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*Hello! this fanfic will be in chapters. It will follow strictly the tv show plot. every chapter will have the name of the episodes which is inspired by. I’ll post one chapter a week. It’s all new to me. hope you’ll enjoy.*




Y/N is held hostage by the saviours. who is she ? what have she done? where’s she from? what kind of relationship she have with Negan? what he want from her? what does that have to do with  Daryl,Alexandria and Hilltop? want to know? keep reading. 

PAIRING: NeganxReaderxDaryl

Genre: angst

WARNING: mention of rape

It hurts. Everythings hurts.

I was expecting everything but this. Oh God, not this.

they were gone. Everyone was gone. I thought it was the end but no. I was fucking wrong. There is always more. 

I was on he floor in a fetal position. My hands were gripping my hairs,hard. My eyes red and puffed.

I cried so much,I thought my eyes would pop out of my head. 

I was also biting hard on my already split lip.

What the fuck was even normal breathing at this point? I felt as I had a huge fucking rock shoved down my throat. 

How in the fuck I was een still alive? 

How many times have I ever asked myself that?

-OH FUCK! Tell me you’re fucking kidding! tell me you’re kidding! we are all goin’ to fucking die. All that bitch fault!

- Calm the fuck dow. She’ll never tell him shit after all he did. Besides, she doesn’t even look like she’ll eer talk again… ahahahah

I hear the door slam open, letting in a little light.

-Listen to me,you girl, you shut the fuck up, you don’t tell shit. Got me?

The moment they walk in, I instictly go stiffer than before, make myself even smaller, biting ang gripping at my self tighter.

I let out a whimper. I couldn’t talk, I just couldn’t. So,instead, i nodded. 

-Good, ‘cause he’s coming here and he’s going to kill you. I thought  we would have to do it but nope! So shut up. It’s going to end soon.

And they left,again. 

Now, there’s noone in this place besides me and the guy who yelled at me before. The other run away, back to his outpost. 

- Allright,where’s my doll? I gotta talk to her!- Negan say in a high tone, making sure his entrence is noiced. 

-Hi,Negan. You don’t have to. I can kill her for you! No need to go to her.-

-Shut the fuck up,moron, I just said that I have o talk to her. Are you deaf?-

-Sorry,Negan She’s always in the same spot,Sir.-

-I know,dumbass. It was a retorical question. Jeez,calm the fuck down.-

I heard them talk, still crawl up on the floor. 

I wasn’t even processing what they were saying, my mind flashed with imagines of death and what just happend to me. I tried to blocked everything out, to feel nothing,but with no success. 

The door shut open again, but this time it wasn’t slammed, and he come in. 

I hear his footstep because my eyes are still close. I was still trying to shut my mind closed, to stop shaking, to not let my heart explode.

-DOLL! WHAT THE FUCK! what the fuck happend to you?- Negan duck down next to me.

He tried to put a hand on my shoulder bu I immediatelly turn on my back and crowl evenn further into the corner of the room, until my back hit the wall. 

With one arm, I embrace my knees, while I trow the oher beetween me and him, signalim him not to come closer.

Shaking body, short breath, messy hairs covering my face. My face red and puffy for all the crying.

And he did that, he stopped where he was. 

He still had that, that look of concerned. 

With even softer voice he repeat - Girl, relax. what happend? tell me.-

I was jumping from an emotion to the other since that morning. I was scared but in a zombie apocalypse it’s the “everyday base emotion”, like a defaul emotion. But that day I wasn’t scared for me, but for my group. 

I felt powerless, hopeless,defeat,done.

Then,they came in and I felt petrified,alone,disgusted. 

And now,now this. I was totally done, I flipped.

-What the fuck do you still want from me you fucking asshole! Fucking kill me already. You killed them all! All of them! all of my group. You just killed my dad, what else do you still want from me? Do you want to leave me again to your men? Tell me what you still want from me. Kill me,fucking kill me! They’re all dead!- 

He’s expression changed when I mentioned his men, it was a mix of disgust and anger. 

-What my men have done to you,Y/N?- his voice was slightly raised,dead serious.

He never called me by my name.

I started laughing and crying all togheter. 

I couldn’t take any shit anymore. There wasn’t a reason anymore. 

I recover myself quick. I lean my head to the wall.

- you fucking asshole. Just end me already. You have to.-

-Y/N,please,tell me-

I narrow my eyes, if I could have, i would have jump on him, on everyone there. Kill ‘em all with bare hands.

But I couldn’t. I had no strenght left.

- What do you think,you prick? They thought you would have ordered them to kill me right after you had killed all my group. They had fun with me,asshole-

My voice crack after I mention my group and at the end I was crying again. What I just told him woke all the hurt in my body,all the bruises.all the scratches. Everything.

