When Starbucks counts towards your two allotted treats a week. You go #venti 💕💕💕 Iced sugar free vanilla latte ☀️💖☀️💖☀️💖

Help us get a 2nd season of Stitchers!

I’ve just called this number and left the allotted 30 second message like 5 times, begging these people to give us a 2nd season of Stitchers.


(The numbers I had to press to get to the Stitchers people are as follows: 3213784)

If I call anymore from my number, They’ll probably stop listening, so I need help!

If you love this show (and Camsten, and Kyle Harris in glasses and hoodie), then please PLEASE, leave a message to help us get a 2nd season! We must be proactive here (not the acne product) and take matters into our own hands!

… Wow. I’m trying to start a revolution to save a television show that has taken over my brain. Sometimes I look upon my life and sigh…


bennich-darkfall asked:

Bennich quickly gasped, as he walked into the cell. He was shivering, covered in sweat. "M-my lady... A-are you okay?" Bennich used the key to unbind Lady Devonshire. "P-please be okay..." He'd pick her up gently, making sure she was alright.

The Dame had been abducted in the middle of the night some three weeks prior. The miscreants thoughts were that it would be a simple ransom, a transaction that would be arranged off-shore which allotted him with the bulk of her fortune and no way to track it. But things were rarely as simple as they seemed. Search parties had gone forth and the word had gotten out to those close to the lady of what was transpiring. 

Anatheliea Devonshire had loved ones in many stations, places, and professions and Bennich was one that she’d grown quite fond of over the years. With the others, he’d begun systematic searches of not only occupied homes and businesses but the remnants of estates which were long since left to ruin in abandonment. She was in the dungeon of one of these places and from the dry and withered look upon her face, her captors had been not only neglectful but unkind. 

Her gown was dirty and torn with streaks of blood across it and fresh bruises were seen on her skin. The captors had grown tired of the delays and felt the mounting pressure as people sprang into action, taking it out on the old lady. 

Swollen eyes opened at the sound of the cell door opening and Anatheliea wheezed out a warning“They won’t show mercy when they find you—” the threat ceased as Bennich entered and her eyes watered with tears at the sight of him. She hadn’t the strength to rise now and as he gently picked her up, that battered face came to rest against his chest. “Benni, my Benniboy, I knew that you would come.” It was likely he could tell that the woman had been beaten and it seemed more severe due to the fact that she was so much older. “Take me home, Benni.” 

Above them, there was a sound of a chair leg dragging across the floor and then heavy boots clomping against stone. Her body stiffened. “Benniboy, put me back. I don’t want you to get hurt for this old lady’s sake, love.” Her voice had barely been a whisper but in that moment she was more concerned for him than she was for herself. He was family, like all of the tarts were family, like the four girls and just about everyone she’d ever met, including that rowdy crew of pirates. 

bennich-darkfall succulent-tart 

anonymous asked:

you made allot of really good points about how to spot a toxic relationship, but. there were just a couple of points on the list that really disturbed me? because you seemed to be encouraging girls to control their boyfriends in a way that is, ironically, kind of abusive? if a boy insisted his girlfriend always tell him where she's going and who she's with, that would be controlling and abusive. it's the same the other way around. you're encouraging abuse. and it just scares me tbh. <6/?>

holy shit do you people not have open communication in your relationships???? that’s literally all it is

me and my boyfriend like to know where each other are for safety reasons??? not because of fear or paranoia of cheating???? it’s just the matter of knowing where the person you love is in case of trouble??????? there’s nothing abusive or controlling about caring about someone’s whereabouts????? grow up??????

anonymous asked:

Have you ever screwed up during prep? Like cheated way to hard during your allotted cheat day/meal and just been like "fuckkkk... It's all over.."? I'm in prep and its my first comp, I'm ~15 weeks out and my cheats yesterday for the fourth were too much and now I'm just discouraged... I don't wanna make a fool out or myself on stage.

yes of course. i screwed up like the other week and i compete in 13 days. youre 15 weeks out CHILL. if you freak out that early your prep is going to stress you out so much. you need to relax and trust the process. we all screw up sometimes. keep counting macros like normal and go do your workouts and youll be fine.
if you beat yourself up about it every time (it will happen more than once, we’re only human) you wont be successful. learn to forgive yourself and be strong. this is a tough thing, but you gotta keep going, you have so much time

I am jealous of those girls who can wear anything they want. like, they’re not limited with anything. Sometimes, I think of buying new clothes and shoes but I cannot because I do not allot all my money for clothes. Most of the time I spend my money for books. (of course, I will never choose clothes over books) But lately I realized that I should also treat myself - buy some clothes that SUIT my personality, and shoes that WILL MATCH my mood. 

