♢ Evan Lott ♡ 33 ♧ Cop ♤ O’Shea Family

Evan grew up in a place that was not quite suitable for the mind of a growing child. He saw plenty of violence in the time before he even turned seventeen. It helped form him into someone who only wanted to see the best of the world, sick of seeing the worst of people. He aspired to making a difference in the world, or at least the city that he grew up in which seemed to be just as hard to him. He worked hard to try and fight off the negative feelings and actions when he was younger, making large attempts to go above and beyond expectations set for him to achieve his goals and even motivate others to follow theirs. 

He went through four years of college, much more than what was required from him, then went to the police academy with the intent to climb the ranks and lead the force out of the crooked line they were steadily following. Once he joined though, it was clear that he was in over his head. People were happy or scared with the way things were under the reign of the mobs and they weren’t looking to change it like he was from the beginning of his career. The rest of the force, or at least it seemed that way to him, started to turn from him with thoughts that he was going to get himself and everyone around him hurt or killed. His will had been strong until then. He had seen hard times but it was the first time that he felt that the negativity was going to win him over. As time went on he started to bend to the demands of the Irish mafia little by little until his morals were thoroughly thrown out the window and he was one of their goons. He was sick of what he had become but he rationalized it by thinking what to it was going to happen one way or another and learned to internalize the disdain that he felt for himself. With the Irish on his side, he found the police force to be an easier place to work for him. The people who once had shown him resistance, now saw him as an up and comer. Over the years, Evan rose through the ranks to detective.

With ten years of police work under his belt he is completely obedient to the O'Sheas, Bryan in particular. He had been asked to do plenty of things in the past for them, almost all of them frowned upon by the law or entirely unacceptable by it. Nothing had matched up to what Bryan asked him to do recently though. He was asked to help with the murder of the mob boss, Bryan’s father, and cover it up so no one else knew that it was him. It was dangerous in every way, shape and form but he was promised wealth and more power than he could imagine. He figured he might as well since he was already in too deep and that he would be killed if he didn’t agree. With that, he became completely under control of the O'Sheas and also gained the trust of one of the most powerful men in the city.


Evan has become a hard-headed, sarcastic and unsympathetic man as opposed to what he grew up thinking that he was going to be. His younger self would be almost ashamed to see what he became but his present day self has stopped caring about what he was meant to become. He’s looking for a place where he can feel content in what he’s doing and has started to feel a sort of pleasure in the chaos that has turned into his life. He finds himself at times doing things recklessly for the sake of trying to get a reaction, whether it’s to annoy someone at a bar or in a life threatening situation.

Where he is now:

Evan is in a tough situation and he knows that if he takes single wrong step he will be killed without a second thought. He is loyal to the O'Sheas but was forced to betray them by Bryan, who he had come to enjoy the company of. He now has to use his power as a shield to protect himself, Bryan and the rest of the O’Sheas while keeping his own secrets from slipping out. Since his turning to the O’Sheas alliance Evan has felt somewhat lost, feeling like he wasn’t in control of his life anymore. He started doing more daring things, crazy things to do without the protection of the mafia backing him to test how far he could really go with the power of being a detective with the perks of being the henchman for Bryan O’Shea. He became confident, though he knows that it’s all lent to him. The confidence falters sometimes, but that’s when he tries to cover it up with a hard mask of bitterness.

FC: Ian Somerhalder

Evan is TAKEN

Jackson Avery - Surgical Resident - TAKEN

Jackson is the Harper Avery’s grandson, and he shirks the legacy that comes with that title. He was always the pretty one in his family and felt nothing was expected from him—he learned to push himself to become a surgeon. His mother, Catherine Avery, is a celebrated urologist who most recently began dating Richard Webber, much to Jackson’s dismay.

Ships: Jackson/April

♢ Roman Wiley ♡ 24 ♧ Paramedic ♤ Civilian 

Character Background:

Roman grew up in one of the nicer neighborhoods in Chicago, with his parents and his younger sister, Alayne. She was four years younger than him, but the two grew up side by side and Roman has always been incredibly protective of her. Their parents were loving, but worked a lot. His father was on the Chicago police force, a highly respected Sergeant who was known for cracking down on the crime families in the city. Roman always looked up to his father, wanting to be exactly like him–strong, confident, and respected. By the time Roman was in high school he was already following in his father’s footsteps. He joined the Law Enforcement Explorers in the police department as soon as he was old enough, and everyone assumed Roman would follow that path into a career in the Chicago PD.

