you decide to be on “The Watch”?

 I simply needed a new adventure

What do you plan to do with the money if you win?

 I’m a practical girl so I’d probably just save it for a next adventure

Allison Argent → 17 years old → Werewolf Hunter → FC: Crystal Reed → OPEN

Allison is smart, pretty and athletic, excelling in archery and gymnastics. With a mother who often goes into fits of rage and an overprotective father, Allison’s life has never been easy. Allison moved with her family to Mystic Falls almost a year ago. On the first day of school she met Scott McCall. The two hit if off immediately and begin dating. What Allison doesn’t know, but eventually finds out, is that Scott is a werewolf. Coming from a long line of hunters, Allison is aware of all the different types of supernatural beings in Mystic Falls. She is unsure how she feels about the situation, the whole thing makes her a bit overwhelmed. She’s torn between her loyalty to her family and her feelings for Scott. Since moving to Mystic Falls Allison has become best friends with Lydia Martin. She’s also gotten acquainted with Meredith Sulez and Charlotte Porter recently.

  • Family → None as of yet.
  • Possible Ships → Scott McCall, Jeremy Gilbert, Matt Donovan, Sam Winchester, Up to rper.

Derek Hale • Eternally 24 years old • Hybrid • FC: Tyler Hoechlin • OPEN

“You wanna do homework or do you wanna not die?”

Coming from a family full of werewolves, Derek was given the curse as well, destined to be a monster like everyone else in his household. When reaching his teenage years he finally triggered it, doing so on purpose as he wanted to reach his full potential. Unknowingly falling for an Argent hunter later on in high school, it turns out she only used him to get close to his family, killing most of them in an arson attack. This event, having a great impact on him, caused him to leave town, not returning until his sister was found dead. Right after, he met Scott, and managed with his and the others help to kill the previous alpha - his own uncle - ending up becoming one himself. After hearing about hybrids and meeting Klaus Mikaelson, Derek asked the man to turn him.  Derek loves his new found strength and power. However, he’s not too keen on being sired to Klaus, seeing as how Derek doesn’t like taking orders from anyone. Derek is responsible for turning Erica Reyes into a vampire when she was hospitalized after suffering from an epileptic seizure in the school gym.


  • Family → None as of yet.
  • Possible Ships → Stiles Stilinski, Erica Reyes, Caroline Forbes, Chloe Andrews, Loren Bartlett, Up to rper.

SUGAR MOTTA is a SOPHOMORE at WMHS. She’s single, identifies as [up to player] and is currently OPEN.


Sugar Motta is the richest girl in school. No one ever dares to say anything to her because with her father’s money, she can pretty much buy a city, f.e. Lima. Even though she seems over-confident, and is ready to insult anyone that dares to say anything to her, Sugar is a pretty genuine girl. She doesn’t have any singing abilities and even though she doesn’t believe so, she still loves to sing in the glee club and doesn’t take no for an answer. Sugar tends to be rather quirky, making exaggerated gestures and odd faces. While she is usually self-centred, she does show concern for others. Sugar was always spoiled by her father and never seemed to understand that she can’t have everything she wants, so she doesn’t seem too happy at the idea of someone saying ‘no’ to her. The girl talks a lot and appears to be able to do anything she wishes but at the end of the day, her threats mean nothing. She 'barks but doesn’t bite’, and that is why she  is so loveable. She may appear selfish and self-centred, but her cute face and actions are completely forgiveable. Sugar cares a lot about her image and doesn’t do anything that won’t personally effect her in some way, but everyone grows to like her. Sugar isn’t a villain, she just wants to fit in and be part of the 'winning team’ like everyone else in McKinley.


MERCEDES JONES => FRIEND - Sugar picks her friends wisely, so when the opportunity came to meet the diva, Mercedes Jones, Sugar immediately decided to become friends with her. Obviously, Mercedes didn’t have much of a choice, but the two girls grew closer over the high school years. They hang out quite a lot, whether it’s in school or not, but Mercedes is kind of proud to be Sugar’s friend, especially because of the fact that Sugar isn’t nice or kind to everyone she knows. Either way, Mercedes is an often guest at Sugar’s huge mansion.

