Elejah Appreciation Week l Day Two l Favorite Elejah Parallel

Today I did things I abhor to protect the one thing I value most, my family. If anyone can understand it, it’s you. Your compassion is a gift, Elena. Carry it with you, as I will carry my regret.

Always and forever,

Is this even a parallel? It is now.

Here, we have both Elijah and Elena looking out the window, Elena…looking up to look out…and Elijah…looking down to look away. This is symbolic in a way to show that Elijah is walking away from her, and Elena realizing who she is now, more so than before.

There is a lot to say about this scene, some Elijah stans hate this scene saying it shows how much it ruined Elijah’s character etc etc and the Elijah haters (the very very few there are) say it made him weak. (“A love letter? Really?”)

This is the romantic in me speaking now.

This scene was so much more than just a love letter, that letter? It were words of devotion so intricately written to show Elena that…Elijah knew exactly who she was, he knew her but he would rather watch her go about on her daily life without him there to ruin it, she deserved that much (looking out, then looking away). Also, this scene parallels the minor plot from The Sacrifice (that is the correct episode right?)in season two, where Elena is looking out the window and she sees Elijah’s reflection as he used magic to find her. (funny side note, I was looking through some old speculations from that episode recently, and a lot of people were convinced that Elena and Elijah were related-awkward!) In that episode, she is frightened, but when she looks out the window this time, imagining him, rather than seeing him, she isn’t afraid instead…thoughtful.