Before that dream could be made a reality, Roman’s world was shattered. He was eighteen and in his senior year of high school when his father was murdered. It was a raid gone wrong, the police intel leading the entire squad into a trap that led into a deadly shootout. He was rushed to the hospital, but didn’t last the night. It was common knowledge around the city that the O’Sheas paid off a lot of the cops in the department, even if no one talked about it. Roman felt betrayed by the very people he had always looked up to, and not knowing who to blame or who to trust, he abandoned the dream he had once worked so far for.

The loss was tough on his family, Roman’s mother and sister wore their grief on their sleeves and Roman felt like there was nothing he could do to comfort them. Roman felt the loss keenly, but instead of showing it he reverted into himself. He turned the hurt and anger he felt into a newfound determination. After hearing that the EMT’s had kept his father alive in the ambulance long enough for his family to get there and say goodbye, Roman knew he’d found the new direction his life needed. Once he graduated high school, he began taking the courses he needed to become an EMT. He learned a lot by riding around in an ambulance and working in the hospital’s ER department, and soon enough he had his initial training. Knowing this was a career meant for learning and growing, Roman continued working on the hours and high level coursework for years until he got his certification as a Paramedic and an Associate’s Degree in Emergency Medical Services.

Where they are now:

Roman now works at Chicago General Hospital in the ER that trained him. He takes all types of emergency calls as a first responder, and often works directly with the police and fire department around the city. He loves his job, because it keeps him energized and busy, though he has seen a lot of intense things since the city is known for its violence and crime.


Roman buried himself in his work as a way to deal with his father’s death, and as a result he keeps most people at arm’s length when it comes to getting to know him. Once someone breaks through his exterior, though, he is a fiercely loyal friend who would do anything for them. When he is off work, he spends a lot of his time at the Black Sheep, avoiding both crime families since he holds a deep resentment over what happened to his father. Roman has a sharp wit and can be quite sarcastic, which sometimes gets him into trouble when he runs his mouth around the wrong people. He also has a quick temper, especially when his father gets mentioned or is talked about in an unfavorable light. He resents the O’Sheas in particular, though there was no real evidence that they planted the incorrect intel that led to his father’s death.

FC: Sam Claflin

Roman is TAKEN

“There may be people who have more talent than you, but that’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.”

Oliver Smith ≡ FC: Eddie Redmayne ≡ 22 ≡ Roosa ≡ Open

Oliver was born to two parents who, like all Muggles, knew nothing of the wizarding world. A smart but shy boy, Oliver made his parents proud even if they wished he was a little more outgoing so he could make more friends. Receiving his letter at the age of eleven to attend a magic school came as a shock, but with the help of the school’s Muggle Integration Program, Oliver was swept off into a world of wonders. Everything was amazing to the wide-eyed boy, and Oliver was eager to learn everything he could about this new world. His first year was hard for him, as he dealt with the culture shock as well as being away from home for the first time. At his parents’ urging, Oliver attended a few different student clubs so he wouldn’t be so alone. The Muggleborn Club accepted him with open arms, and Oliver was relieved to meet others who were like him. This instilled in him an open-mindedness towards all the other Houses that not every student possessed.

Oliver grew into a boy who would give everyone a chance to show him their best side. When he was old enough, Oliver tried out for the Roosa Quidditch team, not expecting to be accepted but going along with his friends. Oliver was accepted into the position of Seeker, and through his team he made bonds that would last all through his school years. When his graduation finally approached, Oliver realized that he didn’t know what he wanted to do after school. All he knew was that he loved the wizarding world and wanted to stay a part of it. Knowing his family wouldn’t be able to afford the expensive tuition for the university, Oliver signed up for the work-study program–he would work a position for the school in exchange for a cut in tuition and free room and board during the school year. With his Quidditch experience, his kind nature, and a love of building teamwork, Oliver took the position of Assistant Quidditch Coach. His duties include working alongside with Coach Declan Rhodes, overseeing the JV Quidditch practices and refereeing games. Oliver has become someone the younger students look up to and come to for advice, and he is always willing to talk to anyone that might need his help. His job keeps him busy, but he always stays on top of his school work and receives good grades. This can leave him exhausted at the busy times of the year, but just like when he was a boy, Oliver loves being immersed in the wizarding world. 