BREE => ACQUAINTANCE - Bree and Sugar are a little alike. Not totally, because obviously Sugar doesn’t waste her time bullying or slushing people that are not as awesome as her, but both of them have the same view. They don’t care what anybody thinks and they don’t take 'no’ for an answer. Sugar isn’t afraid of Bree and on the other hand, Bree knows that she can gain a lot from her friendship with Sugar. Motta doesn’t really mind that Bree is a bitchy Cheerio, because as long as she’s popular, she will continue to like her.

ARTIE ABRAMS => CLOSE FRIEND - Sugar isn’t sure why she’s friends with Artie. He is a talented boy, but he’s also a nerd, and for some reason she doesn’t really mind which is quite shocking to her. Sugar likes to gain something from a friendship but knowing someone like Artie, doesn’t benefit her in any way. Maybe it’s the chemistry or the fact that Artie is kind and honest, but both of them, get along quite well. He’s pretty much the only person Sugar actually appreciates. Secretly, she admires him and thinks that he’s even as amazing as she is.

TINA COHEN-CHANG => FRIEND - To be completely honest, Sugar was always ashamed to be friends with someone like Tina. An unpopular chick who sings back up for the New Directions, but as she got to know the girl, she couldn’t help but give her some pep-talks about popularity and having a good image. Sugar kind of assisted her in gaining confidence over the years and taught her to stand up for herself and fight for the things she wants.

FINN HUDSON => ACQUAINTANCE - Sugar doesn’t find a lot of McKinley guys hot, but one of them is definitely Finn. She always wanted to have a really tall boyfriend, kind of like a bodyguard, making sure that no one dares to touch her.  Sugar didn’t really have a crush on him, but whenever he walked down the hall, the girl couldn’t help but stare and throw a compliment or even two, if she had a good day. Finn never spoke to the girl but obviously, he  knew who she was so he was kind of honoured that Sugar, found him attractive. 


Saul Haynes | 19 | Junior | FC: Robert Sheehan | Open

Ability: Weather Manipulation

Personality: Saul likes to go looking for trouble. He thinks it’s fun with a little chaos here and there, so when he gets bored he picks fights. He usually ditches class to go do something more fun and when he does show up, he’s disruptive and gets sent out. He doesn’t care though, he thinks if he gets into enough trouble, they’ll let him go.

Side Notes:

  • Didn’t pass his Junior Year during the 2011-2012 School Year so is repeating his Junior Year

Iris Romanov  | Virgo | 18 | Time Manipulation | FC: Kaya Scodelario | Taken

♪♫ Run fast as you can; no one has to understand. Fly high across the sky from here to kingdom come ♫♪

Power: Iris’ gift is Time Manipulation. Although unable to actually go backwards and forwards in time, she is able to pause it, or at least make it go faster or slower. With time she’s been trained to allow others to experience the effects she does, leaving everyone who is not included in it unaware that anything has happened. She’s learned to use it for crime, getting in and out of a building by stopping the time and doing her work while the guards are oblivious. Her parents trained her to do it, but it’s something which she’s grown to love despite their influence because of the rush it gives her. She couldn’t imagine her life without her gift, and she takes pleasure in using it. 

+Driven, Calculating, Unrelenting

-Sarcastic, Conceited, Defensive


Slowing things down, speeding things up. It’s been a part of Iris’ life for as long as she can remember. Her parents were part of the Academy’s original program, however since their school days they’ve gone in less favorable directions. Criminals by choice, aided by the powers they were trained in, they made their living easily. But even though they would have been able to retire long ago, the desire to make a name for themselves drove them to bring their daughter into the game as well. It was easy for a while, and Iris never faltered, understanding that failure wasn’t an option. But eventually they were confronted by something they hadn’t been planning for, people with powers trying to stop them from completing a robbery. 

