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What do you hope to see from Sansa & Petyr in the books?

mainly an ambiguous mixture of admiration and cunning, coming from both parties. i want them to be in awe of each other’s duplicity. i want them to be fond of each other (which they already are) while at the same time constantly dancing on the edge of betrayal. 

i want to see power plays and power shifts as sansa comes to know him and his weaknesses better. i also want some form of intellectual intimacy between them and by this i mean that i want them to gossip together and share worldviews and compare their experiences of the world. 

i also hope that she eventually sees his scar and instead of pitying him, tells him that the mark has given him an advantage, because it’s what petyr needs to hear; that his childhood fancy made him stronger, rather than weaker. just as sansa’s idealized world of courtly love and human kindness has made her braver instead of just a “stupid little girl”.  i want them to see that they’re both cynical romantics who might have thrived under different circumstances. but i also want sansa to tell him that she is his better, fulfilled self. because even if petyr had not been shamed as a child, he might still have had a taste for brewing chaos. so, in order for her to grow and survive, sansa must kill the self that cannot survive, which is him - petyr. (in the world after the Long Night, there will be no place for someone like him)

basically i want his death to have poetry, and i only want it to be at her hand because she is the only one he will allow to kill him. because even though she will almost hate him for what he’s done to start the war of the five kings, she’s the only one who will understand why he did it, why he truly did it. and it will be enough for him to be seen, not by catelyn stark or catelyn’s double in her daughter, but by another human being, who sees him as an equal. 

Happy Aura Fluff Day!

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Alright kittens, I know I’m a bit late to the game but Sundays without Once are for antiquing and wine with a dash of cleaning, so here we are! Better late than never. I want you to know just how wonderful you are, and how you brighten my life right up.

For my girls, the ones who have become true, dear friends. I love Tumblr for bringing you into my life, I hate Tumblr because you are so far away. You gals make me ridiculously happy, and are spectacular friends. Anyone who says internet friends are not real friends can suck a rotten boner.

  • captainhand (forever my Anne, my wife, the cutest cute of all the cutes)
  • sweetestinthegale (Kate my actual soulmate. Not an exaggeration. Cannot remember life before I knew you. Don’t care to.)
  • killians-dimples (BK the light of my life, destroyer of my soul, soon to be smothered with my love IRL)
  • ohmyohpioneer (Sarah my soul twin, purveyor of the most beautiful words and total babe.)
  • qqueenofhades (Hilary, goddess eternal of immense talent and sparkling snark. Makes me unattractively chortle.)
  • wedlakeserenities (The beautiful, talented, kind, actual-Disney-princess goose to my kitten.)
  • jenny-jen-mo (My hilarious lil kookaburra, JMo twin and fashion czar.)
  • the-lady-swan (The Rory to my Amy, my Care Bear extraordinare who’s heart is bigger than the ocean.)
  • i-know-how-you-kiss ( **please sing to tune of Tiny Dancer** Hold me closer, sassy daaaaancer. Make me cry with your perfect storieeeeeees.)
  • i-love-you-swan (Kimmy, my beautiful Irish rose, who is such a good friend and sends me Cadbury.)

The recappers/reviewers that make me fall in love with episodes all over again and bring such perfect insight to the fandom:

Gifmakers who give me life and allow me to sigh over a moment in time over and over and over again obsessively until I collapse into a puddle of feels:

Fic writers who speak to my soul with their beautiful words and make me fall in love with my OTP again and again across times and realms. Their imagination and talent seriously takes my breath away sometimes:

The artists whose talent is INSANE. We are such a crazy lucky fandom to have these brilliant monarch butterflies fluttering in our midst:  

Meta-writers who blow my mind with their brilliance, who pick up on and share themes and ideas that make the show so much more enjoyable to watch:

And then there’s the amazing goons who brighten my dash and inbox on the regular, who help make the tumblr world a wonderful place to be for me:

I’m sure I missed people, but know that all of you reading this are just the loveliest and are the reason I spend farrrrrrrrrrrrrr too much time on this blasted website. I blame each and every one of you kittens for this unhealthy obsession. I hope you’re happy.