Declan Rhodes: Despite their differing personalities, Oliver and Declan have found their groove in working together. While Declan is harsh on their athletes, Oliver is a motivational and soothing presence. Declan sees potential in Oliver as a Quidditch player, and often urges him to pursue a professional career in the sport. Oliver casually brushes off these lofty dreams and focuses instead on the day-to-day.

Elijah Conner: Oliver loved attending Elijah’s Muggleborn Club, and now that he’s older he finds the professor to be a kindred spirit. Both have easy-going personalities, and plenty to talk about as they keep up on Muggle culture. Oliver’s wide-eyed innocence keeps him oblivious to Elijah’s true loyalties. 

Aidan Havenwind: Being of pureblood status, Aidan disdains Muggleborns. When they were younger, Oliver was often bullied by Aidan at school but never stood up for himself. The only times he was able to outshine Aidan were on the Quidditch pitch, and it still remains a sore subject. Oliver goes out of his way to avoid any confrontations with him. 

Teagan Ironwing: Oliver has always admired Teagan from afar, though he’s been too shy to actually talk to her much. While they couldn’t be more different, Oliver is incredibly drawn to the work her family does with dragons, and wonders why Teagan has been distancing herself from it. When they do interact, Oliver finds himself awkward and is convinced that she hardly knows he exists. 


+ Smart, Understanding, Curious, Chivalrous, Humble

- Quiet, Shy, Unassuming, Indecisive

♢ Cosmo Quinn ♡ 38 ♧ Teacher & Radio Host ♤ Civilian

Character Background:

Cosmo was born to two fathers, Mark and Clarence, who grew up in Chicago and raised their son in the city they both loved and worked for. Working for the local government in the parks department, the two always did everything they could to make beautiful spaces and family friendly events in Chicago. Cosmo was born through a surrogate mother and lovingly adopted by the newly-married couple. From a young age, they knew their son was special. Cosmo always saw the positive side of everything. Even when he was picked on at school for having two fathers, he didn’t let it get him down. Instead he used his cleverness and wit to tell whoever it was just how the world should be. Cosmo excelled in all his subjects, he was a natural student and a fast learner. He was bit of an oddball at school, known for always speaking his mind and doing just about everything he could. Every club that needed members, or student that needed tutored, Cosmo was there putting in his extra time at the school. During his junior year his favorite teacher told him he had a knack for teaching others, that he was a real people-person, and should go into teaching.

Cosmo got a full scholarship to Brown University, and his fathers couldn’t be prouder even though they were sad to see him move. He thrived under the high standards and being able to choose classes he loved. He delved into literature and culture, and after years of studying Cosmo got his PhD. Missing his family he decided it was time to return to his home town, where he easily got a job at his old high school where he was overqualified. Looking for something to keep his interest, Cosmo went to the local radio station on a whim answering an ad for a late night show host. Cosmo took to it naturally, naming the show Late Night Cosmos with Cosmo, where he took calls and talked to people, commented on local news and played some music.

At one of his fathers’ park events, Cosmo met Darren, a local politician. The two of them hit it off, but because of his job Darren wasn’t out of the closet. They started dating in secret, Cosmo fell head over heels in love and the affair went on for years. Eventually Darren told him that he had to get married to a girl, that it was part of his political image. The girl in question was one of the Italian mafia men’s daughter, and it was a way for Darren to get into their pocket. He promised Cosmo it would only be temporary, that it was strictly business. Cosmo stuck around because he loved him, but it got harder and harder to keep up the secret as Darren got sucked deeper and deeper into the Italian family.

