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Is it possible that season four is all in John's mind. Is that what we needed before we could get Johnlock, for John to deal with his issues. After all Sherlock dealt with his in TAB, so is it at all possible that this is John's narrative?

A very good supposition, actually. When you think about it… huh. You know what? This would make sense in a way… I mean, the off characterizations of all the characters (how John would perceive them?). John being a little OTT (John’s inner frustration with his life and his own self)… The realizations of Sherlock caring about someone because they were suicidal like he was. Sherlock’s character being really off because it’s how John sees him. Smashing Thatchers could be him dealing with his own sexuality and issues, where Sherlock is the personification of his own deductive method. The intimate hug: his own desire for touch from Sherlock.

We even speculated that this season would be back in John’s perspective. Hmm. And there was that tunnel scene filmed in ep 1 where Sherlock was driving, what if it was a crash, and John is in hospital? Especially following the episode where Sherlock is in his own mind palace.

IF. IF there is a secret episode, what if it’s a culmination of all the three episodes’ extra footage – That’s how you film a fourth episode in the allotted time given.

I’m still remaining mostly skeptical, but yeah, John’s characterization is rather spotty and all the inconsistencies are so glaring yet never addressed.

Another one for the Tinfoil Hattery crew.

Hlin: Most of you have come on your own initiative for Sanctuary’s first expedition. As I’m aware you know, up until now only falcons have been assigned to go this far. We’ve known about a forest on our boarders for some time, however could never fully approuch it since, as you all know, a pokemon must return to Sanctuary after an allotted time unless they wish to go feral.

Due to innovations in the raven faction, Professor Culliane believes that this adaptor will enhance the abilities of heatran, allowing it to protect pokemon nearby from the effects of the storm.

That being said, I will accompany you as per usual with any patrol going to our colony’s boarders. Should the heatran heater fail, I can protect you from the effects of the storm somewhat until we make it back to Sanctuary.

I would like to remind all pokemon here of the risks involved. We are going into uncharted territory. We do not know how many feral packs are there, or how hostile the landscape is. The area around the forest appears fairly flat with some hills, but it is unknown if this is constant through the whole wood. Scouts also reported the trees taking odd shapes. As such, the wood has been named Twisty Trunk Forest.

The journey will take about two weeks. We leave in a few hours. Make any last preparations you need. And again, this is your last chance to return to the city. I cannot promise your safe return.

I will be joining the falcons and scout ahead. Rayne, I trust you to protect the main group and our vital heatran Smog while Snake leads the rear. Tim, follow us.

>>The Magrave has begun the expedition to Twisty Trunk Forest! Here’s the rundown in brief:

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what if it seems like batman has safehouses all over the country because he’s a paranoid maniac always ready to go into hiding in iowa, but actually he just goes on a lot of business trips for his day job and when he sees a cute house he buys it and stays there. he grew up in a big mansion with a butler, a house with only three rooms is like camping for him. he thinks it’s fun. he gets to play house and eat cereal for dinner. the flash accidentally committed some light treason and needs to lay low for a while so batman sets him up at this little place in maine. flash is like “wow he really does plan for everything” but no, he just saw an old queen anne with green shingle siding and white accents and he couldn’t help himself. it had a wraparound porch and a spire. a spire. technically it wasn’t in his carefully alloted ‘whims’ budget but he sold an extra yacht to make room. “geeze bats i get that it’s a safehouse but couldn’t you have stocked the pantry with something besides kix and peanut butter?” flash asks. “they’re shelf stable,” batman says, as if that is why he bought those things, as if this is not just What He Does when alfred leaves him unsupervised.


