Baby, it’s Valentine’s day tomorrow!
Why don’t we ignore it and get engaged today
I never liked Hallmark anyway
And you’re not exactly a postcard, either

Why pick one day to go all out?
Anyway, we celebrate our love every day, tiger.
If you put a ring on this finger, I’ll love you just the same
No roses or chocolates can outshine your kisses.

I’m with you, one day means nothing
We’ve been together for over a year now
Plenty ups and few downs to weather
Moved into this place and we’re still here

Let’s save our dough for our nuptials
I don’t need more proof that you dig me
Let’s dance and drink ‘til exhaustion
I would like some chocolate, though

Fair’s fair, so I’ll improvise
Let me stick this ring from that can
On your finger as a token then
And we’ll share the last piece of choc

I’ll share everything with you for free
So long as we don’t go corporate
I’ll jump the broom with you, though
So you’ll know I’ll be true

And we’ll have a lucky thirteen
To remind us of this lovely day
Come here, girl, and just let me hold you
We’ll make this a great day by our own rules

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do you remember the eulogy i wrote for myself
that night that i decided my sadness was too
heavy, too intimidating to earth’s gravity?
(i wrote it onto my skin so i’d be the only one
 who knew what i felt when i left.)
i dug myself a grave on the corner of the garden
where the grass has been dry and uncut since
i left you a note on the kitchen window asking you
to grow your favorite flowers on my body. i cried
while writing it because i couldn’t remember which
flowers you liked the most.

now, i’m writing you a poem to thank you for
kissing me that night and joking about how
you were in love with a ghost.
i told you i liked the darkness and midnight
was the only time i felt alone.
(you brought me a broken watch with both
 hands pointing to 12 and said i’d never
 have to talk again.)

do you remember the eulogy i wrote for myself?
i don’t.
(you gave me two doses of morphine and
 all i remember is your hands on my sleeves
 and your eyes shining
 like the quartz in my broken watch,
 stuck on the 12 oclock that saved me).


a beggar woman, a peasant’s wife
and a simple exchange:
for food a grain of barley
to plant, to harvest
to birth a tiny girl
asleep in a walnut shell,
then a series of rejections:
a toad, a beetle, a mole-
suitors not suitable
for a girl in search
of wings that cannot be found
on lily pads or winter snow
but in the company
of flowers and a prince
so small the world forgot
he was there.

Written in conjunction with - #allotherlovers. Thank you so much for your insight and direction.


Winter hawk beyond our sight, 

Soars across the darkest night, 

The sky is black and snow blue white, 

Beyond the moon there is no light.

And as he looks on hallowed ground, 

Tombstones where the dead are found,

Unleashing from his soul a sound,

Spirit cries become unbound.

How the earth crawls underneath him,

How the field mice run away,

But he does not hunger for them,

Perfect eyes seek other prey.

Soon I see him light above me,
It’s my heart he seeks today,
In his talons moving swiftly,
From this land I float away.

The Trouble With You

You most certainly trouble me
you’re messy and slovenly

You’re no better than me
your hair gets everywhere

Well, perhaps you’ll consider, dear
sweeping the trimmings from your beard?

Maybe I should, and sweep some more
and bunch up your messy hair as well

If you dare to bunch up my hair
you might consider tugging it

I’m no schoolboy to tug your hair
but I think I need to remind you, dear

You buried your heart in these long locks
would you have me cut them off, love?

Just put it to one side, your lovely mess
you want me on your neck, pave the way

Ha! Perhaps I should re-pave the driveway
the concrete has long crumbled to bits

So that’s where you’re heading already
didn’t think you were in such a hurry

I wouldn’t rush off without you
were you to keep your promises

Promises, more promises, you ask a lot
a ring, a home, and my love you already got

Ah, so love me and love me so
these routines become tedious without you

Do you think we’re stuck in a rut?
then let’s get away and take a vacation

Just pick up and go, like real people?
would you take me away for a while?

Sure, when was the last time we had time
for ourselves and not a care in the world

Oh, but the cat and the dog and bird
and the kids and the bills and the work

We’ll ask your parents or mine
for a week or two they’ll be fine

Two weeks! Have you gone mad?
as if you could you stand me so long

I’m still here with you and your demands
why would I run if we want to fix this

You surprise me, darling
I thought we were fighting

Of course we are, we always fight
I’m just trying some new moves, my dear

More like a whirlwind, I’m off my guard
maybe this battle we both can win

Another chance to mend things
we’re in this for life, wanna give it a try?

We’ve made a tenacious home
let’s tidy it up and fly!

