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It's always strange to me when bands say they forgot to play/need to relearn their older songs. I guess it makes sense since you're constantly playing and writing new material. But do you think you'll ever have to relearn songs from LP3 5 years from now? It's not even released yet but right now it's your best work yet and you're most proud of it (I'm assuming). But a few years from now will you think it's whatever, considering you guys will grow as people and musicians? I hope this makes sense

It’s not so much that we think less of songs we’ve forgotten. We’re just allotted only so much set time, and some songs tend to fall by the wayside, while others tend to assume a more primary role.

And nah, it’s really easy to look back on a song from the perspective of the person/artist you were when you wrote it. You wouldn’t look back on a picture you drew in elementary school and go “Jesus Christ I can’t believe I didn’t get my mom’s hair right I’m such a fucking loser.”

- Tanner

We’re so limited in the time we’re allotted on this Earth to begin with. In the grand scheme of things, a human life is a blip on the radar. You don’t have to shut people out completely or burn bridges, but you most certainly don’t have to be a victim of other people’s negativity.
—  @womaninpearls - my beautiful, wonderful friend once said to me.
Overdue Post

I finally reached the tripple didgits :) I have 101 followers ! Wow, thank you so much for following me. When I created this blog I had no idea this many people love vanguard. That allot of people share the same view points as I do and those who do treat Cardfight!! Vanguard more then just another card game and anime. Vanguard is special too me and its cool to see it be special for other people as well :)

Red Veined Sorrel

The great thing about perennial vegetables / salad leaves is that they burst into action as soon as things warm up. Weeks (months?) before the first of the years seedlings are ready and can plug the gap after the last of the winter salads. 

My purple sprouting broccoli is still sitting tight. No sign of buds yet. Last year club root and pigeons ruined the plants before I had anything from them so I’m really hoping for a bumper crop this year.

Thanks to Greedy Gardener for telling me that sorrel was a perennial, I was ready to treat it as an annual and compost it last autumn. If you don’t know Greedy Gardeners blog, check it out. A fun read and full of useful information.

This is the post where she talks about sorrel, if you’re interested.

- Gary.

The Signs as the 12 Titans


Aries: CRIUS; Crius was the god of the heavenly constellations and the measure of the year. He is associated with the constellation Aries, the ram, whose springtime rising in the south marked the beginning of a new Greek year. His son Astraios was god of the stars. His other sons were Perses (the Destroyer) and Pallas. His wife was Eurybia, a daughter of the sea.

Taurus: PHOEBE; Phoebe was the goddess of wise counsel and thoughtful replies. She was the wife of Coeus, and was associated with the Moon. She was the third goddess to hold the oracle of Delphi, which she eventually gave to her grandson, Apollo.

Gemini: IAPETUS; Iapetus was the god of morality and the allotment of the mortal lifespan. Like several of his siblings, he was a god of time. As the “piercer,” he was the god of violent death. He married Asia, daughter of his brother Oceanus. His sons Prometheus and Epimetheus were the creators of men and animals. He was also father to Atlas and Menoetius. Iapetus and his family are regarded as the ancestors of mankind, a race that inherited the worst qualities of his four sons: crafty scheming (Prometheus), foolish stupidity (Epimetheus), excessive daring (Atlas) and rash violence (Menoetius).

Cancer: HYPERION; Hyperion was the god of light, and the father of the lights of the sky. His name means “watcher from above” or “he who goes above.” His wife was his sister Theia.

Leo: THEIA; Theia was goddess of sight and the aether, the shining blue of the sky. She was mother to Helios (Sun), Selene (Moon) and Eos (dawn). The Greeks believed that the eyes emitted a ray of light, which allowed one to see. The Sun and the Moon, whose rays light up the Earth, are therefore associated with the gift of sight.