I make myself even smaller,hands covering my face,body shaking. I really couldn’t take anything, anymore. I had been too strong for too long. 

I knew I was dead the moment they had captured me, but I thought I was safe from one thing. One thing only. 

That definally broke me

He moved his hand to cover his face.

Negan sit down, watching me. He was looking at my slightly torn clothes.

- You just tell me who they are,Y/N. You tell me who they are and I kill ‘em. I’ll do it.-

-Go to hell,asshole- I stop crying, rise up my head and again, watch him dead in the eyes. 

Suddently the door opened again.

One of them enter and I swear my heart stopped for a second. I jump in my spot, eyes opend in terror.

-Negan,I…- He stop,fear in his eyes.

Negan was watching him with pure hate, he understood who he was the moment I had sight and jumped.

That disgusting man was backing away towards the door.

-Negan, I can, I can expla– He didn’t finished, he couldn’t. Negan swung Lucille over and over again against his head. 

All I can do is to watch.

You never get used to the sound of bones crushing.

Negan was screaming at his dying body while hitting him with more force every time more disgusted. 

-ARAT!- he shout - burn this mess- 

She come in and before dragging the body away, she whisper something in Negan’s ear.

-GODDAMMIT,what the fuck! For real, how it his even possible?- 

He was about to leave, but before, he turn to me and say:

- I gotta go know. Shit hit the fan. Bu I was here to tell you something. We found them,but we didn’t kill them all, only who was left. The walkers had done the most.-

My head rise as quick as I can to stare at him with wide eyes. 

-Yes,Doll. The walkers came before us. No, I’m not sorry for that,I was going to kill ‘em anyway. Bu you,I’m not going to kill you. I wasn’t before, I won’t now. I gotta go but you still need to tell me who else - his voice break - who where the others. Saviours will bring you to the Sanctuary now. You will have some options. You earn that.-

And with that he was gone. 


Thank you if you made it to the end. Hope it wasn’t too harsh. Or shitty. Or both. 

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capdxxx  asked:

If we were in the same city and everything, and you thought I was an alright guy, would you be down with getting fucked by a guy like me? Just curious, seen you on YouTube for years and I'm sure other guys like myself would like to know if they have a chance if they came at you correct initially. PS: Please post more and often lol!! 😘😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤

Thank you for following me capdxxx! Well, if I thought you were an allright guy, I’d definitely wouldn’t mind getting fucked by you, hehe. But I’m just worried that I might not be able to accomodate your entire member coz I have a tight virgin hole and I’m worried about the pain… But if you want me to suck you off, I’m always ever ready, hehe.

xendless-xurbia  asked:

I asked Mads about Kojima and I am a bitter bitch because he lied to my face, goddamn it. He genuinely seemed like he had no idea what I was talking about and was sad he had no projects coming up and the man deserves an Oscar for that performance.

I can imagine him being all

right now (he’s a Cannes winner for a reason I guess)

okay but at the same time, I can’t fully blame him because nobody knows what the fuck Death Stranding is, he probably went along with the project in a similar fashion to BBHMM (”idk what’s happening but it seems cool and my kids will probably think it’s cool so yeah for sure I’ll act in your game hideo”)

[Fic Series: Head Canon]   # 2 - Hell Is Other People; Heaven Is You

Author’s Note: Welcome to the Drabble Series: Head Canon. 

Shout out to @eternal-steroline-flame for giving me the idea to start a series. What would I do without you?? I realized the last fic i posted was a request to change the ending of 715 (by @amykinz13), so head canon in a way, and this is my idea of how Seaosn 7 should end, i.e. my personal head canon, so decided to club it together and start a drabble series named Head Canon !!  

Head Canon will basically have different scenarios (fics/drabbles) set in/after 715. If you have a head canon you want to see as a fic (set in/after 715), let me know, I will write it. 

You can check out Fic #1 here - I Would For you 

Special shout out to my lil stero-sisters Enisha - @enishaeuphony1996 and Sakshi for asking me to write it and for patiently waiting for it. Enisha thank you so so much for volunteering to make the edits ! You are super talented and super sweet !! You rock !!  

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First of all, let me make it clear. I am making this kind of thing not because it looks like something that is trending on this site. I just want to tell these people how much I thank them, for making my experience on Tumblr is an awesome and amazing one. I have been in Tumblr since December 2012 in my first blog, but I had some sort of hiatus and went back to Tumblr by making this blog as my second one in February 2014.

