Meeting Aaralyn..... allonsy-my-dear-companion

“WHAT on GALLIFREY are you DOING?!” Alyce shouted at her TARDIS, running around the console flipping switches, turning knobs, yanking levers. “You’re s’posed to LAND in Leadworth, not CRASH there!!” She panicked.

Another flip, switch, pull, racing to get her TARDIS under control.  An obnoxious, fast paced beeping started from one of the monitors on the other side; Alyce stopped dead.

She swung around to the opposite side, stared at the screen in horror. A fast moving blip moved toward the center of a radar. “Don’t…. you…. Dare……”

As the blip neared the circle, Alice felt her ship slowing in mid-air. “NonononoNONONONO” she shouted, throwing herself to the floor as the TARDIS shot off in the opposite direction, repelled by an invisible force like a magnet repelled from one of the same charge. She clung tightly to the space under the console, pressed against it as if on an amusement park ride- there was no stopping now

Her TARDIS had come too close to the Doctor’s, she realized- they should never come within a mile of each other, for one specific reason- Alyce wasn’t supposed to be here. She wasn’t supposed to be anywhere. She has escaped the time lock of Gallifrey- she was a kink in time that should not exist.

Now hurtling through the Earth’s atmosphere, maybe even through time, she could only hope the impact of the TARDIS crashing into something wouldn’t kill her.

Suddenly the ship hit hard, propelling Alyce across the floor like a bullet. She smashed hip-first into railing, stopping her from tumbling over the edge into wiring and such. HOW was this a good safety feature??

She crawled across the floor (her TARDIS had landed at an angle) and pulled herself up to the console, staring up the glass cylinder. “Oh, my girl. I’m so sorry.” Just then a puff of smoke exploded from the console, releasing sparks.

Alyce slid down the ramp, coughing, using her momentum to kick the doors open and tumble out. She jumped up, brushed off dust from the TARDIS, coughed again. She didn’t bother to look around too much- her only concern was her ship

“Oh, my baby….” She cooed as she wandered around her TARDIS, brushing a hand along it. It looked like the Doctor’s; always decided to do that when it was within the mile boundary of the Doctor’s TARDIS. Alyce still wasn’t quite sure why.

“Poor girl…- you’ve hit a house, I hope you’re not too terribly banged up on that side…” She put her head against the wall, assessing the damage.

Icantthinkofatitlesoasdfghjkl || Closed RP w/ allonsy-my-dear-companion

Alyce ran around the console, vocalizing 4 parts of a fast-paced movie soundtrack, complete with “bababa’s” and long hums and drumming beats along the console as she guided it through the time vortex. Spinning, she pulled down two levers, which sprang back up after she released her grip- huffing she pulled them both down again and held them in place

“Now!” She called to Aaralyn from across the console, Red blue green red green! Just like I showed you!“