WTF with “allmenare” bullshit on twitter?? Please don’t. Feminism is bullshit. You seriously need to realize we are not in 1970 anymore. If you consider yourself feminist you are stupid. Don’t take this the wrong way and think I’m a piece of shit who thinks women are nothing, I’m really not. I just feel that these days the feminism thing is useless, and I find it as discriminative towards men as the discrimination it’s supposed to fight towards women (and here I’m talking about TRUE feminism, real feminism). You seriously need to reevaluate your self and realize that feminism is over, and maybe you can get into ANTI-SEXISM which is the REAL DEAL. 

I’m not trying to be rude or violent, I guess I am a bit but heh… But… I don’t know. I know being a woman is harder than being a man on so many level and so many ways, and I know I’ll never totally get what you’re going through, but as a man who doesn’t really fit in the “typical male” category shit in society I really want people to realize that’s it’s hard too and that you will never be able to totally get what we are going through because as discriminated as you are you still have more “rights” than some men. And wanting to get to the same level as assholes (because that’s really what feminism is about, plus denigrate men -and don’t tell me it’s not, because I’ve spent time with REAL feminists, transgendered people and all in between and I can assure you it’s what it’s about-) is not a goal. Won’t you like to get every one on the same level? Because I don’t get why women should try this hard to get to this and have rights while men don’t give a shit (because yeah, you guys, even though you claim to be a  feminist, you will never do the same amount of things than women to get where you want to be)

Anyways. I know it may rings the wrong bell sound to some people, whatever. I’m not a feminist, I am an anti-sexist, and to people who think that “talking about gender is an other fight” it’s not. Every fucking thing on this earth is linked to an other. And I don’t want to denigrate feminists, it’s your choice, but just know you are not the only thing to fight for and equality means equal. On every points. So you don’t have to climb 1000 feet, but those guys need to go 500 feet down. That’s equality.

So stop fighting for yourself, fight for every fucking person on this planet (and maybe on others, but as we’re not sure about that yet, let’s focus on here).

(PS: it’s hard enough to explain this in French -my mother tongue- because I have to find the right words to not offend people, but in english it’s even harder as I don’t know what can be taken as offending, so excuse me if this is offending to you in any ways)