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This new series from writer Paul Allor and artist Nelson Daniel is a murder mystery to keep us guessing.  But why guess when we can follow the clues?  I’m pretty sure this is an all-too-legit murder mystery story where we can get enough information to solve it ourselves.  This might be the new story I’ll chart on some corkboard next to my Twin Peaks theories and Riverdale season 2 predictions while I wait for them to come back.  

If, like me, you’ve enjoyed the Parker Brothers’ classic game of whodunit, Clue, or the film starring Tim Curry and Madeleine Kahn of the same name, then you’ve wanted to see how this series was going to turn out.  As opening issues go it’s a whirlwind of intrigue and….MURDER.  It sets a tone of heavy handed mystery drama against a more easy-going design style.  Together Allor and Daniel create a very magnetic hold.

Like Clue the board game, Clue the comic series is rife with bloody murder starting with a classic dinner scene introducing our colorful cast of suspects—er uh, guests.  They are guests because nobody has died.  Did I say “died?” I meant “killed.”  

Because of course somebody, one of the guests we are introduced to, kills the host. The host, Mr. A. Boddy, gets plugged right in the chest.

Two detectives are called in to investigate the brutal slaying on this dreary night, and just when they think they have the suspect, a few new twists come up to really make this a head scratcher of a conundrum.

If we put our heads together I bet we can solve it.

Matthew Burbridge is a Digital Editor at ComiXology and he’s been really considering using this space at the end of his reviews to write a short novel and see if someone will notice/tell him to stop.  No time like the present, eh?

1:  Lawrence had been working the docks for a few years.

chimchim as your bf;
  • first of all CUTE COUPLE ALERT!!!
  • he would literally compliment you every single day
  • sometimes he would stare at you with an angelic smile
  • and sometimes he would smirk at you, the dirty kind of smirk lol
  • but they’ll be pics for only you to see, sometimes cute, sometimes not so much ;)))
  • matching jewelry
  • it could be rings
  • necklaces
  • or bracelets
  • he’d love it because it’s discreet but still meaningful 
  • also when no one would watch, or when the both of you are alone
  • butt grabbing 
  • most definitely lol, joined by a smile/lip bite y’know
  • during dates, during cuddles
  • heck even when you’re just in a taxi
  • lot of kisses 
  • cheek kisses
  • forehead kisses
  • but his ultimate fav would always be neck kisses
  • because it’s sensual and romantic
  • I think his fav pda would be hugs
  • he would basically hug you everywhere
  • when you’re alone at home, couch cuddles would be a must !
  • in front of a movie, his head on your thighs or the opposite
  • almost everytime you’d fall asleep
  • so he’d start playing with your hair and humming one of your fave song
  • for the dates
  • club dates ofc
  • you would have fun dancing and all
  • or just random walks in the city at night
  • or sitting by the han river to watch the beautiful scenary
  • “yah yah y/n don’t move this would be a perfect picture!”
  • and you would turn your head to him like “wut ?”
  • “WOW COME LOOK AT IT ! Dam I’m so good at taking pictures of you”
  • when he’d be on tour
  • it’d be hard for the both of you because you’d miss each other so damn much
  • he’d try to call or facetime you as much as he can
  • especially when he’s back to his hotel room, alone
  • he’d be all cheesy and romantic like
  • “I wish you were there with me Y/N, everything is so pretty you would love it”
  • “I saw a kitty today at rehearsals, it was so delicate, fluffy and cute it made me think of  you!”
  • I feel like he would like to bring you back a gift everytime he’s going overseas
  • well lemme tell you
  • he’d have two COMPLETELY different sides
  • when he’d want to show you how much he cares about you
  • how much he loves you and cherish you
  • it’d be the slow, romantic filled with sweet nothings murmured in your ears kinda love making
  • then there will be when he’d be horny af
  • or so stressed
  • or even mad
  • and girl the sweet little angel will turn into a demon with beautiful hip thrust lmao
  • but whatever his mood was, there would always be after care
  • and cuddles 
  • he would also love it when you’d wander around the apartment wearing only one of his shirt
  • “You’re damn sexy when you wear my shirts baby love”
  • oh did I mentions you would have a lot of nicknames ?
  • because you would lol
  • all of this to say
  • that Jimin would be the caring type of boyfriend
  • that would love you and won’t be afraid to show you how much he does

Admin K

Silvia, rimembri ancora
quel tempo della tua vita mortale,
quando beltà splendea
negli occhi tuoi ridenti e fuggitivi,
e tu, lieta e pensosa, il limitare
di gioventù salivi?

Sonavan le quiete
stanze, e le vie dintorno,
al tuo perpetuo canto,
allor che all’opre femminili intenta
sedevi, assai contenta
di quel vago avvenir che in mente avevi.
Era il maggio odoroso: e tu solevi
così menare il giorno.

—  Giacomo Leopardi, da A Silvia
100+ Reasons To Love Castiel Project For Misha’s 100th episode on SPN 12x19 !!!

