love live gothic
  • you’re watching the end of the anime. nico is crying. now nozomi is crying. now they’re all crying. now you’re crying. the anime is over, and you’re still crying. they’re still crying. they’re all still crying.
  • you do an 11 card draw. there’s not a ur. there’s not an sr. there are only rares. the same rare. you clutch your phone in your hands. her smile is mocking you. the same smile, 11 times over.
  • you have a dream. all of your cards are an alpaca. you wake up, and are so glad it was just a dream. you open your file. it’s all alpacas. “it’s allpacas,” you say, and laugh to yourself. “it’s allpacas.”
  • you’ve done it. you full combo’d soldier game ex. you climbed this whole mountain. you’re so happy. “transmission error”, the game tells you. “please restart the game.”
  • there is a tenth member of μ’s. you know there is a tenth member, because her card is in your album. you do not remember getting her card, or idolizing her. there is only blackness where her eyes should be.
  • “eat your double,” you whisper to your game. the idols disappear, one by one, as the level of your more valuable idol increases. “consume,” you whisper, and turn the volume down to drown out the screaming overlaid by takaramonos.
  • you try to stop playing. you can’t. you keep playing. your fingertips hurt. they bleed. the blood sinks into the touchscreen, but you keep playing. you just want to stop. you’ve played every song in the game. you have triple s-ranked every song in the game. you are still playing. you have no love gems left. your blood is a sacrifice. you are still playing. nico nico ni.
Pet Alpacas (and Llama) /// AllPaca Open RP

The alpacas sat in a closed off fence, owned as pets now for a month.

It didn’t really affect the Guardians much. They could easily get out to do their jobs. It was just something a little nice to come back to where they usually hung out at PacaNorth’s workshop. Plus it was nice to be out of their own domain’s for some fresh air from time to time. So North had stuff from his office brought with him, Tooth had her fairies to be there, Sandy could pretty much work from there instead of the equator, Bunny didn’t really do anything until a few months before Easter anyway…

And Pitch had nothing to do but sit and dwell in his own pity llama face party.

Only Jack had some sort of problem with it. Of course he liked it but he was more of an alpaca who knew no boundaries. He knew he’d have to go back to the little temporary pasture sometime. He /did/ like the idea of sleeping somewhere warm. Plus the new bows were nice too!

PacaMun: The alpacas (and llama face) are all owned as pets by peterthefrostedbunny for a month!

Congrats, you are a alpaca herder. Make sure Pitch doesn’t spit at them too much.