It’s funnier when you know that the one who made the comments is the seiyuu of this guy:

And the one who own bottomless pit stomach is this guy:

Who is a really good friend with this eternal drunk guy:

At the late night radio program which was hosted by this two:

This is part of my Haikyuu!! [Inside the Recording Room] Theme: FOOD!!; It went crazy after I realize (long time ago) that 1) Too many stories. 2) It wouldn’t make sense without showing the relationship between each character’s seiyuu (they are pretty good friends, but several are besties). 3) It’s LONG. Like SUPER MEGA LONG! 4) Between they will never be posted, or small post, I choose to break it down and rewrite it again in the future. Hope it will make sense then.

– – – Namikawa Daisuke☆Yoshino Hiroyuki’s Sleep Talk Ep.23「浪川大輔☆吉野裕行のネゴト」第23回 –