Hello Guys !!!!!! Please I really hope you would All participate to this it means a lot to me as a castiel stan to have something showing appreciation for him out there and it would be so awesome for us to make it into a collective work, share ideas and our love for cas because he (and misha as an actor) really really really deserve it and way more.

So the general rules are

-This will be posted in three platforms, Youtube (here) Twitter (@NOriginalAddict in THIS Tweet) and Tumblr ( if you can comment on YT it’s better, if not you can Send us your reasons in our ask box HERE ) :D that way there’s no reason not to participate *wink* :p

- BE SPECIFIC IN YOUR REASONS TO LOVE CAS, bring up a scene, a quote, badass, heartfelt or funny/sassy scene mention which episode …. do as you wish ….

for example : instead of saying : Cas is badass
say something like : I loved how smart and strategic cas was in 5x18 when he fought the angels and carved the sigil in his own chest and banished them all

or instead of “cas has awesome fighting skills” bring up the specific ep or scene like “that moment in 6x3 that angel had both angel blades but still couldn’t get to cas and kill him and cas outsmarted him by throwing both of them through the window”

or even something as simple as “the way he flips his angel blade” or “his smile” “how enthusiastic he is” “the way he hugs people” free your imagination

and instead of : cas is loyal to the winchesters
say : that time when cas chose to save sam’s life when anna was out to kill him, even if it could’ve stopped the apocalypse altogether but he valued his life and did all he could to save the world including sam….

- Add your Youtube name, or twitter or tumblr (depending on where you comment) so that i could give you credit for your idea (if you want)

- Read The List (That I’ll keep updated in this post) before commenting so that there won’t be repetition

- Throw as many ideas as they come to your mind, our goal is 100 but it could be fun to see how much we can come up with ;)

- It would be extremely nice and helpful if you could share this with your friends so that as much people could be included as possible, remember this is not for me as a vidder but more like a gift for misha and show of appreciation for cas as a character

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L’APPEL DU VIDE - (luh-pel du veed) - phrase


  • the urge to engage in or contemplate self-destructive or suicidal behaviors, such as jumping off a cliff or driving into oncoming traffic
  • French, literally “the call of the void’

Stovenly thinks:

  • is this like when I look at a stack of pepperoni pizzas and consider eating them all
  • or is that l’appel du cheese

anonymous asked:

i'm huge trash of soulmate AU, could you pleeease make me a list of some ? <3

Hey there Anon!

I have so many soulmate AUs in the collection and queued up. I’m going to rec you a few. The rest you can check out in this tag: soulmate au

Pain - cautiouslyoptimistic

Word Count: 4, 303

Summary: lena’s never felt her soulmate’s pain and she’s sure that it’s because her soulmate doesn’t exist at all

or, it takes twenty-one years and thousands of light years for lena to find kara

Signs - BiJane

Word Count: 3, 297

Summary: Everyone on Earth is born with a tattoo of a compass, always pointing them to their soulmate.

Kara doesn’t have one, being an alien.

Lena’s pointed her to a sunny reporter that walked into her office. While she was thinking about how to bring up the subject over the following days, she met Supergirl.

And Alex kinda thought she was straight, but the universe has other ideas.

Scars - damniamgay

Word Count: 10, 574 (and counting)

Summary: Soulmate AU
Prompt: You live in a world where each lie creates a scar on the liar’s body. The bigger the lie, the deeper and larger the mark. Every time you lie your soulmate gets a scar.

The Song Stuck in My Head - Marzos

Word Count: 5, 232

Summary: The songs you can’t get out of your head? That’s your soulmate singing.

For Lena, it’s far from romantic. Her soulmate loves rock music in the morning, then singing pop songs all day. It’s enough to give a woman whiplash, and she has had enough.

(A tribute to all those super annoying songs we’ve all had to listen to at some point. Alex and Lena get petty, and Kara just wants to sing. AU with no powers.)

Put These Battered Bones to Rest - glaeson

Word Count: 7, 666

Summary: Lena gets her soulmark at thirteen. The name that’s written on her hip, she thinks, is the oddest thing she’s ever seen.

anonymous asked:

Prompts 4,16, 18 if you don't mind with tony protecting his little sister from an ex?

Pairing/Characters: Tony Stark x Reader!sister

Summary: When reader is confronted by an angry ex, Tony doesn’t hesitate to stand up for his little sister.

Warnings: Swearing, mentions violence, Black Sabbath lyrics.

Word count: 500

A/N: Thank you anon for sending this request! I used this prompt list, keep sending requests, i  love to hear your ideas!! I hope you’ll like this!!


“Has he lost his mind?

Can he see or is he blind?

Can he walk at all

Or if he moves will he fall?”

Looking up at your brother you chuckled “You’re not seriously going to sing the entire walk home, are you?” Tony ignored your comment, and sang even louder:

“Is he live or dead?

Has he thoughts within his head?

We’ll just pass him there

Why should we even care?”