Festive icons I made for you and your number one

adhd is some real shit

i feel like people really trivialize adhd

as in, they consider it a minor disorder, something that doesnt have as much of an effect on someone as other disorders, just a little inconvenience, a little quirk

i mean, like all disorders, the extent of its effect varies widely depending on the individual, so it may not be a big deal to some people with it

but for some, adhd can drastically impair functioning - it can be debilitating.

all of the following comes from personal experience, as someone with severe adhd

adhd stimming can make you look weird in public - violently shaking legs, fiddling with thumbs, sudden tics, etc. people may make fun of you or chastise you for it, but you cant help it - staying still can evoke a strong feeling of discomfort that is difficult to describe to someone without adhd.

adhd can seriously hinder academic performance. adhd kids may be unable to remember or complete homework, to focus on studying, to finish tests in the allotted times (even 504 extended time may not be enough), to pay attention to teacher lectures and therefore be unable to secure the information, deadlines are a challenge…list goes on. 

its not an easy fix. when you have adhd, forcing yourself to focus is much more difficult than someone without adhd would expect. youll read the same sentence over and over again, unable to process it, trying so hard to focus that it manifests into a weird, extremely uncomfortable physical feeling in your head, leaving you squirming in your seat. your mind will irrepressibly drift of at random, and you wont even realize and snap out of it until five minutes into zoning out, five minutes of lost time. 

more severe than needing to bounce your leg a lil bit in order to focus

A Squid Research Lab special report:
As we suspected, Turf War is still the most popular sport among Inklings. The basic rules of this sport remain the same–two teams of four Inklings compete to cover the largest area of ground with their ink color within the allotted time. Inklings still eat, sleep, and breathe Turf War, and the sport still drives the direction of fashion, art, and language for Inkling culture.


why don’t you wear kneepads?

is it the aesthetic?

do you have trouble running? you, mr. practicality, should know more than anyone else how fragile knees are.

was there a certain amount of kneepad material allotted, and bokuto used up so much of it there was none left for you? how generous of you, keiji, but bokuto is going to regret his life when you get hurt. 


It’s time for me to brag about my knitting again!  And with this project 9 months in the making, I think I’m entitled a bit. ;)

This is the Inari Kitsune pattern by Tania Richter, during which I learned that I am a slow-ass knitter because I could NEVER have done this KAL in the allotted time.  But still, I’m really proud of how it came out.  I recommend full view, to see the details!

It’s reversible and really super soft


Jeremy Corbyn looks like every woman who has ever been approached on the bus by a rando 

Keith and Shiro Bro’s AU

here are some sad bro!au things I came up with bc I hate myself

  • Shiro is 19
  • Keith is 14
  • they were going to the movies with their parents when they got hit by a drunk driver running a red while they were trying to turn left on a green arrow
  • Shiro tried to cover Keith, but only succeeded in covering him with his right arm
  • Shiro had been going to Garrison University for over a year and was on winter break
    • a very kind donor paid for their hospital bills and Shiro’s prosthetic
  • Shiro fought tooth and nail with CPS to be able to keep Keith
  • being the University’s golden boy, Shiro was able to work with them and another extremely kind donor to make a deal:
    • his apartment would be paid for
    • they would be given a monthly allotment of money to cover food, bills, etc
    • Keith’s schooling and textbooks would be paid for
    • he could go to school part-time
    • he had to work in the cafeteria as a chef
  • Keith had to transfer to the public school because the University wouldn’t pay for public school
  • Keith is now 15, Shiro is now 20
  • Shiro had to sit down with Keith and tell him that he always had to be on his best behavior because CPS could rip them apart on a dime
  • that meant no fighting, no pissing off teachers, and absolutely no slacking off
  • Keith is constantly bullied at his new school
  • Shiro goes out with friends one night, they introduce him to a beautiful woman named Allura
  • they hit it off immediately
  • they go on their first day only a month after they meet
    • Shiro promises him he’ll be home early enough to make dinner
    • he isn’t
    • Keith is Really Upset
    • he goes to bed without eating
  • Shiro tries to make it up the next morning by making a huge breakfast
    • Keith has to go in early to help a kid with their physics homework
    • He leaves with a small tupperware of eggs and bacon
  • Shiro feels like guilty as fuck
  • when Keith comes home Shiro brings them over to the couch so he can apologize
    • he makes Keith chamomile tea with a tiny amount of honey and what Shiro thinks is way too much lemon, the exact way Keith likes it
    • Keith cries and tells him about all the shit the other kids did to him on an almost daily basis
    • Shiro cries with Keith as the dam finally breaks
    • Shiro feels like Absolute Shit and even more guilty for not knowing
  • months pass and things are slowly getting better
  • Shiro is 21, Keith is 16, Allura is 20
  • Allura and Shiro are the couple everyone despises
  • Keith and Allura are new bffs, even after a long time of Keith unwilling to open up to her
    • the kids at school are all in love with her and frightened to death of her after she scared the ever loving fuck out of a kid who pushed Keith down the stairs after school so they don’t fuck with him anymore
    • She also has anger issues, and works with him to help him work through it
  • Keith becomes really close with Hunk, Pidge, and Lance
    • he crushes hardcore on Lance
    • Lance is Oblivious as FUCK
    • Keith is also very good at hiding it
  • Allura has unofficially officially moved in with them
    • she stays there 3-4 days out of the week, and in her own apartment the rest
  • christmas is coming up
    • Shiro re-arranges their budget so he has enough money to buy Keith presents
    • he essentially gives up all his own wants
  • They have a kick ass christmas together, even though they didn’t get much for each other
  • Keith finds Shiro’s re-arranged budget
    • he sees all of their Needs and Wants written out
    • all of Shiro’s wants are crossed off, but none of Keith’s are
    • he immediately give up all the movies and lunches with Hunk, Pidge, and Lance
  • Shiro totally forgot Keith’s birthday is only 2 weeks after christmas
    • he doesn’t have enough money to buy him anything really
    • he’s so upset that he cries himself to sleep christmas night
  • Shiro scrounges up enough money to buy him a nice set of colored pencils to go with the adult coloring book Allura got him
    • Allura also gets him the lamp that casts stars all around the room when it’s lit up because Keith had been gushing about it for months
  • Shiro, yet again, feels like shit for not getting him worthwhile and cries in his bedroom
    • Keith hears him on his way to the bathroom
    • he just goes into is room and wraps Shiro in a huge hug
    • he tells him that he saw the budget and not to worry about anything and that they are in this together

