allmates as humans


Happy late Valentines Day @xtinycreeperx!  I was your secret valentine!  When you said you likes a lot of AU’s and mentioned single dad au and how much you love KouNoi, I simply couldn’t resist.  I was just lucky I kinda already had Dadjaku vibes from my ask blog <3.  But ANYWAYS!

KouNoi AU in which Koujaku just moved to a new place, trying to escape the memories associated with his old house with his former wife (I was thinking Fem!Aoba, but its really whoever you want) but he mostly, does it for Beni, who hasn’t really smiled since his mother’s death about three months ago.  they came to a new place for a fresh start after tragedy struck their little family.

Meanwhile, Noiz is a disgruntled college student who doesn’t get paid enough for this shit, but before he knows it, he is attached to Beni and visa versa.  In fact Beni gets upset when Theo gets better and start babysitting him again.  Noiz figures hanging out with Beni and annoying his over protective dad is more entertaining than homework he’s too smart for.

He teaches Beni a few cuss words and how to own at Mario Kart, but it’s not long before Koujaku becomes accustom to his presence too and something starts to bloom there.  Beni sees it before they do though, and he practically drags them into a relationship and it is glorious.

I am sorry again for being late, hope it was worth the wait!


Usagi:  We’ll be right back!

Ren didn’t think he would be holding a sign that says “tiny lil poops” on camera today…But this isn’t a surprising occurrence in the Seragaki household.

((like Usagi said, it’s been awhile.  I hope to be updating a little more regularly form now on.  Every other week at the latest)


*Usagi Literally translates to Bunny/rabbit in Japanese, and since this AU takes place in Japan, he is seriously named Bunny.

((sorry for the delay on this update.  My computer gave up the ghost for good Christmas eve, but all is well now!  This was what I was working on before it died so I’m glad I could finish it now.  Sorry I couldn’t draw you guys something special for Christmas :P))


I should have been working, but I needed a break from life so yeah. If you don’t know it, I really recommend you to take a look at the Usagi Club AU (@ask-theusagiclub) which is a really nice, interesting and cute AU ~ 

I wanted to draw my faves, the twins Hersha and Welter (of course), and Drey, who is a big dirty cutie. I kind of lowkey ship them by the way.

I hope you’ll enjoy it ^^ They’re transparents too.

(also @hellagayblueberry you pushed me to sin, here you are :3c )


“I only have one reason.  I need him…I need Aoba.”

NoiAo Week

Day 6: Future

Okay this kinda of ended up as another AU post because I felt guilty about neglecting my ask blog in favor of NoiAo week.  Also, I dont know what happened to my artistic abilities today, but they vanished and I am sorry.  I missed yesterday’s prompt, but I will do that another day.

Basically, Noiz and Aoba returned to Japan to take care of Tae for awhile.  After she died they stayed, and a branch of (now, Theo and Noiz’s) company has been extended to Japan so that is all fine.  Aoba and Noiz adopt two little boys <3 (Ren and Usagi in this AU, since its personified Allmates)  I just really like the idea of Aoba, Koujaku, and Mizuki staying freinds even after Aoba and Noiz get married.

I know I posted this late technically, but my internet has been awful  you will not believe the crap I went through just to get this posted.

“Oh, you want this?  Hmmm…’fraid not.  you’ll have to do something for me first~”

An older Beni for all your older Beni needs.  He’s still got that baby face tho.  He will always have that baby face.  I WAS working on an update for the ask blog but then I somehow ended up making this because this soundtrack makes me think of BeniTori for SOME REASON!

So, since long ago I knew that japanese people only call people by their first names when they’re somewhat close — but i’ve only recently learned that not using a person’s last name can be seen as “rude”. Seems like it’s alright in textbooks and some manga/anime but it’s considerate rude in real life to call someone あなた (Anata). 

I was thinking back about Aoba and Koujaku’s relationship. Koujaku uses Aoba’s first name because they’re close, childhood friends but he also uses his name a lot of times when speaking with him. Ren (both as an allmate and human) does the same. Clear also uses Aoba’s name a lot when referring to Aoba or speaking with him, he also uses the honorific “-san” being more polite. Mizuki also uses Aoba’s name like (and they are!) they’re close friends. 

Noiz and Mink don’t use Aoba’s name when speaking with him because they were not close to Aoba, they were both there only because they wanted something from him. 

In the end of Noiz good route he uses Aoba’s name and even Aoba himself thinks about how Noiz used his name, something he didn’t do before. At the beginning of his Re:connect good route he also uses Aoba’s name again and with more frequency. Even then he speaks Aoba’s name with  less frequency than Koujaku, Ren or Clear. That might be due to him not being used to being close to anyone before Aoba or due to his foreignness. 

As far as remember Mink has never called Aoba by his first or last name.