There are some people in this list that I actually talk to, and there are some others to whom I might not really talk, but believe me, mostly it’s because I was way too shy to talk to you as I think you are just so cool. And I follow you for some reason, and that you have an amazing blog is one of it.

oceanoruins – I cannot make this list without mentioning this lovely girl. Monya, is one of the sweetest and kindest people I have ever known. We are virtual birthday twin! And she always knows how to comfort me when I feel low in my life. Monya, you have such a beautiful soul.

jamie-carragher – one of the people that was born to be a Liverpool fan since the beginning :p. Anda is one of the people that I love the most in this site, and sometimes I feel bad because I kept on running to her to annoy her with my whining when I feel like in my darkest night. Anda, you have no idea how much your kindness and words mean to me.

raatakelihai – we have been following each other since I was in my first blog, and Shiv, I don’t know whether you still remember it or no, but I still remember the conversation that we once had about spirits when I was still in my first blog :p

justkisa – let me begin by saying that her writings are just incredible, I can’t explain how much I adore her writings, and I often visit her blog just to read her tags (and Kisa, you have no idea how much I laugh on your tags about that boxing AU, please please please make the fic come true!)

lalis07 – Liz, we share the same obsession on that Spaniard, don’t we??? You’ve always been so kind to me, I can’t believe that I deserve that :’)

orestisskarnezis. – My first Indonesian friend who also lives on the States that I met on Tumblr! Niky is just such a cutie-pie that I love!

kroosrues – Maritza is that sweet lovely person that should be admired for her kindness. Without being asked, she is the one who will be there for you to make sure that you’re allright

angusgunn – one of the most dedicated City’s fan that I know. Amanda, I really enjoy reading your thoughts about City, the players and the games. And let me tell you how much I really appreciate your hardwork on making a sideblog for the Ladies team and our youth.

zabaleta-s , xavidodgers samir-nasrii  - Okay, maybe you will find this is weird. But I kind of think these three girls are like… The Powerpuff Girls :D (girls please don’t kill me!).  I see Sarah as Bubbles, Beth as Blossom, and Darya as Buttercup. You three are among the most adorable ones that I know. And yes, every time I see you in my dash, I kind of think quietly to myself, “Ah, so Bubbles/Blossom/Buttercup is online. Nice.”

tacklemeramos and off-my-mind – The truth is, I kind of think that you two are somewhat, a pair of twin that separated and meet each other virtually in this site. Sophie and Aurore, you might never know it, but to see you girls talking to each other by reblogging stuff and adding your comments in the caption are among the things that I enjoy the most in Tumblr. You two are just way too cute!

mcfc-bromance-chronicle – if you are a City fan and you haven’t followed this account, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? This, is practically one of the best blog to be followed for City’s fan. Whoever runs this blog, I want to thank you so much for all the amazing posts that never fail to make my day somehow brighter.  Thank you thank you thank you so much.

s86410 and myblueteam – City’s fans on Tumblr are thankful for your gif. You two are just so precious!

 dijamants cruyffs jamespmilner  ghyukumari jovetics lonelyjpeace      dahveed-silvaa sebwstan   – let’s think of Tumblr as a high-school. Then these people’s blog are those people who you can’t help but to admire for being the coolest ones (so guys, I might not really talk to you, but believe me, I really do think that your blogs are just super cool)

frommybeautifulmind – this blog is the first reason ever for me to create a Tumblr account. If you are looking for football fanfics, this blog, is definitely one that you should check!

wewroteitonpaper – probably the one that has the most high-quality writing in the football fandom., and apart from the beautiful stories, I want to thank you for your patience in replying my messages (even though sometimes it’s just those silly messages. Haha.)

futbolimagine – I can’t put into words how much I admire her creativity with all her brilliant writings. Thank you so much for all the lovely imagines that you keep on creating! You, my girl, is one of the most talented I have ever known. EVER.

tonikros – A passionate Real Madrid fan. A beautiful soul. And oh, how the football fandom has been so lucky to have her beautiful edits on picture. One of the loveliest people that always being so kind to her follower. You have my love and my support, dear.

hazardandkompany – how should I explain about this lovely girl? Never, ever questioned her passion and loyalty to the Belgian Red Devils. And let’s not forget how she is also a sweet kind girl that deserves all the love in the world.

I know that I have forgotten some. But all the blogs that I am following, I am following for a reason.

To all the people who own the above blogs I have mentioned, thank you for everything. You might not know nor realize that, but your presence means a lot to me.


Allright, snotty anons:

Tell you what, if you can find me one single real life example of a person who actually subconsciously transformed into her best friend over the course of a year and then got to know a guy the “same way” the friend did and wound up feeling the exact “same” feelings for him by whoopsie accident all in the name of protecting the BFF, then I’ll go ahead and fall for Jexica right along with you.

But really: I ain’t buyin’ that absurd explanation anymore than I buy that Prince Baji exists, looks like Morgan Freeman, and is gonna send me $30 million U.S., tbh. This is a show about real life ostensibly, so until you can give me a real life example of someone actually doing what Josh claims Maya did…I’m going to continue pointing out how the show itself actually disproves Riley and Josh’s loopy and downright unbelievable claims.