so yeah, that’s all I’ve got for now. when I have my shit together, I’m probably gonna actually write this. I also took quite a bit out so that I could have some surprises, so if shit doesn’t make sense that’s why

I’m taking this back to the beginning…. X-Factor….. Audition stages…………

There are over 350 million people in America, and I bet half of us think we sound great singing in the shower. So naturally, when a talent show puts out an open call for participants, we remember our shower vocals and think, why not.

These big televised talent shows, like X-Factor and American Idol, make it seem like thousands of hopefuls, just show up with dream in hand, at an audition site, and get told yes or no. That’s not how these things work.

People who want to participate, first have to submit a video, usually between 3 to 5 minutes long, of themselves singing, telling a bit about themselves, and why they are passionate about being on the show. They submit the video to an allotted website or E-mail address.

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Ok but when Percival hugged Credence you could see the longing of physical affection from Credence which was just heartbreaking, like when the hug was over you could see that Credence stayed in that position for a few more seconds just because he needed it.

This is the actions of someone who just wants to be loved and held.
He probably only ever got hugs from Percival but they were obviously too short.

Credence needs physical support and love… Like allot of it.

about lazy Sunday fucks

Imagine lying on bed next to Harry on a Sunday morning. It’s still early, but the soft pats of the rain that had lulled you to sleep were now turning into loud thuds, rain pouring down outside the safety of your own. You open your eyes to a completely dark day, and shiver as you notice your legs have managed to sneak out of the covers and are now exposed to the absolutely ridiculous cold air of the morning.

Harry’s still asleep, and that’s just very unsurprising. At some point you had understood that the guy simply had the ability to sleep through anything and everything, and that he was probably still behind in the sleep time allotted to any regular human being.  

So, with the rain echoing in the room, you turn, looking for the warmth and comfort of Harry’s body as you press yourself to him. Your leg lies across his lap and your arm drapes around his waist, effectively wrapping yourself around his body. A small smile etches on your face when you feel Harry shifting slowly under you, going to lie on his side and pulling you closer to him with an arm around your own waist. This is what Sundays are made for.

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… has anyone written a dark!Theseus fic yet? Probably not. Why would they? He’s Theseus. The war hero. Untarnishable, perfect, the golden boy with the runaway younger brother, the long-suffering older brother to a hufflepuff dropout that vanished on some mad cap quest to see the world and save its creatures.

