I was just leafing through the archives here at DeeBeeUs™ World Headquarters and found my old Rock N Roll Relics Style 3 Jazzmaster replica heavy relic.  I sold this one last year to pay for my ongoing addiction to buying guitars I can’t afford.  Apologies for the Buzzstop - I was young and naive and didn’t know about Mastery bridged at the time…  :D

All Parts to “Plunge”

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Project Tremonti:

Ok, been on the fence on this getting this guitar.  But once GC started liquidating these things at 25% off, had to jump on it.  Mods will be: PRS Tremonti pickups, Mojotone treble bleed capacitor/resistor, PRS graphite nut, Schaller locking tuners, PRS lampshade knobs, Allparts pickup rings + knob. 


A video I made of my telecaster being built by my good friend Zach Schultz. Please be a sweet heart and watch it in 1080p!

My new Allparts hard-tail partscaster!  I have never owned a hard-tail Strat before (well…I have two ¾-sized Strats with hard-tails but they don’t count as “real”!), and I may be imagining it, but this guitar seems to have better resonance and sustain - even unplugged it is quite a bit louder than you expect a solid body to be - that even my most valuable Custom Shop Strats.  


Homemade DeeBeeCaster #2.  I made this guitar because I always wanted a Fender American Vintage Reissue ‘62 Custom Telecaster in black, but in 2 or 3 years of shopping at literally dozens of local guitar shops I never once saw a single one in stock.  And then they discontinued them in 2012 or 13.  So when I met David from Maverick Guitar parts and found he made his own double bound Tele style bodies…I decided to build my own.  That will teach you guitar shops to not stock guitars I like!  ;)

#DeeBeeCaster™ #4 update: progress has been slower than anticipated, but things are shaping up! Body by @maverick_guitar, Toronto.

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I now own two “partscasters” and I am building a 3rd as we speak!  I didn’t make this hard tail Strat…someone else did.  But I got it for the INSANELY low price of $350.  The body and neck alone would cost well of $500…then ya gotta add pickups, pots, wiring, nut, tuners, pickguard and a really snazzy headstock decal and “F” neck plate.   The cost of these parts alone would be at least $6 or $700.

I feel pretty smart about this…some might even say “smug”.  :D