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Does Bendy like being hugged by Henry?

((oh absolutely, bendy’s a very cuddly little shit with a select few people and henry’s one of them. remember when i said the toons like warm things/places? henry gives such warm hugs. bendy likes sitting in his lap and watching him work sometimes too.))

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first of all, yes I like that omega tony too, but can you imagine bucky being vaguely aware of the fact his alter ego has kidnapped tony? like, his bf has been taken by the murder dude he shares a brain with??

Yeah. I can also imagine Bucky trying to converse with the Winter Soldier (lmao murder dude I’m crying).

“You have to be gentle with him. You’ve got the serum and therefore Tony is delicate. DELICATE, I SAID.”

‘He’s biting me,’ the Winter Soldier responds. ‘And it actually hurts.’

“Yeah he’s a biter. …DON’T GET SO INTERESTED IN MY BOYFRIEND YOU WEIRDO. I should have known that biting did it for you Jesus Christ.”

But the Winter Soldier obediently begins treating Tony more gently, to the omega’s suspicious confusion. He doesn’t grip as tightly when he is forcing the omega to be still, and he tries to usher Tony places instead of dragging him around. Tony… appreciates this, in a weird way. And when the baby kicks hard enough to make him go “oof!” he allows the Winter Soldier to place a hand on his swollen belly to feel it too. (If he’s hoping that maybe Bucky’s in there and can feel his baby moving around in there too, well, that’s his secret.)

‘We need more of these.’

“Yeah,” Bucky agrees proudly. “Tony and I were thinking at least two–”

‘I need a dozen.’

“WHY THE FUCK DO YOU NEED A DOZEN KIDS?!” Bucky feels the edges of shame curling where he ends and the Winter Soldier begins. “What is that?!”

‘They will be good soldiers.’

“Whoa whoa whoa. None of my kids are gonna be soldiers! What the fuck!? Tony’s gonna kick your ass.” He senses something else curling at the divide. “…And what the fuck is this now?”

The Winter Soldier leans over Tony, who is napping, and places his hand gently on the omega’s round stomach. ‘He’s good like this. Glowing. Beautiful. He should always be with pup.’

Bucky viciously informs the Winter Soldier that it’s no longer acceptable for omegas to be considered nothing but baby farms, even though he agrees that his mate looks beautiful when he’s with child. And he can’t help but picture it, his omega and a gaggle of children that look just like him.

Oh God.

“I will kill any of our pups’ potential suitors,” the Winter Soldier decides.

“What the fuck,” Tony mumbles, trying to roll over. “You most definitely will not!”

The Winter Soldier obediently helps the omega roll over. “I will,” he insists, safe in the knowledge that Bucky is not actually opposed to this decision. “They will be kept safe.”

“Oh my God,” Tony sighs angrily, rolling his eyes. “You’re impossible. And also I’m turned, you can stop fondling my ass!”

The Winter Soldier finds it hard to oblige, but he manages.

(Bucky continues coaching the Winter Soldier to be kinder to his mate. The Winter Soldier has no idea why Bucky insists on him going out of his way to interact kindly with Tony but he quickly agrees to it when Bucky quietly projects the mental image of a heavily-pregnant Tony putting their first child down in the crib for the night. “How do you expect to convince Tony he needs a dozen kids if he doesn’t like you?” The Winter Soldier has to admit that the idea of impregnating the omega again would be a whole lot easier if Tony liked him.)

Spring comes slowly and quietly
to allow Winter to withdraw
slowly and quietly.
The color of the mountain afternoon
is tinged with nostalgia.
The terrible war flower
has left her footprints-
countless petals of separation and death
in white and violet.
Very tenderly, the wound opens itself in the depths of my heart.
Its color is the color of blood,
its nature the nature of separation.

The beauty of Spring blocks my way.
How could I find another path up the mountain?

I suffer so. My soul is frozen.
My heart vibrates like the fragile string of a lute
left out in a stormy night.
Yes, it is really there. Spring has really come.
But the mourning is heard
clearly, unmistakably,
in the wonderful sounds of the birds.
The morning mist is already born.
The breeze of Spring in its song
expresses both my love and my despair.
The cosmos is so indifferent. Why?
To the harbor, I came alone,
and now I leave alone.

