From This Moment On (AU) || allonsy-i-am-the-tenth-doctor

It was a war they were facing.

The daleks had to be stopped, as did Davros.  There was a general plan of attack…for the most part.  For the time being though, Rose only had one task on her mind and it was that of running to the Doctor, the man that she’d thought she’d lost for so long before she’d managed to find a way back.  Admittedly, she wished it hadn’t been under those circumstances that they’d met again.  Regardless, it was a reunion.

The gun that she carried felt weightless as her legs carried her to him.  A smile on her face that matched her honey-colored eyes, full of adoration and longing.  Hope surged within her and she noticed his steps, so quick and just as eager as her own if not more so.  He’s missed her…and that was a comforting thought.  She hadn’t been left behind emotionally at the very least.

With all of the excitement she hadn’t noticed the Dalek enemy hiding in the shadows until it was too late and her body froze in that instant.  Rose aimed her gun and she and the Dalek fired at the same time, unfortunately neither of them missed and the menace was destroyed but the blonde fell to the concrete as well, her weapon clattering on the unforgiving ground.

She felt her heart slowing and wondered vaguely why it hadn’t killed her instantly but focused more on staying alive than wondering about it.

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Who Are You? || Rose & the Doctor(9,10, or 11)

Rose awoke with a gasp, she felt like something had just happened but she couldn’t remember. As she looked around her bedroom in her flat she shook off the feeling.

As she made her way out of her bedroom and into the kitchen she still couldn’t shake the feeling like she had forgotten something. Something important but, she figured it was just going to be one of those days. And today was nothing special except for the anniversary of her mother’s death.

She figured she would go to the cemetery, lay some flowers at Jackie’s grave and head to work at the gallery. Her mother always told her to get into art, do something with her talent. She finally decided to do that.

As she left her flat, she still couldn’t shake the feeling. As she walked she pasted a man who said her name causing her to stop and look at him. He didn’t look familiar to her but how did he know her name? “Yeah, can I help you?”