“You don’t know how other people will accept words you say by mistake. I believe that you can change a life with just one word. If I feel that I’m in the wrong then I apologize no matter what. If I happen to slightly brush past someone on the street I say that I’m sorry first. That’s what my parents taught me to do since I was young. To always greet the security ahjusshi even if I see him several times a day. I think the inner thoughts that I formed as I lived like that have made me who I am.” – Onew

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I don’t really know how to start uhm .. maybe I’m writing this because there’s a lot of things in my head right now.

A lot of people say things they don’t even know, words that pierce my heart into pieces.



We ELFs fighting like this hurts me more than the actual news of Sungmin getting married.

Yes we have all the rights to get hurt, all the rights to cry, all the rights to curse, because we are just a human being, and we are hurt.

And being a human, pain is one thing to remind us that we are still alive, but guys

we should remember that Sungmin is also a person, HE HAS THE RIGHT TO LOVE BE LOVED, yes ofcourse,

but let’s not be hypocrites here saying “WE UNDERSTAND” and that “IT’S OKAY” and don’t say that you are NOT HURT AT ALL EVEN A LITTLE, maybe you’re NOT THAT HURT, 

but you’re still hurt.

I am not a ming bias, but I love him as much as I love the other members. I understand all the hurt and angry Sungmin bias,

Sungmin is their world .. And the feeling of your world being taken away from you is enough to kill you believe me. 

Who am I to judge you guys, I am just a fan like you.  So I hope we can give them space and time to breathe to think and to let out. It won’t be easy I know, 

But do you guys know what hurts more? the fact that we can’t do anything but to accept everything, Because that’s what unconditional love is .. 

And at one point we must accept that someday everyone will definitely get married .. and we fans? we have our own lives to live, 

we must find our own ‘happiness’ our own 'Soulmate’ 'The one for us’ like oppas we need to find someone who will be with us forever.

For me ive been loving them for like 8 years already? and I know from the start that when I enter this fandom there is no turning back, 

supporting them means Loving them unconditionally. I didnt became a fan to date them or anything, I became a fan to support and cheer for them and be with them

in every decision that they made. To smile everytime they smile and to cry everytime they cry.

So if you’re going to ask me what I’m going to do .. here’s my answer ..

Super Junior is my happiness .. they are the reason that I smile, laugh, cry, all these rollercoaster of emotion, that’s why I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE.

Ive been loving these 15 DORKS, (YES 15) for all my life without them knowing I exist. 

I’m going to continue to support them, cheer for them and be happy for them because that’s the weight of the crown of a fangirl I need to bear.

remember what Augustus Waters said “That’s the thing about pain, it demands to felt”