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So you're watching that teen top/100% show right? Cause I've decided Rokhyun is the cutest little thing, and he's legal but still younger than me. Only draw back, I really don't want to learn another group for him. Such a hard life being a kpop stan. (This is Leah btw, my internets being fickle and I didn't feel like fighting with it to let me log in)

Yes. That’s what I did on my day off lol He is. And OMG his laugh is the most adorable thing ever. And I was surprised by his age. When CAP called him ‘hyung’ I was like, hold up. Plus, he looks fantastic in drag so…

I also sort of like Minwoo too. And yes they better be given an awesome debut song or I will track down Andy & throw kiwis at him.