Yes’m. Allotted? Yes’m. I’m goin’ to explain that. You see there was slave traders in those days, jes’ like you got horse and mule an’ auto traders now. They bought and sold slaves and hired ‘em out.

"Yes’m, rented ‘em out. Allotted means somethin’ like hired out. But the slave never got no wages. That all went to the master. The man they was allotted to paid the master.

"I never was sold. My mama was sold only once, but she was hired out many times.

"Yes’m when a slave was allotted, somebody made a down payment and gave a mortgage for the rest. A chattel mortgage.

"Times don’t change, just the merchandise.

—  Sarah Frances Shaw Graves, explaining some nuances of the slave trade she experienced, to her interviewer. Born 1850. Interviewed ~1937.

Allotments made a lot of grief for the slaves. We left my papa in Kentucky, ‘cause he was allotted to another man. My papa never knew where my mama went, an’ my mama never knew where papa went.”

(Bitterly) “They never wanted mama to know, ‘cause they knowed she would never marry so long she knew where he was. Our master wanted her to marry again and raise more children to be slaves. They never wanted mama to know where papa was, an’ she never did.

—  Sarah Frances Shaw Graves on the pain of the slave trade (with the emotional note from her interviewer). Born 1850. Separated from her father at 6 months old. Interviewed ~1937.


In Greek mythology, the Moirai (Ancient Greek: Μοῖραι, “apportioners”) — often known in English as the Fates — were the white-robed incarnations of destiny. Their number became fixed at three (3) : Clotho (spinner), Lachesis (allotter) and Atropos (unturnable).They controlled the metaphorical thread of life of every mortal from birth to death. They were independent, at the helm of necessity, directed fate, and watched that the fate assigned to every being by eternal laws might take its course without obstruction. The gods and men had to submit to them, although Zeus’s relationship with them is a matter of debate: some sources say he is the only one who can command them (the Zeus Moiragetes), yet others suggest he was also bound to the Moirai’s dictates. In the Homeric poems Moira or Aisa, is related with the limit and end of life, and Zeus appears as the guider of destiny. In the Theogony of Hesiod, the three Moirai are personified, and are acting over the gods. Later they are daughters of Zeus and Themis, who was the embodiment of divine order and law. In Plato’s Republic the Three Fates are daughters of Ananke (necessity). Read More | Edit | 1st picture: Norman Parkinson. Dresses: Victor Steibel. Taken from the top of a taxi in Eaton Terrace, London, 1938. | 2nd picture: Helena Greyhorse, Ji Young Kwak & Herieth Paul in ”The Collections” by Erik Madigan Heck for Harper’s Bazaar UK, August 2014.

anonymous asked:

Do you know any good bellarke fics from Bellamy's pov?

THERE ARE ALLOTT OUT THERE, probably ones i haven’t read just yet! (if any followers have recs feel free to let us know!!) but you can scan through my fic rec post to see any there :) i think there are quite a few!

NDTV News - Special: New Zealand's World Cup Showing has Won Back 'Lost Fans', Says Geoff Allott

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New Zealand’s World Cup Showing has Won Back ‘Lost Fans’, Says Geoff Allott
Mar 27th 2015, 11:11

Geoff Allott was the joint leading wicket-taker in the 1999 edition and now Trent Boult, a left arm pacer like him, has broken his record to be the country’s top World Cup wicket-taker.

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