Virgo: MNEMOSYNE; Mnemosyne was the goddess of memory and remembrance and the inventor of language and words. She was also a goddess of time, and represented the rote memorization that was required before the invention of writing, to preserve the stories of history and the sagas of myth. She was represented as the mother of the muses. She also presided over the underground oracle of Trophonios in Boiotia.

Libra: RHEA; Rhea was a goddess of female fertility, motherhood, generation, comfort and ease. She was the wife and sister of Cronus, and the mother of three sons: Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, and three daughters: Hera, Demeter and Hestia. Rhea conspired with her mother Gaia to hide Zeus from Cronus when he was born. When she returned to Cronus, she gave him a stone wrapped in swaddling clothes, which he promptly swallowed, thinking that it was his newborn son. Zeus later did overthrow his father and forced him to disgorge his siblings.

Scorpio: CRONUS; Cronus was the leader and the youngest of the Titans. He was the god of time and the ages, and is said to have ruled over Earth during its “Golden Age,” together with his wife, Rhea. He is usually shown carrying an adamant sickle, which he used both to harvest crops and to castrate and overthrow his father. Cronus feared a prophecy that he would be overthrown by one of his children, so he swallowed them whole when they were born. Cronus was generally considered by the Greeks to be cruel and tempestuous.

Sagittarius: COEUS; Coeus was the god of intelligence, wisdom and deep searching questions. He was known for probing the limits of knowledge. He was husband to his sister Phoebe, and father to Leto and Asteria. Leto and Zeus were the parents of Artemis and Apollo.

Capricorn: THEMIS; Themis was the goddess of divine law and order. She was also prophetic, and presided over the oracle at Delphi. She was the divine voice who first instructed mankind in the primal laws of justice and morality, including the precepts of piety, the rules of hospitality, good governance, conduct of assembly, and pious offerings to the gods. She was an early wife of Zeus, and his first counsellor. She had six children.

Aquarius: OCEANUS; Oceanus was the god of the Earth-encircling river Okeanos, which was the source of all fresh water, including rivers, springs, wells and rain clouds. He also controlled the rising and setting of all heavenly bodies, which were believed to descend into his watery realm at the ends of the Earth. His wife was Tethys.

Pisces: TETHYS; Tethys was a goddess of the sources of fresh water that nourish the Earth. Her husband was Oceanus. Their children were the Potamoi (river gods) and Okeanides (nymphs of springs and fountains) and the Nephelai (clouds). She fed her children’s streams by drawing water from her husband through underground caverns or aquifers. Her name is derived from “nurse” or “grandmother.” She and her husband brought up Hera.

My piece for Q pops YOKAI: The horror of Shigeru Mizuki" Tribute Art Show. It was allot of fun researching Mizuki’s work as I wasn’t familiar with him. His work is really amazing. Anyways I decided to illustrate the “Umibozu”- Lurker beneath the waves. Show starts Feb 27th so be sure to check it out @ Q2 (Qpop) :D 

The Steven Universe “Opposites Attract” theory.

Alright guys and gals, I don’t know if anyone else has noted this pattern and seen the subtext- I don’t know if there has been anyone bigger or more important than myself who asserted this theory but I hope you will allot me a few moments of your time to, hopefully, blow your mind! I warn you, this theory will be talking primarily about the various ships within the Steven Universe series but all ships are respected and all ships are viable. This theory is simply an attempt to chart and predict the most likely romantic ships that will occur in SU- if any besides Ruby and Sapphire occur at all. If you are not caught up with SU up to the end of the Latest Stevenbomb episode “Log Date 7 15 2″ there will be spoilers and you have been warned!

Alright, so the basic premise of this theory for the shipping mechanic centers around one principle I’m more than sure you have heard once or twice in your lifetime

“Opposites attract”

Now before you grill me because this is way too simplistic to truly apply to any schema of life. I’m not talking about 100%, complete, night and day different people because their are limits to differences. When I think about opposites attract I don’t think night and day I think of a balance scale, both parties in the relationship bring different things to the table that total and balance out everything as a whole. The two sides can have similarities but it is not in their similarities that they find their love, it is in the way their differences counteract with each other and even each other out to make something better. Before talking about all of the possible ships this idea an theory could bring about, let me talk about all of the ships and pairings this principle is HEAVILY apparent in.