Who would ever suspect Theseus of doing anything untoward?

Not budget and accounting, is the answer, when funds shift around and galleons trickle out of the bank account. Theseus is a busy man and he can’t be in all places at once; sometimes he has to hire people to get to the places he can’t reach.

Not Tilly on the missions desk who decides who get what and who’s sent where, is also an answer, when Theseus flirts and smiles and somehow lands the mission in Tunisia instead of the mission in Norway and makes it last three weeks instead of the allotted two.

Not legal and arrests is a third answer, who take the criminals Theseus brings in and process them with the same due care they give all of the auror’s arrests. They look over the paperwork and stamp their seals and some people make it to Azkaban, some people disappear along the way, these things happen. Theseus never seems to bring in people for petty fines and simple crimes, but his paperwork is always in order and who would ever doubt that his suspects are guilty of the crimes he’s arrested them for?

And not Newt, that’s the most important answer, the biggest answer. Theseus hides people and filters people through Azkaban and Death’s Veil in the department of mysteries, but there are just as many bodies cooling in the Sahara, the Himalayan steppes, the forests of Indonesia. Newt wanders the world making enemies and causing trouble and it just… sorts itself out behind him. The poaching ring he stole from dissolves while their key players confess to just the right crimes of just the right severity to get themselves sent to Azkaban for life, and it’s only when the dementors pass that their imperius’ wear off and they realise what’s been done. The collector in Singapore, the one that put out the hit order on Newt? His bones are transfigured into coils of barbed wire, one by one until he rescinds the order and promises to leave Theseus’ brother alone.

Not that Theseus relies on the promise, beyond the use it has as a message to the man’s associates. A flash of green, an overpowered cleaning spell, a traceless portkey back to Kuala Lumpur in time to complete the mission Tilly so kindly allotted to him; the collector is gone with none the wiser. Newt travels south to Lombok and Theseus busies himself making sure he has eyes on the ground to keep his brother safe.

The connections Theseus builds up, the reputation among the right people, is… not intentional, but useful. The ministry are so closed minded, convinced that the ICW is the be all and end all of the magical world - but it’s not. Theseus has his hooks in magical communities that the ICW would rather think extinct, moles and plants and hired assassins feeding him information and dropping the people who dare turn against Newt. “The darling,” they call him, the naive boy that runs around the world with an international crime ring guarding his every move. Some of them even like him. The idea of him, at least; no one dares talk to the darling, not directly, but he represents an innocence that is strangely appealing in a world of blood and thieves. Others care only so much as Theseus’ gold buys, but while the gold keeps flowing they keep protecting him all the same.

Eventually the network is too large to sustain through carefully siphoned funds from the ministry, but that’s fine. Theseus has people around the world, smugglers, information dealers, prostitutes and gangs; it’s a simple change to sell the right services to the right people and convince others to look away. Money is no object, not any more. It’s just a case of managing what he has, moving people around and keeping people loyal, pruning back the ones that aren’t. He takes the occasional mission to a place that’s close enough and vague enough for him to drop in and remind people exactly why he’s the golden boy and the war hero and one in charge, and there’s rarely any major trouble with dissenters.

What, you thought war hero meant good? When spellfire and bullets turned the fields to mud and Theseus bared bloody teeth and the world and refused to die, you think there was anything righteous in that? War can teach you many things and one of them is to protect your own with everything you have. The other is to reduce the enemy to a number, a goal, a target drawn out down the end of the shooting range - to understand that sometimes everything you have is not what you would ever want to use, but you have it, and you use it, and your people survive.

Newt will survive. Theseus’ moral compass drowned somewhere in the bloody rain but he has never forgotten this: Newt will survive.

In 1926, Grindelwald escapes from MACUSA’s cells and turns his sights on Newt, on the wizard who dared reveal him and send a beast to hold him down.

Newt strolls on in sunshine and light, and Theseus’ army guard him from the shadows, wands drawn and weapons blooded. The dark lord falls in ignoble silence and a new master seeps into the cracks and the hierarchies he left behind.

But who would ever suspect Theseus of doing such a thing?