Hey! So this was from Memorial Day weekend… I watched House (it ended!) for about 6 hours and painted this. Inspired by Lipsandtits, her photo here! Ahaha I bought some more watercolours, so I wanted to try out how they were, and yea it doesn’t look like her, I can’t draw people for shit if you couldn’t tell, but I liked the hair… Kinda washed out the curls for waves, but whatever. Ya know? Anywho hope you like it! Ooh look! My lil' octopus nails!!!

OPI Natural Nail Strengthener

Ariza Blue Nail Polish (It’s from China, but it’s in French. I can’t read french…)

Acrylic Paint

Orly Shine on Crazy Diamond

Orly Etoile

Essie Good to Go! topcoat

Galaxy nails! Gurl I ain’t no hipster but I can make your hips stir~