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star wars female character meme 1/4 outfits

return to naboo gown ; while traveling back to naboo, amidala wears this purple mutlilayered gown, complete with full cerlin sleeves. the golden tiara she wears is an antique adorned with the royal emblem, and her veil is made of mauve chersilk with drapa bindings. amidala also wears this subdued gown for qui-gon jinn’s funeral. this beautiful gown consists of two layers. the first is a purple paneled velvet overdress, with a discharge-printed allover naboo pattern. the second layer is a pleated silk undress, which was worn over layered, stiffened petticoats. the sleeves of the gown also consist of two layers. the inner sleeves are finger-length and corded, while the outer sleeves are petal-shaped and made from shot-silk chiffon satin. chiffon was also utilized for the veils.

DOUBLE DUTY - model: Ajak Deng, Jeneil Williams - photographer: Sharif Hamza - stylist: Miguel Enamorado - hair: Marki Shkreli - make-up: Susie Sobol - Interview Magazine September 2015

  • Dior jumpsuits - Cliff Keen Athletic headgear - Adidas wrestling shoes


Fang Limin
“Go Home for New Year”
water-based woodblock print hand-printed on artist-own prepared red paper

Another great print by artist friend and fabulous printmaker Fang Limin whose studio I visited when I attended the Impact 2015 Conference in Hangzhou in September 2015.  Fang Limin’s image was printed repeatedly with a set of interchangeable woodblocks on artist-own prepared sheet of Chinese paper. 

Fang Limin was a Roman J. Witt Visiting Artist at Stamps School of Art and Design in March 2013.

Official Steven Universe merchandise: Countless beautiful designs of the characters, in-universe designs like “Mr. Universe” t-shirts and “Cookie Cat” allover print sweaters. Crystal Gem dresses, hoodies, hats, flip flops, hair bows, etc etc etc. Plush toys, Funko Pop figures, other vinyl toys, a ton of different figurines, Garnet foam fists, posters, mugs, magnets, blankets, pillows, air fresheners, backpacks, a Lion-shaped piggy bank, books, a comic series with original stories and adventures and a themed monopoly game.

Official Gravity Falls merchandise: Three amazing books and a hellscape of barrenness. 



Fang Limin
“Hangzhou Tourists”
water-based woodblock print hand-printed on Chinese paper

While attending the Impact 2015 Conference in Hangzhou in September, I had a great honor to visit a long-time artist friend and a fabulous printmaker Fang Limin who showed me his studio and this great woodcut called “Hangzhou Tourists”.  The print was made on a large sheet of Chinese paper utilizing a set of blocks which were printed repeatedly allover the sheet. Amazing image, which I have presented here as a full sheet and with several details.  -Endi

Fang Limin visited Stamps School of Art and Design in March 2013 as a Roman J. Witt Visiting Artist and presented a well-attended workshop on water-based block relief printing. Stamps students also visited Fang Limin’s class at China Academy of Art in Hangzhou in 2014.


etsyfindoftheday | more tv & movie gifts | 12.5.15

sweatshirt gifts for the tv-obsessed

  • carlton banks allover-print sweatshirt by i3am
  • ‘mother of dragons’ game of thrones sweatshirt by lostcoveapparel

My ghost Pokemon patterns have been updated so they’re higher resolution and more vibrant (so they should print more clearly than they used to!) and I finally decided to make them available on leggings and allover print shirts on Society6!

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cool jesus

by ‘cool jesus’ i mean the tightest skinniest jeans seventeen tattoos a septum piercing an allover print shirt. he has palm tattoos on both sides of his hands. he always wears wayfarer sunglasses and drinks monster energy drinks and hes got a bike he rides around on doing miracles