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A srácok szerinted mennyire lennének bújósak/ölelkezősek egy párkapcsolatban?

Szerintem mind nagyon azok, imádnak bújni. Ashton szeretne magához húzni és apró puszikat nyomni a homlokodra, Calum pedig imádna a melleiden aludni, közben a derekadat ölelni, Michael a meztelen ölelkezést imádná a legjobban, de nem a szexuális töltetűt, egyszerűen csak odavolna a puha bőrödért és olyan szorosan bújna hozzád, amennyire csak tudna, Luke pedig egy csomó plédet terítene rátok, a mellkasához húzna és a hajadat szagolgatná. 

Things Bryan Fuller shared while live tweeting American Gods, Week 2: 

Q: What was the best thing about working with Gillian Anderson again and watching her bring all these icons to life?  

Q:  why 8 Eps per season? Is that a Starz number?
B:  Nope, it’s a “we’re over budget and if we cut an episode or two we will be less over budget” sort of number.

Q:  which form of Media was ur favourite to shoot? I personally can’t wait 4 Marilyn and Bowie. It’s gonna kill me

Q:  we gonna see her in different forms of other iconic characters on season 2?

Q:  Who’s more of a perfectionist, Bryan Fuller or Michael Green

Q:  Can we expect Jewish entities (golem, dybbuk)? (Or perhaps that’s secret)

Q:  Any costumes you’d have made for you from the show?
B:  YES. Gillian Anderson’s BOWIE COSTUME.

Q:  When do we get to see @KChenoweth in this season? I got a friend who’s impatient

Q:  aw your admiration for Gillian is so cute, is there any other roles you’d wish to write for her in the future?

Q:  Bryan can you tease a little about what’s in store for us when Media appears as Bowie?

Q:  when did you first fall in love with Gillian Anderson?
B:  I admired her work since X-Files, but was first wowed by her over a dinner where she was authentic and lovely and bright.

Q:  Do you have any of the same writing team working on #AmericanGods as on @NBCHannibal? I love the casting crossovers!

Q:  What has been your favorite scene to film so far in the series? I’m so excited for so many scenes
B:  Gillian Anderson AS LUCY

Q:  For everyone. What’s one of your favorite things about the book vs favorite thing about the series?

Q:  Any idea of approximately when s2 would begin filming?
B: EARLY 2018

Q:  Are you creating more gods that weren’t in the novel?
B: Yes! More to come in Season 2!

Q:  when will I get to start shipping media and Easter
B:  We’d love to get them both on the show!

Week 1, HERE
Things We Learned From Kristen Bell's Honest Reddit AMA
The Good Place star gets honest about family, career and more

There’s a whole lot to love about Kristen Bell.

Sure, she has a wonderful family that includes husband Dax Shepard and two beautiful kids. There’s also her hilarious NBC comedy The Good Place with Ted Danson.

But sometimes, it’s the little things that make a Hollywood star that much cooler than the rest. On Thursday, Kristen took time out of her busy schedule to answer fans and strangers’ burning questions in a Reddit AMA. Dare we say we learned a whole lot of fun facts.

From celebrity crushes to eating habits, Kristen kept things honest and hilarious. If she could kiss any guy in Hollywood right now, comedian Hasan Minhaj is the lucky man. As for her favorite vegetarian or vegan food, it would definitely be “peas in any form.” Who knew?!

We scrolled through and compiled some more interesting tidbits from Kristen below. Take a look for yourself.

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Veronica Mars Reboot: It wouldn’t be a fan Q&A without an inquiry about Kristen’s long-running UPN series. When asked if there is any chance of a reboot, Kristen replied, “We are trying!” In other words, it’s not a no yet people!

Hi! I’m professional sloth enthusiast and actress on The Good Place, Kristen Bell. Ask Me Anything!