Even though Iris was of age, the Academy took pity on her testimony, believing that she was forced into it by her parents. Because her powers were already so advanced, and because they weren’t sure of her innocence they set her into the experiment. Although she’s not happy about where she ended up, Iris is determined to learn how to get her parents out of jail, as well as trying to find out information to bring down the system. She’s not interested in making friends, nor in trying to learn anything. To her, people bred by the Academy lack any sort of real life skills, and are trained guard dogs for the Academy’s secrets. Prejudices aren’t easily lost for Iris, and she’s set up her defenses well, caring and compassion aren’t a game that she plays by. 


Nixie: It wasn’t hard for her to miss the hardened exterior, which she’s come to recognize as being a sign that a person was once a criminal, on Nixie. She’s one of the few people in this experiment with whom she’d consider striking up a friendship if things were different. The life of crime, totally free and unhindered by laws isn’t easily given up, and she doesn’t believe that the other girl is as reformed as she says she is. All she needs in Iris’ mind is a push in the right direction. But really, she knows that it’s not the best plan, as the other girl doesn’t seem to be interested at all. But she’s used to getting what she wants, and she’s put her mind to befriending Nixie.

Elle: Originally, there was never the intention of befriending Elle, there was simply the knowledge that she was weak and nice and that it’d be easy to get information out of her. But she got in too deep and Iris found that she actually liked the girl underneath her apparent weakness. There’s a tentative friendship that has formed which Iris isn’t quite sure what to do with. She’s never had time for any sort of personal relationships, business partnerships all she took a part in. But she figures that if she has to stay here for some time, she might as well have someone who’s friendly and easy to talk to by her side. 

Lance: Iris hasn’t spared Lance much room for conversation, rather she’s been silent in her evaluation of him. That way, even if he’s worthless, no emotion is attached to him. He isn’t someone who she’d usually be interested in. Too popular and good hearted by definition. Then again, none of the other kids really are, and his power, at least, is interesting and he’s got a weakness in him which Iris believes would be easy to work in her favor. After all, she was always good at picking out the right words and seducing someone to join her team. Still, she doesn’t know if the risk would be worth it, so she’s left him alone so far. 

Main Roleplay | Rules | Characters | Story


Ashley Griffin ★ 21 ★ Competitor ★ Taken

What’s your name?

 Ashley Griffin here, you can call me just Ashley

And how old are you?

 I’m 21 but age is just a small number.

Mind telling us a little about yourself?

 I’ll give you guys a good story. My mother left me since I was eight and I stood living with my father, who is a very autoritary man, always pushy about being able to live up to the world’s expectation and I know he was the reason my mother left. I’ve made a few mistakes like, getting drank throught several nights and dozed off all day but I never putted myself down, others aren’t more than me and I’m wiser than people imagine when they see me.

Now, describe yourself in 3 words.

 Wild, Wise and Strong

Why did you decide to be on “The Watch”?

 Joining a nationwide reality show that will totally expose me and let people know that a rich kid, isn’t always shiny, classy, and vulnerable as porcelain was the main reason that made me come to the auditions.

What do you plan to do with the money if you win?

 Win? I’ll already win if I let people see who I really am on the show, if I let my family sees who I am.

Jeremy Gilbert  → 17 years old  → Human  → FC: Steven R. McQueen → TAKEN

“Look, I wake up everyday and I feel okay, but there’s something missing. Like a…like a hole. Some people, they fit, in life or whatever. I, I don’t.”

