the transplantation of cells, tissues, or organs, to a recipient from a (genetically non-identical) donor of the same species. The transplant is called an allograft or allogeneic transplant or homograft. Most human tissue and organ transplants are allografts.In contrast, a transplant from another species is a xenograft. A transplanted organ or tissue from a genetically identical donor (such as an identical twin) is an isograft.

[Richard Wilkinson]

Hey guys! You are the first one’s to see my new comic series called, “Allotransplantation”! Are you excited?! No? Yeah, it’s probably not gonna be that great… OTL

It’ll be way darker and gorier than my usual stuff (so far, that’s the plan). It’s set in the late 1900’s London and stuff happens and it’s mega sad. It’ll be great


xenotransplantation is the transfer of living cells, tissues and organs from one speices to another.

allotransplantation: transfer of living cells, tissues, and organs from the same species.

the problem is that the most common xenotransplantation is from pigs that have shorter life spans than humans, causing their organs to function, and die quicker. there is also disease transmission of xenozoonosis, and the permanent alteration of genetic codes(DNA) in humans.

Nerve regeneration across cryopreserved allografts from cadaveric donors: a novel approach for peripheral nerve reconstruction

Clinical article Abstract OBJECT

The use of allografts from cadaveric donors has attracted renewed interest in recent years, and pretreatment with cryopreservation and immunosuppressionmethods has been investigated to maximize axonal regrowth and…

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