When Cosmo couldn’t take it anymore, he told Darren he had to divorce his wife and come out of the closet or they were done. It turned into a huge argument, and the two parted ways on bad terms. Cosmo’s heart was broken, but Darren didn’t seem to care. He just acted like Cosmo didn’t exist. One night after a lot of drinks, Cosmo hatched a plan that could ruin Darren’s career. He found every dirty text, pictures, and even a sex tape of the two of them and put them all together on a flashdrive. In the light of day and once he was sober, Cosmo wasn’t sure he could actually go through with it. He still keeps the blackmail material, watching as Darren gets more corrupt and wondering if he will ever do anything with it.

Where they are now:

Cosmo is currently teaching AP English at the high school and is still trying to deal with the fact that Darren is continuing to pretend that he doesn’t exist. He is still sitting on his flash drive full of his secret relationship with the politician and hasn’t decided if he wants to out the guy to the Italian Mafia. A part of him doesn’t want to be that petty but the other part of him wants to punish Darren for hurting him. He does like to spend his spare time in The Black Sheep. He will even bring the stacks of homework or whatever to grade while he enjoys a drink and when he has no paperwork to grade, he will bring a book to read. He still works at the radio station with his segments and does what he can to give out the best advice possible.


Cosmo is one of those kind hearted guys that’s a bit of a goofball. He does what he can to work through the pain that his ex left – he still believes that there could be someone that will love him for him. Nothing means more to him than his students and he is passionate about both of his jobs and does whatever he can to make sure that he does everything with enthusiasm. He is a fiercely loyal friend and will do whatever he can for the people he cares about. He tries to stay out of the mafia business on both sides, but he’s not naive and easily puts two and two together when things happen around the city. He just keeps his mouth shut about it.

FC: Misha Collins

Cosmo is TAKEN.


Shelton “Snafu” Hudson ◦ Ghost ◦ Died March 1, 1943

Born and bred in the Louisiana Shelton was always a peculiar young man. He was interested in books, and music rather than chasing girls like the other boys his age. His parents used to call him an old soul when they’d find him sitting in front of the radio, listening to classical music and writing in his journal. When the war begin unlike many of his friends, including his own brother hesitated to enlist, but not Shelton. If his first week of boot camp his fellow Marines gave him his nickname “Snafu” and that’s what he had people called him until the day he died. In January of 1943 Snafu, and the rest of his company were stationed and fighting on the western fronts of the Pacific Island of Guadalcanal. Shelton received several injuries on the front line of the fight, and was transported back home to receive the help he needed. 

Arriving to the make-shift Belfry Hospital in Buffalo, New York Shelton was falling victim to his wounds. He had been protecting a friend of his when he was shot several times in the arms, and the chest. Sadly, during the surgery to remove the bullets from his body Shelton died on the operating table. Shelton wasn’t the only solider that had died this way, and with all the wounded coming in and out of Belfry  the Doctors quickly moved to the next solider. Shelton’s body was sent home to his parents, who buried him in the local cemetery. His tombstone read “Hero”.

For reasons unknown a few days after his death Shelton found himself waking up in the attic of Belfry, fully aware that he was in fact a ghost. He soon found the others that lingered there, and quickly befriended the other fallen soldiers. In his afterlife Shelton still has lingering regret that he didn’t get to live his life like he’d hoped to, but he knows he died fighting a noble fight - and that was something to be proud of. He can often be found reading, or writing in some of the quieter places in Belfry. He is known to have quite the attitude though, and he takes some time to get used to. Once you’ve gotten to know him, he’s said to be the most interesting guys around. That is if you like weird guys from New Orleans. 

Looks like: Rami Malek 

Age: 23

Sexuality: Unknown


“Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I’m an agent of chaos. Oh, and you know the thing about chaos? It’s fair.”

Aidan Havenwind ≡ FC: Drew Roy ≡ 22 ≡ Awosting  ≡ Member of the Brotherhood  Taken

Born the only son to a distinguished pureblood family, Aidan comes from what they call “old money.” Extremely privileged as a child, Aidan grew to have an attitude to match. All through his school years, he saw himself as better than those of lesser blood, and tried to prove it by being the best at everything. Held to extremely high standards from his parents, Aidan was reprimanded and sometimes punished if he got a bad grade or performed poorly in Quidditch. Aidan never saw this is as something wrong, though, it simply pushed him to be better, and his achievements only added to his sense of entitlement. His sister Portia, one year younger than him, was held to the same expectations, but she handled the pressure with grace while Aidan pushed himself. 