I don’t get it when people be passive aggressive about how annoying it is that I put school as my number one priority. Like, I’m sorry if I want to get into a good school and that this is literally my last chance to do so in the time allotted. You state that you’re getting tired of this? Excuse me, but I’m the one who’s getting tired of your bull shit. Also, I already told you that I would be focusing a lot of my time towards school, so don’t be a lil shit and act all surprised. If you cannot understand how much I’m focusing on school right now (or at least how much I want to try), then good bye because I can’t handle you and I want to punch you. Even so, after school, my family (well, certain family lol) is first, so ugh bye I do not have time for you

Imagine playing fetch with baby raptor squad

Imagine… It was late at night, and Owen had woken up, then woke you up. 

“What?” you groan, giving in but only after him calling you 300 times. 

“I have an idea, get dressed!”

“No, Owen” you whine. “It’s to late”

“It’s 4 AM though.”

“It’s to early!” You exclaim, sitting up and throwing a pillow at him. It hits his torso area, and falls to the ground. You sigh and lay back down, burying your face in his pillow. Moments later, you feel two strong arms lift you from the bed, which at this moment is like a cloud of love and happiness. “Owen…put me down”

He did so, but not in your bed, he sat you down on a cold counter. He walked off as you rubbed your eyes. He came back a second later with a pair of your jeans.  “Please, get dressed. I’m really bored, and really awake,” he said, leaning his head into your shoulder. 

“You owe me,” you sigh, hopping off the counter. As you get dressed you feel two eyes watching you. Very inappropriate, Grady. Owen leaves the bungalow and starts your car. “Where are we going?” You ask, locking the door behind you. once you’re dressed.

“I figured that my girls might be bored,” he says as you get in the car. 

“Owen, we could get in trouble…I don’t know”

“Who the hell is gonna know. What are they gonna do? The girls hate when we leave them, so anyone who separates us has four crying raptors, and two crying humans on their hands”

When you get there, Owen opens the gate, and the baby raptors emerge from their forest-y home. “There’s my girls!’ he says, excitement filling his voice. He finds a spot to sit down against the walls, and the girls jump onto him, all begging for his attention. Except Echo, who runs up to you and jumps, trying to reach you. You lean down and pick her up and she starts sniffing your face. You sit down next to Owen and one more raptor run along your body up to your face, it’s Blue. You accidentally give all your attention to her and not realize that Echo is struggling to get out of your arms and to Owen. You let her go and they all find a spot to stand surrounding you and Owen, who has found a stick and is teasing them with it.  He throws it far, and they all chase after it excitedly. 

“I have to admit, this was a smart idea”

“See you can trust me” he says, leaning in to kiss you. He is stopped by the stick, which Delta has a hold of, although Charlie is really fighting for it. He takes it and throws it again, three girls chase after it but Echo stands there, her head tilted at you. “I think she is finally realizing who you are.” He kisses you, then scoops up Echo in his arms. She starts climbing up his arms and chest to get to his shoulder, once she gets there she steps onto your shoulder and sniffs at your ear.  “And I think she likes you”

You know how important the girls are to Owen, and knowing that they like you makes you feel important. Echo looks back at Owen and somehow, despite being a dinosaur, smiles. 

“And I think she’s telling me you’re the one”

Red Veined Sorrel

The great thing about perennial vegetables / salad leaves is that they burst into action as soon as things warm up. Weeks (months?) before the first of the years seedlings are ready and can plug the gap after the last of the winter salads. 

My purple sprouting broccoli is still sitting tight. No sign of buds yet. Last year club root and pigeons ruined the plants before I had anything from them so I’m really hoping for a bumper crop this year.

Thanks to Greedy Gardener for telling me that sorrel was a perennial, I was ready to treat it as an annual and compost it last autumn. If you don’t know Greedy Gardeners blog, check it out. A fun read and full of useful information.

This is the post where she talks about sorrel, if you’re interested.

- Gary.

My mum and dad have been binge watching a show for four days now. Honestly, I woke up at around 4am last night and I thought they were arguing, turns out that their favorite character was getting with ‘the wrong person’ so they were freaking out. My dad is 50 and my mum is 45.

I see where I get it from.


The first two rows were sown direct, the rest were carefully raised from seed in a greenhouse. Both were sown at the same time. And to be honest, there is no difference in them (apart from the spacing is better on the ones I planted out as plugs). 

The freedom to spread roots deep must really help the lettuce absorb more nutrients, therefore allowing it to grow faster and catch up to the greenhouse ones (who benefit from extra heat). 


- Gary. 

Day 149: Planting lots up at the allotment. We now have…. Leeks, onions, celeriac, potatoes, rhubarb, sweetcorn, runner beans, herbs, cucumber, tomatoes, strawberries and blackcurrants! 🌽🍅🍑🍈🍍🍆🍉🍓🍇🌽 #allotment #allotmentgarden #allotments #allotmentlife #garden #gardening #gardeners #allotmenting #allotmenteers #plants #veggies #veggiepatch #letsgrow