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  • Q: The Good Place is so good, man. But, when are you finally going to guest star on iZombie? Voicework doesn’t count!
  • A : i wish! in truth they shoot in vancouver so its hard for me to travel there with kids and all
  • Q: Oh well. We iZombie and Veronica Mars fans can console ourselves by watching Season 2 of The Good Place.
  • Q: What was your favorite of Veronica Mars’s comebacks/snarky one liners? I fully admit to using some of them in real life.
  • A: As VM changes a tire TROY: “FLAT?” VM: “IM JUST AS GOD MADE ME”
  • Q: Hey Kristen!! Huge fan. Any chance of a Veronica Mars reboot? You and Rob seem so into it! Why not make it happen?
  • A: we are trying!
  • Q: Kristen Bell. You beautiful son a bitch. You’re so damn awesome! If Veronica Mars and Jeannie Van Der Hooven were in a fight to the death, who would win?
  • A: WOOF. this is a tough one. i think we’d have to dig two graves
  • Q: Any chance of Veronica mars returning?
  • A: theres always a chance ;)
3 Gowther questions

One fan posted 3 questions and answers they were able to get at the Suzuki Nakaba signing event on Twitter and I didn’t want to keep that information from you.

Q: What race was original Gowther’s lover, the one Gowther was modeled after, from?
A: She was a demon

Q: Gowther doesn’t try to eat but does he not have the ability to digest food?
A: No, he doesn’t. He doesn’t have to after all
Helper: So what happens if he does eat something then?
Q: Does he throw it up?
A: Yeah, I guess he does throw it up. He doesn’t need it after all

Q: What did original Gowther eat while he was in prison?
A: Frugal meals

Soulmate!AU Jinyoung & Daehwi
  • Ever since you were 5, you were able to see a star the size of a tennis ball on top of people’s head
  • You were 5 so of course, you asked your parents about it
  • “Mommy, why is there a white star floating above your head?”
  • Your mom was surprised, “O-oh?” Cause who would’ve thought her daughter would already have signs leading to her soulmate
  • Thus as you grew older, everyone you made eye contact with had white stars
  • You did notice two pink stars tho
  • “Why do you two have pink stars when everyone else has white.”
  • They literally chOke
  • Baejin : “Maybe cause we’re your best friends since childhood??”
  • Daehwi : “Further than love~ Closer than friendship~”
  • You : “do you think…. YOU GUYS ARE MY POTENTIAL SOULMATES?!”
  • Silence.
  • //Cue the blushing; look at those pink fairy dust on your three cheeks (six cheeks?)
  • All three of you guys packed up your stuff and ran home. Oh wait, look- you guys live on the same level of the same building for the last 13 years of your lives.
  • That night you searched the internet because the web has it all
  • Q : ‘Is it possible to have more than one soulmate?’
  • A : Yes, it’s totally possible. I’m a living proof.
  • A : Currently married to 3 guys and 1 girl- therefore, yes.
  • A : yes
  • You quickly opened the group chat
  • y/n “GuYS. wE’RE SOULMates.”
  • BJY “Duhhh! Finally! Do you know how long we waited for you to notice dummy”
  • LDH “OH MY GAWD! took you long enough!!!”
  • y/n “WAIT. YOU GUYS KNEW?”
  • You quickly put on your shoes and ran to the door
  • Opening it to meet Baejin, smiling at you as he flicked your forehead
  • “Ow what the hec-”
  • He laughs as he takes your hand and runs to Daehwi’s house
  • All three of you sat down on the floor in Daehwi’s bedroom, facing each other
  • “Okay, now explain to me how you guys already knew we were soulmates and didn’t even bothered to tell me?”
  • LDH “Well… you know how you can see stars above people’s heads?”
  • Nods.
  • LDH “We can also see them, but instead of stars I see suns.”
  • BJY “And I see crescent moons.”
  • “I- Oh my god… Oh my…” sHooK
  • They both nod, like ‘been there, done that’ and hugged you
  • Awww group hug :,)
  • The next day, you woke up to Daehwi shaking you (shake it, just shake it)
  • “Morning! Hurry up!! We’re going to be late to school! Jinyoung is waiting outside with your backpack!” and he runs out of the room
  • You can hear jinyoung : “Good morning! Hurry up sleepy head or else we’re leaving you.”
  • “Okay Okay- by the way Daehwi are your eyes okay? Cause you know it’s bad to look at the sun all the time.”
  • //Cues the gasp and laughs

Unedited. Hope you guys enjoy, it was fun making this haha.