There are so many paths leading to the homeland.
They all talk to me in silence. I invoke the Absolute.
Spring has come
to every corner of the ten directions.
Its, alas, is only the song
of departure.

—  Thich Nhat Hanh

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It's a little bit of an odd question, but what exactly Lafayette had to face during his time in prison? Was he tortured? Was he isolated? How bad was it? ( sorry for my english and grammar)

Thank you for your patience, Nony. I’m not feeling well today, so I’ve been sleeping. Your English and grammar are perfectly readable.

Here’s a timeline for Lafayette’s prison stay. The link will give you full details of each stop on his prison journey. For this ask, I’ll answer more in terms of how he suffered as a whole rather than as a step-by-step, date-by-date reference. 

Lafayette endured a variety of trials as a prisoner. 

  • Isolation: One of the biggest offenders was the lack of contact with the outside world. Lafayette had no idea if his family had been killed, if France had fallen into the sea, if America still cared for him…nothing. He was often placed in tiny cells or solitary confinement. He was certain his guards were waiting to make him ‘disappear’…and he grew so despondent at one point that he found a piece of wood and etched a goodbye to his wife and children in it in the hopes that if he was murdered and tossed in a ditch somewhere, they would find the note and know he had been there.
  • Ill Health: Little known fact…Lafayette had weak lungs. Being confined in subterranean cells with mold growing on the walls (he wrote about this in a letter once) did little to ease his breathing. Just before being transferred to Olmutz, a fever hit him so badly that his life was feared for. The horrible conditions of prison life eventually led to his friends petitioning to allow him time to walk on the grounds, which was granted after some dismissal. It took him a while to recover from that fever…and the lack of basic necessities didn’t help. Over the course of his stay, he would lose his hair due to sickness and malnutrition, and he became so emaciated that Adrienne was frightened when she first saw him.
  • Wounded: So…a guard almost bit Lafayette’s finger off during an escape attempt. In the scuffle he was roughed up and–yeah–somehow the guard decided the best way to stop him was to bite him? Strange, but true. 
  • No Basics: At first, Laf was allowed a few things: books, blankets, etc. But after he was moved from his first jail, all of that was largely confiscated. He managed to write a few letters while ‘doing time,’ but they had to be scribbled on parchment with a toothpick and at one point, he resorted to writing in his own blood. In Olmutz, he had no bed or linen, just a pile of straw. There was no place to relieve himself so…yeah. He basically would’ve had to designate a corner of the cell. Bathing wasn’t permitted either.
  • Silence: No one was allowed to talk in Olmutz. The prisoners were stripped of names and were given numbers. I’m fairly certain Lafayette’s number was State Criminal Number 2…but don’t quote me on that. I can’t seem to find the reference. At any rate, the silence had to have been unbearable. Occasionally, his secretary (who was imprisoned with him for a time) would try to hum to him a song that meant he had news…but the guy almost always got caught and punished. 
  • Chains: Like in the old movies, Laf was bound after his escape attempt. They put irons on him, including his feet, and fastened a chain around his waist that prohibited him from turning side-to-side. This really did a number on him, as he was already hurting from the injuries he’d received from the affair.
  • Mental Anxiety: I’ll let Laf tell you:  ‘He was in a feeble state, overcome by fatigue, and suffering greatly from the bruises and wounds received in his late attempt to escape. “His anxieties, his anguish (and despair we may almost say,) at finding himself again in the power of his unrelenting jailor, so affected his nerves, that his fever returned with increased and alarming violence. In this state he was allowed nothing but a little damp and mouldy straw…..No light was admitted into his cell; and he was refused even the smallest allowance of linen. The winter of 1794-95 was very severe, but his inhuman jailors did not relax from the rigour of prescribed and systematic oppression. It seemed, indeed as if their object was to put an end to their victim’s existence by this ingenious device of incessant cruelty. Worn down by disease and the rigour of the season, his hair fell from his head, and he was emaciated to the last degree. To these physical distresses were soon super added those mental anxieties, which perhaps, were still more difficult to endure. The only information he could obtain respecting the fate of his wife and children, for whom he felt the greatest solicitude, was, that they were confided in the prisons of Paris: and in reply to his enquiries concerning his most generous friends, Bollman and Huger, he was informed by his unfeeling tormentors that they were soon to perish by the hands of the hangman.’
5 Times Scully Said “What the Fuck, Mulder.”  And one time... he struck back.