Jeremy Gilbert is the younger brother of Elena and the older brother of Margaret. The death of Miranda and Grayson seemed to take a more emotional toll on Jeremy than it did either of his siblings. While everyone deals with grief differently, Jeremy dealt with his by turning to drugs. Jeremy fell in love with Matt Donovan’s sister, Vicki Donovan, who is now deceased.  Vicki was dating Tyler Lockwood, but later broke up with him to be with Jeremy, causing a conflict between the two boys for quite sometime. Jeremy witnesses Vicki being staked by Stefan Salvatore after she spirals out of control and attacks Elena at the school’s Halloween party. Wanting to take away Jeremy’s pain, Elena has Damon compel Jeremy to forget, resulting in Jeremy being more stable and no longer on drugs. Jeremy has a brief relationship with a girl named Anna, who is also a vampire. After John Gilbert kills Anna at the Founder’s Day Parade, Jeremy begins to develop a relationship with Bonnie Bennett. Their relationship is brought to an end after the consequences of Bonnie bringing Jeremy back to life after he is shot by Sheriff Forbes. After being brought back to life, Jeremy can somehow see and communicate with the dead, including his two ex-girlfriends, Vicki and Anna. When Bonnie finds out that Jeremy can physically interact with them, and that he has kissed Anna, she breaks up with him. After everything that Jeremy had gone through, Elena decided it would be best to have Damon compel Jeremy again, this time compelling him to leave Mystic Falls and have a normal life.  With Alaric unknowingly killing people because of his ring, the same ring that Jeremy has, Elena and Damon bring Jeremy back to Mystic Falls where they can make sure he is safe. Jeremy thought getting Elena out of town had been such a good idea. How will he react when he finds out that she’s becoming a vampire? Will Jeremy ever be able to escape the supernatural chaos of Mystic Falls and have a normal life?

  • Family → Grayson Gilbert (Father)- deceased, Miranda Gilbert (Mother)- deceased, Elena Gilbert (Adoptive Sister/Biological cousin), Jenna Sommers (Aunt)- deceased, John Gilbert (Uncle)- deceased.
  • Possible Ships → Bonnie Bennett, Meredith Sulez, Allison Argent, Charlotte Porter, Up to rper.

Dean Winchester  • 25 years old  • Hunter  • FC: Jensen Ackles  • OPEN

“You know what? You’re right. I’m not going to kill her. I think slow torture’s the way to go.

Dean Winchester is the older brother of Sam Winchester. The two brothers come from a family of hunters. Their father was a hunter. When the boys were little they would travel from town every few weeks while their father hunted supernatural creatures. When Dean was around ten years old their father revealed to him and his brother about the existence of supernatural creatures and that their mother was killed by a demon. The two brothers began hunting around the age of twelve and have been doing it ever since. Sam and Dean are the nephews of the deceased Alaric Saltzman. They have came to Mystic Falls after hearing about the recent death of their beloved uncle. They do not know all of the details of his death, but they are sure it involved the supernatural. Dean feels responsible for his brother and was always given the job of taking care of him when they were younger. Dean and his brother are opposites in terms of how they view the supernatural.  He believes only what he can see with his two eyes. He doesn’t believe in destiny or fate, he creates his own future. He hates all things evil and has devoted his whole life to killing these things. His family is his one weakness. He loves them above all and will do anything for them. He also has little to no self worth. He believes his life doesn’t mean anything so he is often quick to sacrifice himself for the greater good. He is sometimes impulsive and doesn’t think things all the way through. He loves his 1967 Chevy Impala, classic rock, pie and frisky women.


  • Family → Sam Winchester (Brother)
  • Possible Ships → Pamela Lockwood, Caroline Forbes, Katherine Pierce, Elena Gilbert, Rebekah Mikaelson, Lexi Branson, Up to rper.