Ruby and Sapphire

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Now it might seem like I am contradicting myself when I said no night and day examples exist, but I still hold true to what I said because although these two are probably the most different individually in the series but complete opposites hardly. Sure she’s ice and she’s fire. She’s emotion driven and she’s logic driven but despite their differences they still hold key principles together that make this dynamic work, they both had the option to abandon the other at some point or give in to their homeworld’s culture etc, etc. Just because they formed this:

Does not mean that Sapphire had to save Ruby from being broken or that Ruby had to help Sapphire prior. They both genuinely care and have the capacity to operate beyond the norms of their homeworld culture because they are similar enough within core values, but different when painting a full picture. These two are sort of the mascots for my theory because they are a wonderful example of how two very different beings found something special in each other beyond what separates them and makes them different.

Can you guess the second pair I have in mind?

Greg and Rose

Now we move on to our second and so far only canonical couple in the series to date, Greg Universe and Rose Quartz!

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Ah yes! The differences between a human man and a technically sexless (but not genderless) space rock lady who originally came to invade the planet- surely these two are like night and day right? Still not correct even though these two are a close second if not the number one most opposite pairing in the series or out of the possible pairings I will describe momentarily. Now, why are these two significant? Well not only do their two respective cultures put these two both literally and metaphorically worlds apart but their very existences are nearly polarizing. She is an ancient gem warrior who has been alive thousands of years and is still constantly fighting in order to protect those she loves and make them happy. Greg is an entertainer who aims to make people he cares about happy through his music, and for all intents and purposes he is a pacifist, he never solves his problems with fighting or really any form of violence as long as he can muster it- the only instance of this being ramming the Lapis clone of Steven as it was drowning Connie and Steven. Point being, Rose is a warrior and Greg is an entertainer. Rose is a gem and Greg is a human. Rose is not opposed to fighting to solve a problem and Greg is pretty much a pacifist but they are both genuine, compassionate beings who aim to make the people around them happy. The differences they share are what undoubtedly made this pairing so sweet and what finally made Rose actually fall in love with a human besides simply loving other humans like before. Rose saw something so much more different in Rose that she willingly gave up her physical form so she could share something special with Greg, Steven. 

Both of these pairings are different but it is because they are different that they found, for a lack of better phrasing, their better half. Now the real topic of discussion, how would this predict FUTURE pairings and what would those pairings be?

Pearlmethyst (PearlxAmethyst)

Originally posted by pearlmethystoftheday

I don’t think I need to even really discuss how these two are different. It seemed like for the greater part of Season 1 up until “On the Run” these two being at each other’s throats might as well have been as commonplace as the air we breathe. But I believe the main difference that destines these two for a possible future pairing is this poignant difference: Pearl is from homeworld where as Amethyst is an Earth born gem. Why is this different important, it directly reflects every other aspect of their personality and basically makes them who they are. The reason Amethyst is they way she is because she is the most human gem, so to speak where as Pearl is the most “gem” gem because she almost never indulges in human pleasures much unlike Amethyst who consistently indulges in them. So far, out of all of the possible pairing options, this paring is the closest to being canonical mostly based on my theory. Their differences are making the other not only closer, but it is making them into better more well adjusted people. Noticed how considerate and generally less obtuse but still very much herself Amethyst has been, all the way since “Reformed” really? Notice how calmed and generally more relaxed Pearl has been in recent times? I mean Pearl hardly freaked out when she thought one of homeworld’s leaders was about to learn everything about the CG’s and Earth when before it only took an infestation in Rose’s fountain to send her into a panic attack. These two have been subtly changing in ways that don’t compromise who they are while allowing Pearl and Amethyst to gain a sense of closeness to where they are able to form Opal ALMOST as seamlessly as Ruby and Sapphire form Garnet, which is incredible to note considering where they came from. These opposites in these two make the other a better person while still allowing the other to be themselves, they show that two different cultures and walks of life ( Homeworld and Earth) are able to be something greater. Pearlmethyst is the bridge between homeworld and Earth.