@wtfmulder threw down the gauntlet.

They’ve been on exactly two cases together and yet, she’s been practically naked in front of him, he’s told her his life story, and she’s managed to save him from certain death in a military installation.  Things one does when they’ve just met, right?

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Winter Shadow - chapter 3

Credit again to @pixierox101 for the idea, because I’d never have thought of it.

He was all she had, and she was all he had, and she was always torn by her need to help him, and to keep him. As his memories returned, piece by agonising piece, he was desperate to fit them together, to remember who he was, to have her help him hold on to himself, before he was lost again. He was so afraid to rediscover his identity, to remember a past before all the pain he’d felt, and the pain he’d caused, but he needed to. The more fragments reappeared, the more he wanted to know. Each time they used his trigger words and he lost himself for a little while, she knew how much it hurt, that when the memories returned they would be tinged with the sorrow of what he had done. Although his actions were out of his control, although he was a victim of the most horrific abuse, she knew that each memory was a stain of guilt that no one could remove, but all the more reason for him to want to find who he was, to be more than the killer they’d made him.

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Emergency Family (Part 7)

Christian held Daamin’s hand as they crossed the street to get to his apartment. Being on winter break allowed him to come along and be part of everything he had planned. When they got to the elevator Daamin stopped Christian from picking him up. “Hyung I can do it by myself.” 

“You sure?”

Daamin nodded before pressing the button of Christian’s floor. He stood on his own two feet as the elevator pulled them up. He had become aware of the fact that he was older now and had been in the elevator countless times now. In fact, this was the third time this week that Christian brought him along. 

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or, alternatively, we could reject a myth called "the rape of persephone" and base fandom know, something that's not steeped in ancient greek sexism

The thing with Greek mythology is, well, several things

The first thing is that there are multiple versions of different myths. Greek mythology was originally passed around orally, so of course there are going to be different variations where details are different.

The second thing is that “rape” when used in the context of a story title for a lot of ancient mythologies refers to kidnapping, not necessarily nonconsensual sexual acts. It’s never been outwardly stated in the versions that Hades actually rapes her, so I can neither confirm nor deny that he did. However, there is quite a good chance that he didn’t, especially in the Homeric hymn where Persephone recounts everything that happened in the Underworld to her mother. If there was ever the most confusion about this point, it was because in the Orphic hymn, Zeus raped Persephone while pretending to be Hades, but it was never Hades who did so.

Going back to the Homeric hymn, part of the ploy Hades uses to get her to eat the pomegranate seeds is him promising her a lot of power and rights in the Underworld as his queen. Even if he said it to get her to eat the pomegranate, it’s not like he denied her that power when she returned to the Underworld. Persephone became a fearsome queen and was able to have say in many decisions that happened down there. It’s clear that Persephone understands the power that is promised to her and she doesn’t hesitate to use it. I’ve even read a version in which Persephone said that she would rather stay with Hades. (And also, Persephone did crush a nymph into mint for saying Hades loved her more. I don’t think that sort of jealousy would have happened if Persephone didn’t at least halfway like her husband.)

The third thing is that this is all Zeus’s fault in the first place because he is a major fucking douchecanoe and everything in Greek mythology is his fault. In almost every version of the myth, he’s the one who told Hades that it would be a good idea to just take Kore. When Zeus realized he fucked up big time because Demeter found out what he allowed happen and brought winter upon the world that would end up killing humankind if it went on forever, he was like “shit, not my humans” and he sent Hermes to take Persephone back.

The fourth thing is Death of the Author. It’s Greek mythology. I know it’s fucked up, as lots of history and religions are. I guess it wasn’t clear since my original post was in a meme format, but I wasn’t trying to discredit shitty things that happen in Greek mythology. I’m trying to say that they are a whole lot better than other couples in Greek mythology and that we can allow to interpret them in a new and modern way because mythology is so fluid and contradicting of itself anyway.

I hope I was able to explain myself clearly. Thank you.