BREE DAVIS  is a SOPHOMORE at WMHS. She’s single but has a thing for JAKE PUCKERMAN. identifies as [up to player] and is currently OPEN


If there’s anyone in McKinley, who gets what he or she wants, it’s Bree. There’s no question about it. Everyone moves out of her way. She’s the popular cheerleader bound to make someone’s life miserable. She doesn’t care what anybody thinks of her and isn’t afraid to be who she is. Her past-times include slushing the members of the New Directions and making fun of the McKinley “losers’. But Bree isn’t as evil as everyone thinks. Her mother abandoned her when she was an infant, and ever since, Bree has been having problems at home, with her father changing women like socks, never fully being able to move on. Ever since, Bree has been trying to find her mom, searching online, looking and asking around, hoping that when she sees her, she'll give her a speech about the worst mothers in the world. Let’s face it, Bree is a bitch, but she’s loyal and wants to achieve something in life. She certainly doesn’t want to turn out like her mother. This is why Bree finds it hard to make friends. Overall, she is an over-confident, malicious and cruel person but she doesn’t want anyone to see her real self. The tender human. She doesn’t care who she ends up hurting. Nice people never get anywhere in life, right? 


JAKE PUCKERMAN => CRUSH - Bree had an eye on Jake ever since she saw him practising ballet in the school gym. He was amazing in her eyes. His body, strong voice, cute face. The thought of him dating someone like Kitty Wilde, made her cringe. Bree didn’t think Kitty deserved him. He was much better than that and she was that much better. Bree knew that it was only a matter of time till they broke up and she could have him for herself, because surely he wouldn’t be able to resist her. Bree knew that if Jake wanted to have sex, he’d come to her. The queen of sex. She knew how to move her body and smile kindly to get guys into bed with her, but what if Jake was more than that?

MARLEY ROSE => ENEMY - Kitty and Bree agreed on one thing. Their hatred towards the poor, little, innocent Rose girl. She and her stupid glee club, made her want to puke. Again, the hatred wasn’t anything personal, Bree didn’t even know Marley that well, but the rules were the rules. Marley was a loser in the eyes of every McKinley student, and as long as she remained in the glee club, she’d stay that way. Especially in Bree’s opinion. And the joy of slushing her, ruining her granny-sweaters, made her life way happier. Marley didn’t hate anyone but if it came to Bree, she didn’t understand her motives. She didn’t understand how could anyone hate another human being because of their social status. But obviously, that was the price everyone paid for being in the glee club.

QUINN FABRAY=> FRENEMY - Bree has some respect for the Quinn girl. She doesn’t adore her like Kitty does, but she has a little sympathy towards her. Bree only listens to herself and she certainly doesn’t think anyone’s better than her, definitely not Quinn Fabray but at the end of the day, Bree likes to have someone who doesn’t necessarily hate her, and that person is Q. Bree isn’t afraid to say what she thinks so sometimes the two girls end up fighting but the next day, they act like nothing happened. And that’s how their relationship works. They slag each other to their friends but smile and act nicely in each other’s presence.

SAM EVANS => ACQUAINTANCE - Bree tolerates Sam and his humour, strictly because he’s a popular boy with a cheerleader by his side. And not any cheerleader. Santana Lopez. And no one ever wants to get on Tana’s bad side so Bree keeps her nasty comments to herself when it comes to Sam. She doesn’t consider him her best friend in the whole world, but if there’s anyone she wants to hang out with during lunch, it’s Sam Evans and somehow she knows she can be herself in his presence.

BLAINE ANDERSON => ACQUAINTANCE - Bree never imagined being friends with someone like Blaine Anderson but unfortunately she didn’t have much of a choice when she saw Blaine’s dad with hers in the living room of her house. Who would have thought that the two dads would become good friends and Bree would have to make herself like the hair-gelled boy. Bree doesn’t want to get into trouble with her dad so she strictly avoids Blaine in case she forgets to keep her mouth shut and accidentally tells him something horrible. And that is why Blaine is always confused when people say that Bree is a miserable bitch. The boy never encountered her slushing or bullying him.