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next on the list is Lapidot

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Now, a lot of the criticism that this ship gets is that these two characters have never had any onscreen interaction so why on Earth are people shipping these two so intensely? Well, I agree these two have not shared much screen time, but just because they haven’t doesn’t mean they can’t and if you ask me- I believe their pairing is the most likely to occur withing canon because of the major difference that would bond these two in a unique way much like all of our other parings. The pairing of Lapidot would be the ship that connects the past and the future. lapis lazuli is clearly an old gem, much, much older than Peridot and possibly as old if not a little younger than the like of Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire and Pearl. Lapis is old enough to know what and who the crystal gems are while Peridot is initially baffled by the CG’s, maybe having read the name in the long but in no way demonstrating any prior knowledge to having personally known or been involved in this conflict at all. Lapis Lazuli is utterly clueless about the future while Peridot is mostly unsure about the past. Lapis can’t connect wit the new homeworld and Peri can’t relate the much without it (initially). Once again, vastly different personality wise but one thing they share in common- they both know literally nothing about Earth or at least not anything about the Earth we have now. For lapis, Earth is more advanced, for Peri Earth is primitive but both are different and will be hard to understand for the other. I believe these two will find that their different approaches and perspectives how to approach their new, strange world will make it a hella ton easier for each other in the long run and in this they will find how truly much they care for each. I believe the ship Lapidot will be canonical because it will be the ship that bridges the differences between the future and the past.

Admittedly those two were the main two ships this is for, I mean Stevonnie (the ship not the fusion) is another potent example of my opposites attract theory because it is a much more powerful, and extreme example of bridging gem kind and human kind- which was Rose and Greg initially but now Steven and Connie took on the mantle. Jasper unfortunately doesn’t have a direct link opposite like the other three ships because although she varies from each gem mentioned, I don’t believe she varies in a way that is impactful or meaningful enough within the realms of my theory. Plus I don’t think Jasper could really let go in order to care for someone in that way. She is more of a warrior bond, protect you with muscle kind of deal. However in the spirit is letting Jasper be happy, I believe her warrior nature would be a great counter for Greg’s pacifist nature. So Gasper maybe fits. Like I said all ships are welcome and loved these two are just he ships I believe most likely to be canonical due to a pattern I’ve seen in the show. I’d be remissed not to mention two more ships honorary style: Amedot and Lapearl.

Amedot is good for a lot of reasons Pearlmethyst is, except with the added bonus of Amethyst being able to guide Peridot through earth culture and life on earth in the most earth way a gem can! I really love this ship and a main reason I ship Pearlmethyst just a little bit more is because if Amedot was cannon then Pearl and Lapis would not have anyone to connect to with in an incredible, meaningfully like all of the ones I mainly transcribed, though that makes it no less valid than any other ship!

Lapearl I like because it can offer an interesting dichotomy to the old Rose/Greg/Pearl triangle, instead make it Steven/lapis/Pearl. Lapis feels for Steven in a manner similar to pearl for Rose but Steven, like his mother, chooses the human over the gem. Pearl having been through this before is able to off Lapis the shoulder she never felt like she had. Although this dichotomy is interesting, it is not greatly significant or as impactful as many of the other ships I’ve discussed before because this doesn’t really off the characters to grow, instead it brings Pearl back into her past and Lapis only a small fraction of development I feel she would get from Lapidot.

A major theme in the show is the acceptance of everyone despite their differences. and I will go further to say that these differences are important because they allow all of us to be greater people in the end of the day!