The year Aidan turned sixteen, his father was arrested by aurors without warning. They had been investigating him for some time, and he had finally been caught embezzling from government agencies and bribing high profile political figures to swing votes and actions. Aidan’s world was crushed, everything he knew and loved seemed to shatter around him. Angry and bitter, and still thinking his father could do no wrong, Aidan blamed the government for catching him. The family lost a good deal of their money, it being confiscated for being obtained illegally. Aidan and his family lost their standing with the pureblood community, and his mother and sister had to take up a jobs as a seamstresses in Everton Lake outside of the school. Aidan was made to work during the summers for the first time in his life, tending to the owls at the Post Office being the only thing he could find. Young and impressionable, Aidan took to lashing out violently. He picked fights at school, vandalized property around the town, doing everything he could to cause damage to other people’s lives. It made him feel better, but he didn’t realize the toll it was taking on his own mental well being and that of his mother. 

That was when potions professor Bryan Whiteridge reached out to him. Bryan took him into his care while Aidan was at school, channeling his anger into spells and duelling practice and teaching him that there are other, more subtle ways of getting what he wants. Once Aidan was of age, Bryan told the young man of his true intentions in creating a new generation of the Brotherhood of the Forgotten, and he wanted Aidan at his side. Aidan accepted gladly, wanting nothing more than to help take down the government that destroyed his family’s life, and he did whatever his new father figure needed of him. After a few years under Bryan’s tutelage, Aidan has become colder and more calculating than that boy who just liked to destroy things. Sometimes Aidan can get a little too ambitious with their plots, and needs to be reminded to be patient until the time is right. 


Tristan and Thomas O’Shea: Tristan and Thomas see Aidan as a someone of the same mind. Although older than them, they look up to Aidan as someone who thinks the same way as them and great company to be around, along with a willing mind to cause some trouble. They aren’t aware, however, of Aidan’s true intentions set by Bryan to recruit them and other students. 

Oliver Smith: With his privileged upbringing, Aidan was taught that Muggleborns are less worthy of their magic. This led to him bullying those students at a young age, especially shy Oliver. It got worse when Oliver became a better Quidditch player, and it’s a rivalry that Aidan hasn’t let go of as they’ve gotten older. 

Teagan Ironwing: Aidan finds Teagan beautiful and intriguing, especially now that she has denounced her family’s trade and is becoming more social. They’ve struck up a flirtatious back-and-forth, and Aidan hopes to use her desire to spread her wings as a way to recruit her into the Brotherhood. The fact that he knows Oliver likes her is just icing on the cake. 

Roman Blackwell: Roman finds an interest in the man, seeing as they have a common interest in meddling where they shouldn’t, but doesn’t know about Aidan’s involvement with the Brotherhood of the Forgotten and the fact that Aidan intends to try and recruit him into the same organization that killed his family. 


+ Charming, Ambitious, Loyal, Confident.   

- Brash, Impulsive, Egotistical, Judgemental

♢ Bryan O’Shea ♡ 38 ♧ Bar Owner ♤ O’Shea Underboss

Character Background:

Bryan was the first born child of the O’Shea family, born when his parents were newly married and still quite young. His father was already moving up in the ranks of the Irish Mafia, and his marriage to the daughter of a powerful family friend solidified a lot of dealings in Chicago. Bryan was brought up in the life of crime, watching as his father Desmond followed in the footsteps of his grandfather in becoming boss of the O’Shea crime family. Bryan was always eager to please, and even as a young boy he took to the life instantly. If someone at school bad mouthed his family, Bryan didn’t hesitate to jump them on the street. His father often had to reel Bryan in, as he seemed to have boundless energy for that sort of thing. As his younger siblings were born, Bryan became fiercely protective of them all even when they didn’t see exactly eye to eye. Bryan lived by the code “family is everything,” and he took his role as the oldest very seriously.