Killian Hemsworth | 25 | Owner of AquaKnox | FC: Colin O'Donoghue | Open

Ability: Warlock

Personality: Everyone knew Killian Hemsworth somehow. He was the captain of the SA’s football team, the student with the best marks and high scores from his grade and now he’s owning his family hereditary property, the AquaKnox - Seafood Restaurant. That’s Killian Hemsworth for you, the golden child. You couldn’t really fathom the number of hearts that broke just because Killian wouldn’t look their way. It was not intentional though, Killian is just really ambitious and flirty and he wouldn’t stop until he got what he wanted. He became more and more sassy through the years and through the last years, there was a girl that caught his attention, Kathleen Collins. She was a real challenge for Killian during the first months after the two met 5 years ago, and his behaviour slightly changed for her, becoming more jealous whenever someone flirted with ’his girl’. Slowly Kate started to stop resisting to Killian’s charm, letting him help her controlling her ’wolf side’ and, on her 19th birthday, the two started dating and the relationship lasts till now, even still not having Granny’s approval, Kate’s grandmother.

Side Notes:

  • Kathleen Collins - Girlfriend
  • Started dating Kate on her birthday, 25th February 2008
  • Birthday: 10th December

Nixie Davis | Gemini | 21 | Shape-Shifter | FC: Jemima West | Taken

♪♫ She’s back in the atmosphere, with drops of Jupiter in her hair, she acts like summer and walks like rain. Reminds me that there’s a time to change ♫♪

Powers: Nixie’s gift is Shape-Shifting. It presented itself early on and frightened her parents enough that they abandoned her at the nearest orphanage. She was never really in control of her power, which led her to shifting into random people and animals regardless of who was around to witness it. When she was younger she was often scared of being stuck in someone else’s form, and her gift was always a burden to her, but through the Academy she’s learned to control herself better and she’s come a long way from the frightened out of control girl that she was. She still doesn’t have complete power of her gift though, and it’s something which she wants to achieve before leaving the Academy.

+ Controlled, Fearless, Self-Aware

-Hot Tempered, Critical, Restless


Nixie was always a problem child, her powers becoming recognizable when she was very young, with no possible solution as to how to fix them. It was a blow to her parents, who wanted nothing more than a normal family and without thought they dropped her off at the local orphanage. She was trouble even there, alone, abandoned, and frightened about who, or rather, what she was. Ending up in Juvie more times than she could count on one hand is what finally got her noticed by the Academy. They were scared that their secrets would be revealed by someone who was as out of control as her. So they took her in, with the complete intention of making her as submissive to their requests and ways as possible. 

It didn’t work as they’d planned. She had more of a fight in her than most of the kids they adopted into their family, already used to being taken advantage of and being used. But eventually they managed a different way of calming her down, offering her a chance to take control of her powers and not be the one who was being played. Slowly they believe they’ve been able to tame her. But she’s restless, bored of her habits and she’s broken free from the cage they set her in. The group is her way out, hopefully back into the real world where she now knows she’ll be able to live. Her powers in check and in control of her own future, the Academy don’t realize that she’s stronger than ever, but she knows and she’s on her own team now. 


Izzy: Nixie has always pretended that Nixie is the younger sister she was never allowed to have. Although she doesn’t ever mention it, she sometimes sees what she wanted her old family to be like in Izzy, and it makes her try harder with her than with anyone else. Though very similar, Nixie is concerned about Izzy. Unlike her, she doesn’t seem to be trying to take control of her powers, and Nixie is scared about what will happen when Izzy does push herself too far one day. She knows that she can only slowly encourage the girl, because pushing on her boundaries might just make her recoil all the faster. 

Iris: Nixie doesn’t like things that don’t correspond with her new found rational nature, and Iris is definitely one of those things. She hasn’t yet questioned how she feels about Iris, even though Iris has made her question everything else that she’s worked hard for. There’s a pretend sociable banter behind the mistrust, one that could have resulted in the two being friends if there were different circumstances. Nixie doesn’t believe in the system, but she likes to think she’s a reformed criminal, something that Iris obviously isn’t. She’s afraid of the other girl too, and of the temptation that she lays on the table every time they talk. It’s becoming harder to say no, although she won’t admit that to anyone.

