allready adjusting her design

Profile: MoonKitty

Name: Renae “Moonkitty” Lander

Nicknames: N/A

D.O.B 11.30.1993

Sign: Sagittarus

RelationshipStatus: Single

Sexuality: Pansexual(?)

Occupation: N/A, beach-bum/stoner.

Wealth: Poor.

Level: 42


Fire Fang

Lava Plume


Last Resort

Mother: Vaporeon

Father: Darmanitan


She has a very forgetful nature, even at times forgetting her own name and species, calling herself “Moonkitty”. due to her smoking, and that doesn’t help her scent. She reeks of the combined scent of Wet Dog, Smoked Weed, B.O, sweat, dried saltwater, annnnd seaweed.

In other words; she needs a SHOWAH and a HAIRCUT

Oh and she surfs too, which probably isn’t the best idea considering her type.