allow winter

Spring comes slowly and quietly
to allow Winter to withdraw
slowly and quietly.
The color of the mountain afternoon
is tinged with nostalgia.
The terrible war flower
has left her footprints-
countless petals of separation and death
in white and violet.
Very tenderly, the wound opens itself in the depths of my heart.
Its color is the color of blood,
its nature the nature of separation.

The beauty of Spring blocks my way.
How could I find another path up the mountain?

I suffer so. My soul is frozen.
My heart vibrates like the fragile string of a lute
left out in a stormy night.
Yes, it is really there. Spring has really come.
But the mourning is heard
clearly, unmistakably,
in the wonderful sounds of the birds.
The morning mist is already born.
The breeze of Spring in its song
expresses both my love and my despair.
The cosmos is so indifferent. Why?
To the harbor, I came alone,
and now I leave alone.

There are so many paths leading to the homeland.
They all talk to me in silence. I invoke the Absolute.
Spring has come
to every corner of the ten directions.
Its, alas, is only the song
of departure.

—  Thich Nhat Hanh

ad lucem

a flower bed for skin,
how do you turn in sleep
dreaming in warm hibernation
through seasons of winter?
allow my callused fingers
trace long prayers onto
the petals of your eyelids;
perhaps, in full faith,
i shall hum your eyes
into closing—

oh my dearly beloved, don’t we all
collapse into heaven, blooming?

j. p. berame // no. 010216

People who think that winter soldier is the gayest superhero movie fail to realize that the x men: first class end credits song is an actual love song

You Frighten Me (6/10) [Ft. Reader x Bucky + Avengers]

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Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10

Time seemed to come to painful and sudden stop.

You and Bucky stared wide eyed at each other, both in a state of shock. How could it be that in a moment your nightmare resumed?

Your body suddenly became aware of it’s injures as pain was radiating through your body. Your legs began to tremble and your eyes filled with tears.

Bucky looked at your bloody and beaten body. He was ashamed that he allowed The Winter Soldier to hurt you. Bucky’s body was beaten and he was sore but it was nothing compared to what you must have been feeling.

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Hi! Cress finally decided to start a Rampion blog! Thorne is obviously the default cameraman. He’s adjusting to getting his sight back (but I don’t think Cress is) Send an ask to the crew and they’ll try answering it!


HADES & PERSEPHONE: The first living visitor to the Underworld, though an unwilling one, was the goddess Persephone. The only daughter of Zeus and Demeter (the goddess of grain, agriculture, and fertility), Persephone was an innocent maiden, a virgin who loved to play in the fields where eternal springtime reigned.But Hades had other plans for Persephone: He would steal her innocence and virginity and turn her into the dreaded goddess of the Underworld.  But Hades grew to love Persephone and showed pity on her after every winter, allowing, once a year, the flowers to bloom

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Gusto ko aliwin yung sarili ko bago ako lamunin ng trabaho ko XD Inaantok pa ako huhu, gusto ko pa matulog kaso may meeting ako mamaya sa boss kong nasa Germany. NKKLK. Tuloy na tuloy pa rin kami sa Germany sa April hansaya. Kaso wala akong allowance for winter clothing kasi hindi nga naman winter dun -.- Malungkot din ung pizza kariman na binili ko, parang Angel’s burger lang - sa unang kagat, tinapay lahat lol. 

Wala lang. Gusto ko lang mag share ng walang kwentang bagay ngayong araw. Inaantok talaga ako :( huhu

Steve going to visit Peggy after its revealed that the Winter Soldier is Bucky, because he desperately needs someone to talk to who would understand, because no one else does. And Peggy is surprisingly lucid during this visit, very much like the Peggy Carter Steve remembers and without any struggling lapses in memory. So when she finally asks him what’s wrong he can’t keep it back anymore and just unloads.

“I found Buck, Peggy. He’s alive and I found him but he just won’t remember me. He thinks I’m an enemy and he won’t remember me.”

The ‘either’ hangs unspoken in the air but they can both feel it. And Steve is angry at himself because Peggy is sick and he shouldn’t be burdening her with this. But Peggy just smiles and beckons him close, before pulling him into the best hug she can muster and whispers “He will remember you. You want to know how I know? Because you’re Steve Rogers. He will remember. I always do.”

And before he leaves, Peggy makes Steve promise that when he does get Bucky back, to take HIM out on that dance he promised her all those years ago. Because he’s Steve’s best guy. That way it won’t go to waste, and she’s always known.


A giant sinkhole that formed thousands of years ago. The water here slowly sinks into the Floridian Aquifer (some of the water here will make it to the many springs in Florida). 

The sinkhole buffers against temperature changes, staying cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, allowing for some really amazing ferns to grow along the walls of the sinkhole. 

Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park, FL


As much as i love sebby pouting or licking his lips….man oh man do i like his “mouth open catchin flys” look !! Yummmaaay !! Oh n u always get to see his tongue.. way too big for his mouth but how cute !!!!!!