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The Talk

Well, we knew this day would come
Danielle asked me where babies come from

They nearly caught us in the act
We’ll need to face them with the facts

Do you think they’re old enough?
This is the stuff that’s really tough

It’s time, we need to let them know
Get them ready for when their bodies grow

I don’t want to scare them
but they do need to know

Maybe we should buy them a book
So that they could take a first look

I think we should face it
Just tell them the basics

And how to stay well out of trouble
We’ll need to burst their childhood bubble

You talk to Frank and I’ll talk to Danielle
I dread this, but hope I can explain it well

Here’s hoping our words will do, though
It would be awkward if they asked for a show

Maybe I need a refresher
Just so I don’t misinform her

Go straight to the bedroom, do not cross go
And this time around let’s lock up the door

You caught my drift, love, do not despair
Quickly let’s sprint to our love nest upstairs

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You caught my eye in maths today
Wanna go see Kiss tonight?
They’ve got a no-name opener
I think Bon Jovi they’re called

I don’t know, man
do you have a car and stuff?
I don’t usually date guys my age
but I guess Kiss is pretty okay

In the meantime, have a tape
Just a few songs, to get you
in the mood, and maybe a message
‘cause I love those curls

You made me a mix tape?
wow, that’s cool, I guess
got any Sabbath on there?
OK, we could go have some fun

Let’s put on Meatloaf
And be dead ringers
Let’s find paradise
by the dashboard light

I know what you’ve heard
but I’m not that kind of girl
still, you’re pretty cute
wanna share my gum?

Go on, turn me on
The night’s still young
and so are we
let’s go nowhere fast right now

Well, maybe I should hear the tape
got a tape deck in your car? Cool.
your hands wander a lot. Play the tape.
Oh, man! I love Zeppelin! OK. Let’s make out.

I want to keep you like this
want to see the morning together
save the future for another day
'cause tonight you belong to me

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Are you serious, my love?
are we going to be a family?

The doctor says it’s the case
a bundle of joy on the way!

A bundle of joy, a girl or a boy?
if it’s a boy, let’s call him Frank!

It’s much too early to tell
but boy or girl - Frank or Danielle!

Let’s just see what will be
no matter what, we’re gonna be three

If it’s Frank and he’s lucky
he’ll have your devilish grin

If it’s Danielle with your curves
she’ll lead all the guys into sin

Ah, well, whichever it is
let’s just hope for good health

We’ll bring out a toast with milk then
I’ll be sure to share all your troubles

I’m pretty nervous about this
I don’t know how to raise kids!

I only know from my youger siblings
we’ll ask the old folks and play it by ear

Oh, a little girl to dance with
her toes balanced on mine

Or a little boy to teach football
and trouble the window panes with

We’ll cherish all of the firsts
and kiss away the hurts

Let’s make sure we’ll see it through
our little one and me and you

It won’t be all rainbows and puppies
but we’re sure to have plenty of fun

So here’s to our future together
and family life with our little one!

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From the Pen of Allotherlovers:

Eulogy to my deceased blog

you were me
all that you said, wrote me
no other one will be you for me
but your lovers will move on
you will be forgotten by all
but me
you were my soul
in my image and likeness
a creation, like birth
and I killed you
I, murderess, coveting privacy
rest - in pieces of my memory

posted on behalf of Jacqueline (allotherlovers)

Picture Box

Please sit here beside me
let’s open this box
brimming with memories
in red, blue and green

Let’s take a good look
at the past we share
remember the places
see again all the faces

Please stoke that fire
to keep the chill at bay
oh, here’s one at the beach!
Remember that day?

The bonfire on the beach
and the night that followed
heady days when we were young
and you still have that figure

Oh, you devil, so young,
indeed, kissing under stars
a fire for warmth from cool breezes
I recall night swimming, too

Our first holiday together
these old memories still vivid
with the ocean all around us
we were cradled in the sea

Dear, this toddy you made me
has gone straight to my head
should we reprise those tunes
revisit those golden shores

I feel the spirits, too, my dear
why don’t we sit a little closer
as close as we were on that day
I wonder if I still know the song

Shhhh! You’ll wake up the children!
but do move a bit closer
this fire glowing orange
is setting the scene for us

That amber glow on your hair
and these cracking embers
bring it all right back to me
such a beautiful time we shared

Let’s go there again, love
we’ll plan it all out
in the mean time, tonight
let this blaze guide us

Let’s make those plans tomorrow
come closer still, my love
and have our memories overtake us
let’s be together here and now

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It’s so beautiful here and warm
look at this bathtub - it’s giant!
(Oh, I hope I still look good in my bikini)
our room is right on the beach

It’s been so long since we’ve been here
and I think we were overdue, don’t you think?
I agree on the bathtub - your bikini can wait
we can enjoy the view and just kick back

Are you sure? We could sip drinks by the surf?
Whatever you want, dear
so long as you’re happy
I’ll just unpack

Let me help you with the chores
and get in a proper holiday mood
our worries are left far behind
just lay back, and relax

OK, honey. I’ll try to relax
maybe a drink with a parasol in it will help
I’ll just put these clothes in the closet
that bath you’re running smells lovely

Lavender, just as you like it
I’ll make some more drinks for us
the water is nice and ready
ease yourself into the tub and enjoy

It’s a big tub, lover
so do hurry back
Ah, the water is nice
I think I’m relaxed

You’re so beautiful
with that smile you wear
there’s no one I’d rather share
this moment with - here’s to us!