End theory


The first two rows were sown direct, the rest were carefully raised from seed in a greenhouse. Both were sown at the same time. And to be honest, there is no difference in them (apart from the spacing is better on the ones I planted out as plugs). 

The freedom to spread roots deep must really help the lettuce absorb more nutrients, therefore allowing it to grow faster and catch up to the greenhouse ones (who benefit from extra heat). 


- Gary. 

Luke was lucky he hadn’t fallen into a coma - at least that’s what he kept being told during the few moments he knew what was happening in the ICU. He was lucky he’d made it through his surgery for the knife damage. He’d be lucky if he made it to the ones necessary for his knee. None of it meant much to him, though. He almost wished he was in a coma instead of being forced awake because of his concussion. His allotted pain meds weren’t nearly what they should have been but they couldn’t risk more, he was told, until the swelling in his brain went down. All he knew was that he felt like he’d been hit by a train or ten and he could hardly move, hardly breathe. His eyes were closed in an attempt to ignore the too bright to him (but really very dimmed) lights around him and when he heard a person enter his room, he was quick to reply. “I’m awake,” he growled out, figuring it had to be another nurse to make sure he wasn’t asleep while concussed.  It wasn’t like anyone would be visiting. He doubted they’d contacted anyone but Avani. Maybe Dane, if he was lucky. Then again, word spread fast in LA.


The commissioner wanted to homage what romita and claremeont  had done in these two issue and i wanted to draw a movie like poster dedicated to the  arc. 

here are some of my favorite excerpts and beats  from issues uncanny x-men 188 and 187. Allot of great moments from the 1980s xmen team

Also if you want a commission like this. message me or email me. Ill take about 2 more before i close my list.

“Storm is walking away from Forge’s home following the revelation that he invented the neutralizer weapon that stole her powers. As she flees, some Dire Wraiths who are seeking to destroy the weapon and its creator arrive at the huge tower and get past security by posing as FBI agents until one of their kind replicates the security guard. Hearing the racket, Storm turns and is attacked by a Dire Wraith that comes out of the huge downpour. Storm rushes back to Forge’s office tower where she finds a gun”

“Meanwhile, just above the Dallas/Fort Worth airport, Amanda Sefton is working her job as an airplane stewardess when suddenly Nightcrawler appears and teleports her away onto the Blackbird. He explains to her the X-Men’s dilemma that the X-Men need her aid.  They quickly teleport into Forge’s Eagles Next and Amanda goes to work.”

“Rogue transforms into a Dire Wraith due to her mutant absorbing powers and battles with Colossus. Just then, Colossus’s sister Magik appears and uses her Soul Sword to change Rogue back to normal while Amanda unleashes her full power to mystically snare the Shadowbeings so that Illyana can destroy them with her Soul Sword.”

Strawberry Bed

Last year I planted out around 10 “new” strawberry plants (given to me by an old lady). I used the space around them for other things and took runner’s in pots when I could.

Now that the weather is starting to warm up I cleared the rest of the bed out and back filled with the runners (they had been in a nursery bed all winter). I’ve now got a full 26 plants all of a good size and well spaced.

I forked over the soil and fed with a combination of bonemeal (to encourage strong root development) and calcified seaweed (for micro-nutrients). Once they start in to top growth I’ll start feeding with liquid comfrey (left over from last year). 


From overgrown fruit patch and grass path to neat edges and space around the fruit cage.

The path is now much narrower all the way down the allotment but still wide enough to use and much neater. I’ve considered paving or otherwise de turfing it but that’s a lot of work and materials so I’ll stick with mowing it for now. I just need to get rid of the ever present bindweed. The fruit cage is full of it (how do you keep perennial weeds like this out of an area of permanent planting?), it’s all the way down the path and presumably throughout the whole allotment still. The roots in the area by the bee fence that I’ve been weed killer-ing look sick but still alive so I’ll dig it over to physically remove them, but I may have to accept that I’ll never completely get rid of it.