[Trans] 151106 Luhan Weibo Chat

Q: After joining RM, do you think you’ve changed? Laughing point getting even lower?
Luhan: Unleashing my natural side~ Haha

Q: Chong-ge, why did you ask everyone to spare time for today?
Luhan: To gather with the family 😁

Q: Today is Friday! There should be a selfie!!!
Luhan: Don’t worry, doing the work first 😆

Q: It’s been 20 minutes, so tired. Internet in the dorm is not good, it’s so cold at the door!! Lu-ge Lu-ge Lu-ge!!!
Luhan: Hurry and go get warm~ Running Man is starting soon

Q: Hi Luhan! I’m your fan from Iraq! Just want to let you know, you’re the only person who can make me smile, it’s really hard to live here, seeing people dying is the most terrible thing, but having you in my life, I can forget all the hardships, thank you for coming into my life, I will support you till the end.
Luhan: No matter where you are, don’t forget happiness and hope in life. Thank you~ Jiayou!

Q: Lu-ge ah, are you ending the chat just like this?
Luhan: No, no, too many questions I can’t go through all of them 😆

Q: Lu-ge, I want to see you acting as a villain, also want to see you acting as double personality, also want to see you acting in romance film, want to see you acting in so many things. Lu-ge which one will you choose first…?
Luhan: Slowly~ There will be all

Q: Lu-ge, I’m going to watch Running Man, not accompanying you anymore~
Luhan: We can still chat while we’re watching~

Q: Is there any spoiler?
Luhan: There is 😊

Q: Baby-jie, what was your first impression of Luhan?
Angelababy: He will definitely be a good brother~

Q: Baby-jiejie~ How do you feel getting ripped off (nametag) by the newbie Luhan?
Angelababy: 😭 He’s really fast!

Q: Baby-jie, who do you think is more handsome, Lu-ge or Chao-ge?
Angelababy: I’m the most handsome! 😆

Q: Baby-jie, how many points will you give for Lu-ge’s performance in the previous episode?
Angelababy: Full points! ❤

(FULL COMPILATION) (TRANS) Yixing Go Fighting Live Chat 150712

Q: Lay-Lay, what are your thoughts on those who anti you and those who support you? Would you feel very negative because of the people who don’t like you? Hope that Lay-Lay will become more manly~ forever supporting you~ Lay-Lay fighting! Anticipating EXO’s new works! Fighting!

A: Thank you for your concern, actually I’m very willing to listen to everyone’s opinions, and most importantly, there is still a lot of space for me to grow, so I won’t feel negatively~ Fighting

Q: Can you really use your tongue to tell if jade is authentic? Did your underwear on last week’s episode really explode into ashes?

A: Eh, don’t say anymore, it might really be possible~

Q: Lay, when will <Go Fighting> come to Nanjing for recording? During recording, you must take care of your waist, don’t get hurt 

A: You must ask the production crew this question, I myself really want to go~

Q: Will you bring the other EXO members to take part in <Go Fighting>? If you can, please bring them onto the show :) being guests for one day is also fine

A: Before I participated in the recording, I’d already wished that I can appear on the show with my brothers haha, please anticipate

Q: When Little Pride is ‘bullied’ by geges on the show, were you really angry?

A: Not angry anymore, I must grow up faster, and bully them

Q: What do you think of your inaccurate Mandarin? (t/n: Mandarin spoken with the accent of another dialect)

A: It’s become a style, the burden of promoting the Hunan dialect, leave it to me~

Q: CEO Zhang! My dad and mom have become your fans! What do you think of this? You who are brimming with youth, reply me once!

