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↳ “they say the mustang is the spirit of the west. whether that west was won or lost in the end, you’ll have to decide for yourself, but the story i want to tell you is true. i was there and i remember. i remember the sun, the sky, and the wind calling my name in a time when we ran free. i’ll never forget the sound and the feeling of running together. the hoof beats were many, but our hearts were one.” - spirit: stallion of the cimarron (2002)



Beauty and the Lawyer

* John Laurens x Reader
* Modern Beauty and the Beast AU

    A/N: HERE IT IS! OK so…there’s no beast creature first of all, you’ll see the obvious change I made. This follows the new movie and CONTAINS SOME SPOILERS! If you haven’t seen the new movie then don’t read this yet as some plot points come directly from the new movie. It’s also really fucking long, so yeah. This took me about four days of writing every moment I could and listening to the movie soundtrack on repeat. (At least it’s pretty.) So I hope you guys enjoy!

    Word Count: 9,365 (barely 23 pages…)


    “You have a daughter, do you not Mr. L/N?” Henry Laurens asked the man across from him. Henry’s young son, John, sat aside merely watching the exchange.

    “Well yes. She’d be about the same age as your boy.”

    “You know, as a lawyer it’s hard to find a wife but it’s a good thing to have.” Henry mused as he stood and began circling the table, reminding his son of a hawk going in for a swooping kill.

    “What are you saying?” The other man asked.

    “I saved you in that lawsuit and I’m not even sure you were innocent.” Henry said with a soft laugh. “And now you say you can’t afford my prices. So I propose a deal. I’ll give you two years. Pay my fees, if not I’ll get the case reopened. If you haven’t raised the money, then your daughter and my son will be wed.”

    “That’s absurd!” The man shouted in outrage.

    “So was your case.” Henry snapped back. “You were warned that I have high prices. This is the fee.” Henry stopped at his side of the desk. “Go. You have two years.” The two men watched the other man go.

    “Why are you arranging a marriage?” John asked.

    “You know I’m not feeling well. This will be your firm soon. A wife makes a lawyer look more personable. And it’s hard to find one in this line of work.” Henry patted his son’s shoulder. “Come on, I have much more to teach you.”

    Two staffers, Alexander and Lafayette, stood by. “Monsieur Laurens is corrupting his young son. The John we used to know is slipping away.” Lafayette voiced.

    “You wanna stand up to Henry?” Alexander asked. He knew Lafayette was right. John was their friend at one point. It didn’t seem much that way anymore.

    “No, no one does. That’s the problem.”

    You walked through town. Your father would be back from meeting with the lawyer today and you wanted to make him a good dinner. There was a fresh marketplace and you knew your father preferred food from there. It was a bit more expensive but always tasted better. And definitely worth it to welcome your father home.

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    Tenth Doctor - Hello


    You jumped slightly, the voice taking you off guard. You turned around almost instantly but in that short space of time you recognised the voice.

    “Doctor?” You frowned slightly.

    “(Y/n)! Hello! Nice to see you again!” He grinned at you, then glanced around. 

    “But uh… what are you doing in the cellar?” he glanced pointedly at the wine bottles around you, raising his eyebrows.

    “I’m getting more wine. I work here. This is my job.” You take a bottle off the shelf to make a point but quickly put it back when you remember that’s not the one you need.

    “You work in a restaurant?’ 

    “Well, I do now. I lost my other job because I took the blame for a particular explosion.” Your lips pursed slightly.

    The Doctor shook his head, “No, no, no. You didn’t have to do that! I’ve got paper! I could’ve sorted it out.”

    “Yeah? Well, you weren’t there to sort it out. You’d disappeared.” You stepped around the thin man with an awkward smile to get the bottle you’d come for.

    He made an exasperated groaning sound and grabbed your arm, turning you back to face him.

    “Let me make it up to you.” The Doctor said, his expression sincere.

    You laughed slightly, “Okay. What does making it up to me involve?”

    “Come with me. Anywhere in time and space. I can take you there.”

    “You want me to travel with you? In the blue box?”

    “Yes of course! I should’ve taken you before but I already had a companion.”

    Your heart was pounding. He must have been able to hear it.

    “(Y/n), please.”

    You looked up at this man, this strange and wonderful man who’d left your life in a tumbling mess. You hadn’t been able to get him out of your head. He was like a itching at the back of your mind. 

    “I’d love to.”

    He grinned and took your hand in his, “Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!”

    You smile expectantly, waiting for the words.



    * Alexander Hamilton x Reader
    * Modern College AU
    * 204: Is there a special reason as you why you’re wearing my shirt?

    A/N: So here’s a random idea I had when someone decided to mess with my laundry while I was off in classes. As for two stories in one day, yay! I had very little homework but this weekend I’m going on a cleaning spree. Plus I haven’t looked at my request recently so I don’t have any real pressing or even good ideas right now. But I digress. I hope y’all enjoy this silly little, fluffy story.

    Word Count: 2,134


    Co-ed dorms weren’t the best. True, it was more calm than the freshman dorm, but now you had you had to deal with guys all the time. The worst was the laundry room. Guys clothes were everywhere. They spread out as if it was their laundry room at home and they didn’t have to share it with a building of other people.

    You walked into the room, your basket balanced on your hip. You winced at all the clothes on the floor that must have missed when getting tossed into the machine. You hoisted your basket up onto a machine and started sorting and loading your clothes. You started the machine and and headed back to your room and hoping your laundry wouldn’t be messed with.

    You delved into some homework.You wrote a couple of papers, pausing only to switch your clothes over to the dryer. You finally went to go retrieve you now dry clothes. You grabbed the basket without a second thought and carried it back to your room. You started folding your clothes and putting them away. You furrowed your brow when you found a pair of jeans that were clearly not yours. They looked like they’d be a bit baggy on you but not too long. They were mens pants, judging by the appearance and deep pockets.

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