Kiss me right here
and squeeze me tight
with no kids and no worries
we can do this right

It seems so long ago that I held you like this
I’ve been missing these moments
with no worries, just bliss

And once we are home
let’s not forget this
Father Time plays his tricks
but we can weather him

And let’s remember how we started
let’s rekindle our affections
and take them with us
as we carry on

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Mix Tape

Your note says:

I hope you don’t mind
but I made you a mix tape
after the other night
just listen to it when you can

With your words in my head
I sit here listening
thinking, thinking of you
all the time

When we’re not together
so you’ll know that I “Miss You”
maybe we can get “Comfortably Numb” together
it’s up to you

Up to me, you said, and we both know
there’s two to dance this tango
lead me on, as I lead your step
our latest memory still fresh
always on my mind

I just have a “Lust for Life”
and I’m ready to “Surrender” my heart
I’d go “Over the Hills and Far Away” with you
‘cause I “Can’t Get Enough” of your “TNT”

And you put my fave Gary Moore on here, too
but I won’t have to return, I’m not even gone
nor will I run any time soon if we go on like this
are you the one I want or the one I need
or maybe both at the same time?

But sometimes I just need “Somebody to Love”
because I’m an “American Girl”
who knows what she wants
I’ve had my heart broken but
I’m “Back in the Saddle”

It took all my courage to talk to you
and I’m not sure how I did it
you touch my heart like you mean it
I just want you here with me right now

And as I made this I kept thinking
“I Wish You Were Here”
but I don’t wanna be your “Second Hand News”
and I didn’t want to give you
a bunch of “Silly Love Songs”

“Two lost souls swimming in a fish-bowl”
before we met - how things have changed
since I gave you that first tape
just a few days ago

You just might be my “Magic Man”
and maybe you’ll speak “Closer to the Heart”
than the others have
and I hope you’ll “Call Me”
when you’re ready to “Give a Little Bit”

I’ll make a tape for you now, with my choices,
to drive the message home without any doubt
expect “Sure Know Something” right at the start
my way to say “You’re it.”

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Good morning, love, and happy anniversary
Another thirteenth since the day you said yes

You remembered, you sly one
How many has it been since we tied that knot

It’s been seven years, I feel an itch
The same old itch you love to scratch

You better let me scratch and no other
Or there’s a frying pan here for you

You’ve still got your fire, my love
I don’t want any other, just scratch like you do

The fire keeps burning for you, love
Let’s celebrate with wine and dancing

That sounds like a great plan for the night
Until we get the kids out of our hair

I hear them now, giggling and running
Kiss me now before the games begin

Let’s share a sweet little moment
Before they demand to be let in

The life we’ve made is a good one
I hope our little ones find such joy

But for now it’s still our turn
The day for The Talk is yet far away

Well, what have we here? Little munchkins!
And a tray full of breakfast to start off the day

Bless the little ones, or maybe not
They could have cut us some slack on this day

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First Poem

My tape must have moved him
he’s responded in writing!
I’m a little nervous to read it
but, wow! how romantic!

We keep seeing each other
and I lie awake at night
hear your laugh ring in my ear
yes, I “Wish You Were Here”

What a start! I’m all jelly
heart pounding in my chest
but I have to be careful
these guys can be tricky

Dad talked to me at length
the wise old owl that he is
if I was so sure about it, said he,
it shouldn’t be “You and I”, but “We”

Talked to his father? Wow
I’m a little freaked out now.
he’s so cool and mature
what makes this guy tick?

“The night is still young”
and so are we, yeah, another song
there’s so much life before us still
if this works, I’ll be yours if you will

Is he asking to go steady?
that’s kind of old-fashioned
how cute and how sexy
are those butterflies in my belly?

We’ve had our “Tomorrow” already
and I feel there’s more to you
than I felt for someone before
you’ve been all over me
and still i want more

He wants more - I’m giddy
this sounds like it’s for real
a “Magic Carpet Ride” but
more than just a thrill
now I hope he calls me
before I burst.

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