A: Thank you for your whole family’s attention, I will also continue to work hard, and display a different appearance, please ask after your parents on my behalf

Q: Yixing-gege said last time that Xiaozhu-gege (t/n: Show Luo) is your idol, now that you can record a show together and become good brothers you must be very happy! Hope that in the future I can see you guys work together in the singing and dancing aspect, fighting

A: Xiaozhu-ge, is a very loyal person, and takes care of me very well. If there’s a chance, hope that I can receive the help of Xiaozhu-ge in music and dancing. Xiaozhu-ge’s self-composed songs are very good too, I anticipate working together

Q: Adorkable Dan Dan and Overbearing CEO Zhang, which of these two nicknames do you prefer? I’ll start trending it now~ please choose me

A: I like: Overbearing Dan Dan

Q: Do you have plans to accept new movie roles recently? What roles do you want to try?

A: There is a new role I want to try recent, that is~~~~~~~~~~~T-Rex~!

Q: Did you ask Teacher Huang Lei to teach you how to cook? Will you make stir-fried pork with chilli on the show hahaha

A: What I can learn from Teacher Huang Lei is not limited to cooking, I want to take him as my teacher, and learn the skill of logic first

Q: Xing-ge what do you think of the fact that you are so handsome, when you look in the mirror are you afraid that the mirror will be broken by your good looks

A: If you guys like it it’s good, I’ll be happy. For a specific judgment on looks you can ask Honglei-ge. Eh, your Weibo-ID, why do I not know about this (t/n: the Weibo-ID of the fan who asked the question is “Zhang Yixing’s Overseas Girlfriend”)

Q: I’ve never seen this little gege make so many Weibo posts in my life, I am just passing by, just passing by, please choose me

A: I learnt an internet slang recently that I can finally use: If you live long enough you can see it all

Q: Xing-ge, since there are so many people, you might not reply me, but I still want to post this, I know your waist is not too good, so you must take care. One small greeting isn’t much, but if your waist isn’t injured, I will be very happy.

A: Thank you for caring so much about me, I will take care of my own body, you guys must take care of your own bodies as well okay, we will grow together!

Q: Doing a Weibo Live Chat during dinner time, are you hungry? Have you decided what you will have for dinner?

A: Of course I’m hungry, and I have decided, that is, Mutton Hotpot, haha

Q: Boss, everytime you go to recording, we always say boss is toiling hard, but actually we are covering up the joy in our hearts, of being able to make fun (of you) while uploading emoticons~ hahahahaha (doge) anyway you can’t see this, we will delete this at around 7.20pm (t/n: this question was sent in by Zhang Yixing’s Personal Studio)

A: It was useless, although I did not see it on the Live Chat page, I saw it on my homepage

Q: Have sent in dozens of questions already, I know that the chances of getting a reply is slim, but I still want to ask, take good care of yourself, record the show well, we will always be by your side <3

A: Persistence is victory, whether you are chosen or not, this is fate, tonight remember to watch Dong Fang TV <Go Fighting>

translated by elaysium | elaysiums for layixingworld. please take out with credit

agent carter double feature conclusions

a. hooooooooooolllyy shit that was some crazy shit going down

b. watching agent carter was even way better with a friend as company

c. I want Jack to be good, but damn, he’s making it so hard to defend or like him

d. there was another peggysous almost kiss and I definitely stopped breathing

e. I was/am super mad at Angie for breaking that up in order to talk to Peggy

f. what the hell actually happened to Jason tho at the end of that

g. never gonna be over these episodes 5 reals

h. thank God Ana survived but oh wow my heartstrings were pulled so hard by the Jarvises this time around “don’t make promises you can’t keep” “last will and testament” “burmese mountain dog” “daily horoscopes” “I woke up at burmese mountain dog but I wanted to see what else I could get”

i. Daniel was totally willing to give up the only current slightly direct quest for justice because Peggy was in danger

j. even tho tbh I’m not sure Jason could really shoot anybody that’s just out of character

k. but hey these episodes included all of our men at the ends of their ropes, with Edwin, and Daniel, and Jack, and Jason

l. Samberly is a smol child but dear God he needs to shush although tbh I’m convinced he’s on the spectrum 

