From the Pen of Allotherlovers:

Eulogy to my deceased blog

you were me
all that you said, wrote me
no other one will be you for me
but your lovers will move on
you will be forgotten by all
but me
you were my soul
in my image and likeness
a creation, like birth
and I killed you
I, murderess, coveting privacy
rest - in pieces of my memory

posted on behalf of Jacqueline (allotherlovers)

do you remember the eulogy i wrote for myself
that night that i decided my sadness was too
heavy, too intimidating to earth’s gravity?
(i wrote it onto my skin so i’d be the only one
 who knew what i felt when i left.)
i dug myself a grave on the corner of the garden
where the grass has been dry and uncut since
i left you a note on the kitchen window asking you
to grow your favorite flowers on my body. i cried
while writing it because i couldn’t remember which
flowers you liked the most.

now, i’m writing you a poem to thank you for
kissing me that night and joking about how
you were in love with a ghost.
i told you i liked the darkness and midnight
was the only time i felt alone.
(you brought me a broken watch with both
 hands pointing to 12 and said i’d never
 have to talk again.)

do you remember the eulogy i wrote for myself?
i don’t.
(you gave me two doses of morphine and
 all i remember is your hands on my sleeves
 and your eyes shining
 like the quartz in my broken watch,
 stuck on the 12 oclock that saved me).

The Talk

Well, we knew this day would come
Danielle asked me where babies come from

They nearly caught us in the act
We’ll need to face them with the facts

Do you think they’re old enough?
This is the stuff that’s really tough

It’s time, we need to let them know
Get them ready for when their bodies grow

I don’t want to scare them
but they do need to know

Maybe we should buy them a book
So that they could take a first look

I think we should face it
Just tell them the basics

And how to stay well out of trouble
We’ll need to burst their childhood bubble

You talk to Frank and I’ll talk to Danielle
I dread this, but hope I can explain it well

Here’s hoping our words will do, though
It would be awkward if they asked for a show

Maybe I need a refresher
Just so I don’t misinform her

Go straight to the bedroom, do not cross go
And this time around let’s lock up the door

You caught my drift, love, do not despair
Quickly let’s sprint to our love nest upstairs

Collab with Jacqueline (allotherlovers)

Jacqueline: plain text
me: bold text


a beggar woman, a peasant’s wife
and a simple exchange:
for food a grain of barley
to plant, to harvest
to birth a tiny girl
asleep in a walnut shell,
then a series of rejections:
a toad, a beetle, a mole-
suitors not suitable
for a girl in search
of wings that cannot be found
on lily pads or winter snow
but in the company
of flowers and a prince
so small the world forgot
he was there.

Written in conjunction with - #allotherlovers. Thank you so much for your insight and direction.


Winter hawk beyond our sight, 

Soars across the darkest night, 

The sky is black and snow blue white, 

Beyond the moon there is no light.

And as he looks on hallowed ground, 

Tombstones where the dead are found,

Unleashing from his soul a sound,

Spirit cries become unbound.

How the earth crawls underneath him,

How the field mice run away,

But he does not hunger for them,

Perfect eyes seek other prey.

Soon I see him light above me,
It’s my heart he seeks today,
In his talons moving swiftly,
From this land I float away.


Trading the whip and chains
for Jim Crow and the noose
this bloody American history
branded into slowly healing flesh

The face in the big white house
gives cold comfort to old ones
wry smiles painfully stretch across
old memories that won’t fade

Young ones scrape to learn
but history books full of lies
do not teach us to love
progress is a slowly growing rose

A feigned solace is felt
moving diagonally
through checkerboard cities
blindfolded with hand-me-down rags

The same songs are sung
in different congregations
by people that won’t ever meet
because silence is too easy

Yet compassion is stirring
dissolving distortions
and blurring lines that divide
slowly waking us to the dream


Collaboration with Jacqueline (allotherlovers)

Jacqueline’s words in bold
Mine in plain text


Good morning, love, and happy anniversary
Another thirteenth since the day you said yes

You remembered, you sly one
How many has it been since we tied that knot

It’s been seven years, I feel an itch
The same old itch you love to scratch

You better let me scratch and no other
Or there’s a frying pan here for you

You’ve still got your fire, my love
I don’t want any other, just scratch like you do

The fire keeps burning for you, love
Let’s celebrate with wine and dancing

That sounds like a great plan for the night
Until we get the kids out of our hair

I hear them now, giggling and running
Kiss me now before the games begin

Let’s share a sweet little moment
Before they demand to be let in

The life we’ve made is a good one
I hope our little ones find such joy

But for now it’s still our turn
The day for The Talk is yet far away

Well, what have we here? Little munchkins!
And a tray full of breakfast to start off the day

Bless the little ones, or maybe not
They could have cut us some slack on this day

Collab with Jacqueline (allotherlovers)

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