Holly: Nixie sees what she might have been in Holly. The similar backgrounds and the same determination in both of them. But she wasn’t as cunning as Holly with her escape plans and her destinations, and it took her a while to find the right place for herself. Something which she believes Holly hasn’t yet. As much as Holly tries to pretend that everything is perfect in her life, Nixie is one of the few who’s recognized that its not necessarily true, and she wonders if she can stop the girl before she destroys her life completely. She knows how easy it is to blame everyone else for your misfortunes, but she hopes that maybe she can teach the other girl to take responsibility of the things she has done. 

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Stella Ryans 24 Worker/Spy: Sing/Vocal teacher Taken

What’s your name?

 Hi!! I’m Stella, pleasure to meet you all!

And how old are you?

I’m 24

Tell us about yourself.

I’m Stella, I’m 24 and I have experience on the music industry, that’s why I’ll be the vocal teacher of this competitors, making them work on their voices for some tasks. I don’t have sisters or brothers and I’m very closed to my mother who always encouraged me to follow my dreams. I’m a very positive girl, “Positive outcomes only”, right? If we believe, we can make amazing things.

Why did you decide to work on “The Watch”?

Was a great opportunity that knocked on my door! I already worked with people from MTV before and they just contacted me about this new and different season of “The Watch” to be teacher and I couldn’t refuse!

But, you know that you won’t be just working?

Sadly I know that, but I can’t promise to not get close of some competitors for real. I’ll always have in mind that I need to do my job right so the public likes the show and everything works but I’m also a very friendly girl so you have to give me a break if I make some friends there. 

Will you compromise yourself to go to the workers/spies’ diary/confession room once you find out something about the competitors?

Yes, Yes, I promise I’ll come to the room once I find out something! Careful competitors, I’m here to watch you ;)

Rebekah Mikaelson • 1000 + years old • Original Vampire • FC: Claire Holt • OPEN

“Why don’t you sit down and shut up before I ruin everything by ripping your head off.”

Rebekah is the only daughter of Mikael and Ester, growing up with 5 brothers. She has always shared the deepest bond with Klaus, being the only family member to remain by his side. Like her siblings, Rebekah was turned into a vampire after the sudden death of their brother Henrik, in an attempt by her parents to protect their children. In the 1920’s, Rebekah meets and falls in love with Stefan Salvatore. Their romance was cut short when Mikael found out where they were, and Rebekah and Klaus were forced to go on the run. Klaus forces her to choose between him and Stefan, much to his chagrin she chose Stefan. Refusing to leave Rebekah behind, Klaus forced her to go with him and he daggered her. He brings her back to life in order to obtain her necklace (which is originally Esther’s), because a witch told him that it possessed magic and could help solve his hybrid problem. This is the same necklace Stefan had previously given to Elena. Rebekah develops a deep hatred and envy of Elena, and continually tries to hurt, kill, and emotionally distress her, until her brother makes her stop. After Klaus had killed Mikael, he undaggered the rest of his family, including Rebekah who was stabbed in the back by Elena. At first glance, Rebekah appears cold and vindictive, but she can also be fragile and sensitive. After finding out that Klaus was dead Rebekah was devastated. Feeling that Elena was responsible, Rebekah felt that she had to get rid of the doppelganger, causing Elena and Matt to go off of Wickery Bridge. How will Rebekah react once she realizes that Klaus isn’t dead? How will she feel about spending an eternity with Elena?


  • Family → Mikael Mikaelson (Father)- deceased, Esther Mikaelson (Mother)- deceased, Elijah Mikaelson (brother), Finn Mikaelson (brother) -deceased, Klaus Mikaelson, Kol Mikaelson (brother)
  • Possible Ships → Stefan Salvatore, Damon Salvatore, Matt Donovan, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Tyler Lockwood, Up to rper