✖ ♚QUEEN♚ APPRECIATION WEEK  [19/07-26/07] ✖ 
day 1 → favourite era

When everybody says 70s, I say 1989-1995. Why? Why I chose era full of pain? Why not 70s or 80s, when they were happy?
I chose The Miracle - Innuendo - Made in Heaven era because they showed how they loved each other. How they cared about each other. They showed me how to fight for best friend. Thank you, Queen. 


So, who here has ever wanted a medieval/trojan helmet? I make those. I think they’re pretty cool, and if you do too, those of you who crochet, you can buy the pattern! This makes a nice gift for the holidays, if that’s what you’re looking for. (I took all of the pictures, and my model just so happens to also be my daughter, Thanks!)


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