@HereIsGina: Greatest moment of the night 😍 @SophiaBush…My soul sister ❤️

SophiaBush: soul. sisters. #stairsitsisters #shegetsit #allofit #nightmade I LOVE THIS WOMAN AND I’M OFF TO SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS BYYYYYYYE 👭❤️

baby, i miss the scent of the skin on your forehead when i kiss it at night while your head is on my chest and my fingers are in your hair. I also miss the sounds you make when you don’t want to leave the bed. And your smile, i guess I miss that too. Maybe your laugh or the way your body looks when you bend over the bed to kiss me goodbye, yeah I kinda miss it. Or your butt, it’s great too.

Also I found some fantasy lesbo porn i wrote in the summer about us and left it for you read on your vacation, have fun with that, sucker. 


Last night was fucking sick, free drinks, free food and the legend #DJWoody played bare jams, and in a bowling alley bar! Amazing! #RandomTandom #HipHop #AllOfIt #ButNotBigLForSomeReason

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