m. let’s confirm Rose as a lesbian pretty please

n. and Peggy as bi of course come onnn

o. but hey Angieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that wasn’t the greatest scene tbh even tho I loved it (Lyndsy singing and dancing! Enver singing and dancing!!! Hayley!!! their faces dear lord)

p. wow there are so many agendas going on here it’s so complicated and I can’t think ahead almost at all

q. however…….I really would like it if Jack is legit on the peggy side/gonna officially come over to the peggy side, and he does somehow get a spot on the freaking council, which controls super major decisions, I want him to be a big ally in making shield able to happen

r. but seriously what the hell is Jack up to I don’t want him to be bad that idea hurts

s. the musical scene tho I gotta talk abt this. peggy in that red dress. the return of the sousa sweater vest. their freaking voices. angie being adorable. dottie’s “i’ll always be in your head.” 

t. “do as Peggy says!” it’s one of my fave lines and okay i’m super glad it returned but let’s realize that a. Daniel came up with it on his own and b. Jack was remembering it from Russia and c. I’m emotional about it

u. I have a love/hate relationship with Jack being/playing at being a ladies’ man

v. michael!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cried “I’m only doing what you wanted me to do.” “you’re doing what you wanted to do.” I love that it’s being turned into her carrying on for her brother who believed in her even back before she believed in herself and didn’t think she’d make a great spy - rather than it being about Steve, because while I love him and she loves him he’s a love interest and we need precisely no more of that on this show

w. what was in that redacted file damn also where exactly is Jack exactly from because apparently he has a friend from “uni” like what

y. I kept wanting Violet to take care of Ana (and Rose was cute when she was doing it and of course Ana realized something was up) because just yes please

z. I really want Whitney to actually work with them and I’m sad it won’t happen because she just wanted to science and to act and ugh also it was adorable and fabulous watching the moments where she’s being aggressive but then starts thinking about all the science involved and is super excited and I love it

aa. oh my god Peggy looking at Daniel after they’re all back from the desert because she isn’t going to follow orders from, or take at their word, either Jack or Vernon….that gave me life

ab. how did Vernon know what the zappy thing did and how to use it that seems suspect

ac. where did Dottie go

ad. Jack shamelessly being a Peggysous shipper tho tbh with that “I couldn’t care less who you’re crawling into bed with” even tho he’s actually brought it up a good bit in the past ahem but then totally side-eyeing Daniel ‘to see how he reacts’ but also like…..he knows. he knows he just he does. everyone freaking does.

ae. they’re making us wait for the last episode for a kiss tho. like, I can’t make myself believe it’s not gonna happen especially with the lyrics of that freaking song

af. never gonna be over the way that at first Peggy is like what the hell why are people dancing isn’t this my dream wtf, and then Daniel’s first line including “baby” happens and she melts a little bit and her expression just changes to that “I sort of hate it because I’m a bit embarrassed about it but for the love of God put your hands on my hips and kiss me right now” look like she is sooooo into it when Daniel’s dancing towards her and I can’t handle it and then she not only goes along with dancing with him, but almost immediately twirls so that they’re very close together with her back against his chest like she’s just a little crazy in love right there

ag. I appreciated so greatly that Peggy and Edwin not only started with then dispatched their predictable (and fittingly British, not that others don’t do it but it’s a politeness thing) routine of “are you alright” “I’m fine” and actually let anger out and talked about loss and how her job has consequences and she feels the weight of them and he’s starting to but his entire world revolves around Ana and even helping Howard is a side thing for him basically and they were so precious and appropriately bitter and yes

ah. it kind of concerned me that Jason pointed out that Peggy’s stubborn like……….you…you’ve met her right

ai. I’m mad at my life because I not only have to go to bed like half an hour ago but also I have to be doing school and schoolwork during the day but I want to do nothing but write my feelings and more Daniel/Peggy and I have a femslash thing along with twenty other stories I promised myself I’d be working on but oops

that’s it for now. I know that’s a lot but I wanted to get everything down that I was thinking. 

oh, and….

aj. damnnnnnnn, Daniel.