“Tony people are staring. Stop!” You said getting embarrassed by your brother’s behavior. “They’re staring cuz I’m Iron Man, sissy.” He stated matter-of-factly. “Although I don’t really see anyone staring. You’re getting paranoid (Y/N)” You poked his side, causing him to squirm. “Everyone is staring. Take those guys for instance” you said pointing to the group of guys standing outside a club.

Recognizing one of the guys, you gasped. Tony gave you a funny look, before he saw what you were staring at. Stopping in your tracks, you locked eyes with your ex, Damian. “Shit” you muttered as he began to walk towards you.

To say that things ended badly is an understatement. Damian and you wanted different things. You weren’t looking for anything serious at the time, but he wanted more. He was pissed when you broke it off.

“Hey! (Y/N) fancy seeing you again.” He said approaching you and your older brother. You forced a smile, and gave him an awkward wave. “Who gave you that black eye?” You asked, not surprised. He always got in a fight. He shrugged it off, and looked up at Tony. His face fell. You knew this wasn’t going to end well. Damian never met Tony, since you weren’t serious with the guy.

“Who the hell is this? My replacement? I didn’t think you were that easy (Y/N)” Tony stood in front of you, shielding you. “I’m better looking than this guy! C’mon (Y/N) the guy has a fucking goatee! What I wasn’t good enough for you? I this why you broke up with me? You fucking whore.”

“Hey, don’t you dare talk to my sister like that, punk” Tony raised his voice at your ex. ”I’ll kick his ass if you want me to” he said over his shoulder. “Go ahead”

The look on you ex’s face was priceless. Tony cracked his knuckles and walked towards Damian. “Whoa, I..I didn’t mean anything…I…god…I’m sorry” He stumbled backwards with a terrified look in his eyes.

Tony took a swing at him, hitting him dead center in the face. ”Oh, I’m sorry.  Did I hurt you? It’s okay to cry…” Lining up for another blow, Damian scrambled to his feet and ran off.

Tony clearly satisfied with his own effort, put his arm around your shoulders. “You can thank me later.” He said with a smirk. Rolling your eyes, you continued on your way home. You groaned when he stared singing again.

“Heavy boots of lead

Fills his victims full of dread

Running as fast as they can

Iron Man lives again!”

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Clue #2

After multiple murders rock the mansion, our earnest investigators discover a mysterious room that may hold all the answers. Meanwhile, Upton works to make all the guests happy—and keep them alive! - $3.99

Little psychosis things
  • when you cant tell if something is a picture or a gif
  • not knowing how to speak
  • “you have psychosis? does that mean you want to….kill people?”
  • when youre trying to do shit but theres an endless whispering going on in your head
  • theres something rotting, you dont know what or where but you can smell it
  • being unable to remember anything at all
  • or remembering things but not being sure if theyre real
  • that thing where the room is very slowly shifting
  • what is time??
  • feeling like theres always someone watching you
  • the Simulation
  • being sure that theres someone hiding in an impossibly small space
  • invisible bugs trying to crawl into your ears
  • no impulse control whatsoever
  • being afraid of telling others about your delusions because you know how crazy it sounds
  • dirt?? everywhere???? theres dirt in between my bones how did it get there?
  • people misusing the word psychotic literally all the time
  • “cute but psycho”











Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Dimension X #1—Cover A: Nick Pitarra—GEM OF THE MONTH

Paul Allor (w) • Pablo Tunica (a) • Nick Pitarra ©
The Turtles journey to find a reclusive and indestructible empath— only to find that the assassin Hakk-R has found him first… and convinced him that the Turtles are the enemy!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Dimension X #1—Cover B: Pablo Tunica

Paul Allor (w) • Pablo Tunica (a & c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Directly ties in to the exciting events of the main series, “The Trial of Krang!”
Continuing the events from Free Comic Book Day!
Variant cover by Kevin Eastman!


From Secret Empire: Brave New World #003

Art by Marco Lorenzana, Juan Vlasco and Erick Arciniega (“Back in the Fight”), Sean Izaakse and Tamra Bonvillain (“Walls”) and Brian Level and Jordan Boyd (“Sanctuary: Part 3”)

Written by Ethan Sacks (“Back in the Fight”), Mags Visaggio (“Walls”) and Paul Allor (“Sanctuary: Part 3”)

La prima volta che lui mi baciò,
baciò solamente le dita della mano che scrive,
che si fece così più delicata e bianca,
restia al mondo ma non coi suoi.  ” Senti?”,
al brusio degli angeli. Ora io non vorrei
un anello di ametista alla vista più puro
di quel bacio. Fu più in alto il secondo
e, cercando la fronte, si perse una metà sopra i capelli.
O dono supremo! Crisma
d’amore che con benefiche dolcezze
precede la vera ghirlanda d’amore. Il terzo fu
deposto, perfetto, sulla mia bocca, e fin d’allor
superba, io ripeto:”mio unico, mio amato!


da “Sonetti dal Portoghese”

Elizabeth Barret Browning