Whether it’s down to bad writing or a trick remains to be seen, but as of now I’m going with the latter considering all the in-narrative hints about tricks/surprises/pulling something. 👍

A shipperholic’s confession

Since everybody has voiced their opinions about last night’s clusterfuck and their feeling towards this,  i’ll give it a try is said that ‘a picture says more than 1000 words’ and  therefore my post will be mostly visual - also because so many of you have said it way more beautyful that I will ever be able to in a foreign language - so here we go:

When i woke up this morning i was still in ignorante bliss (as european citizen i was long gone to sleep when the apocalypse started), so I happily went to tumblr to have my morning update

and then i saw all the sad gifs on my dash and I started to get really confused…i had only been away for seven hours, what the fuck had happened??

i went straight to @jamesandclairefraser blog to see what was wrong… because clearly ‘there was something rotten in the state of Denmark’ ( i do live in Denmark byt the way )and soon i found the KDS clip…and i felt like somebody had just left a load of shit directly at my front porch…I couldn’t quite get my sleep deprived brain to comprehend this clusterfuck apocalypse that had just ruined more than my day…

and then, dear readers I panicked…yes i must confess, i panicked and my brain screamed to me

because there it was…i couldn’t handle the truth laid right out in front of me even if it bit me in the arse… the SC ship had brought me so much hope, joy and happiness the last couple of months - and suddenly it sank faster than Titanic…and i felt pathetic and miserable because no matter what I had said previous (that only Samcait could throw me of the ship, i clearly wasnt ready for that at all…)

I went back to the awful clip again - not because i like to torment myself but beacuse i’m the type who needs to know…had i misread , misheard or misunderstood something???…  and then i became quite angry because this wasnt a gracefull or gentle let down - it was brutal, mocking and on the verge of distastefull - not worth an Oscar - or an GG for that matter…

and for rest of today i have been pendling between feelings like denial, confusion, helpless, comfortably numbness ( the Pink Floyd song perfectly pictures my feelings), anger, shame and sometimes a glimpse of hope and optimism but most of all i’m so fucking tired right now…

i really dont want to think more about it, hear more about it, read more about it or care about it but obviously i cannot help myself because here i am….still..not going anywhere…

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Louis's February "Big Announcement"

So it’s been a long time I’m telling myself to do that post but I forgot and since I’m really pissed off about that rumor, here it is.

Just to make a little reminder here is what the rumor consists in :


(We’re gonna focus on the second part obviously)

OFC, people started to freak out and were like “fingers crossed Larry will come out”.

I can tell you your hopes are gonna be massively crushed.

This rumor is NOT true, and here’s why :

This rumour popped up on Twitter on December 20th (Yeah I keep tracks okay?!)

Where this rumour comes from? Nobody can tell, nobody can provide the source…

First of all you have to know that I saw the EXACT same rumor 2 days before on Tumblr. BUT at that time, Harry was the one to make a big announcement in February.

I took a screenshot of the post saying that, here it is (the post has been deleted) :

Ok so you have to know I asked the girl from where she got all these informations and she told me “From things I saw on tumblr. I just put them together”. I was like “allright, can you show me the posts please?” She was totally okay to do that but told me I’ll have to be patient because she had to search a little bit. Allright then.

BUT she never came back to me. I’m not saying she’s a liar or anything, but maybe she found the posts and saw the sources are not reliable and didn’t want tell me. I can understand that.
Althought these informations remained unconfirmed.

So, on December 20th I saw the exact same rumor on Twitter, but Louis was the one to  make this big annoucement.
Since I’m an huge pain in the ass, I asked every single person I saw post it on my TL where this information came from. Nobody could find me the source, it was just about “I heard it”.

Later people started to validate this rumor with this :

People were like “Hey you see the date on that pic, February 22th?! and you know Louis has a big annoucement in February. So it confirms it Yay \o/”


This pic is OLD !!! And that’s why I think someone somewhere started this F rumor. They found that pic and started the rumour from it.

The pic comes before not after!

And even that so called messages from that fired Modest! guy are doubtful for me. February 22th? Seriously? How convienient is that?
It’s Larry anniversary…coincidentally. Awwww so cute…AND WHAT ABOUT NO?!!

Guys, Larry’s coming out would make my life complete, I’m not joking.
I’m wishing for this from the bottom of my heart.I could die in peace then.

But don’t be so gullible, please!

I don’t know who started this, if it was just blinded expectations from that Modest! guy posts or whatever. But if it was made in purpose to put the joke on the Larry Shippers, know that

OKAY. I did my job.

Now please spread the word, I don’t want to see disappointed people everywhere after February.