As time wore on, it became clear that while his siblings were the brains of the operation Bryan’s skills laid in the physical aspect of the business. He excelled at threats and shake-downs, and became their father’s go-to guy when it came to getting his hands dirty. As Liam went on to law school, Hunter to the military, and Ashlyn on the road to a top college, Bryan didn’t feel intimidated at all. He knew his niche, and he played his role well. He was given the family bar, The Fitz, made an owner of their top front business and the place where most of their deals took place. It was a perfect fit.

The older Bryan got, however, the more he came to realize that there was no more moving up within the ranks. He had already achieved the position as underboss, in charge of everyone but his own father, and still that wasn’t enough. He watched as his father played it more and more safe, making decisions that didn’t make waves even if it meant less money coming in. Bryan was growing tired of watching the Italians act like they owned Chicago, and he started to see his father as weak. Working with his contacts in the police department and only his most trusted friends, Bryan hatched a plan. It was time to re-ignite the turf war on the streets, time for new, stronger leadership. And the only way to do that? Killing his father.

It wasn’t a decision that Bryan made lightly, but once the idea was in his mind it festered and grew until it was all he thought about. He waited until the perfect time to strike, when Desmond and the boss of the Castellano family had a heated argument that both sides were aware of. Going to his most trusted allies, Bryan promised them new positions of power once he was established as boss, and together they framed a murder in cold blood. Using a type of gun that the Italians are known to buy and sell, Bryan shot his father in the head while his associates ran interference.

Everything moved quickly after that, and Bryan acted the part of grieving son along with his siblings. Truth be told, Bryan did mourn for his father–the way he used to be. Now, he believed he was the strong hand the O’Sheas needed to finally topple the Italians. Much to his shock, Demond’s will had been amended to name Liam, the second oldest son and family lawyer, as boss of the family. Bryan was enraged, devastated, having to give the power he had earned over to his younger brother.

Where they are now:

After the murder, Bryan remains the underboss of the family, serving his brother Liam. He hides his rage at being overlooked, and helps his brother make decisions for the family but ultimately, Bryan is still second in command. He has thrown his focus into his underlings and bringing in more outlying extended family and friends into the fold. He uses The Fitz to scope out possible recruits, always scheming to test someone’s loyalty. Never having married or had children of his own, the bar is his baby and he is always found there from open to close unless he is on family business.


Bryan has built up a reputation over the years as someone you do not want to cross, whether you’re from the rival family or his own. However, he is incredibly loving to his siblings. He does not know what to do now that his brother is in charge, since Bryan doesn’t believe he can kill him like he did their father. He continues to pay off those who helped him in the murder, though he still owes them the power he promised, he has increased their pay under the table to keep them quiet. He is confident that he won’t be caught, and he thrives in the new tension on the streets between the two families that he has created.

FC: Robert Downey Jr.

Bryan is TAKEN.


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Louis Weasley || Ravenclaw || 4th Year || FC: Callan McAuliffe || Open

Biological Information:

  • DOB: March 12, 2008
  • Age: 14
  • Blood Status: Half-Blood (1/8 Veela)
  • Sexuality: Homosexual
  • Parents: Bill & Fleur Weasley (neé Delacour)
  • Siblings: Victoire Weasley & Dominique Weasley

Magical Characteristics:

  • Wand: 
  • Patronus: 
  • Boggart: 
  • Amortentia: 
  • Mirror of Erised: 


  • Student
  • Unemployed

Possible Ships:

  • (The admins have a preferred ship for Louis, however, he has not been named yet, therefore he is not included in this section.)
  • Edwin Finch-Fletchley
  • Eric Kwan
  • Up to player.


Louis is the youngest child and only son of Bill and Fleur Weasley (neé Delacour). He has two older sisters, Victoire and Dominique.

He began attending Hogwarts in 2019, alongside cousins, Hugo Weasley and Lily Potter, and is currently in his fourth year.


 Much like the rest of his family, Louis is well known throughout Hogwarts. Recognition is guaranteed given that he is a Weasley and is well known due to being one of the current, known male veelas and in turn. However, his reasons for being in the student eye are very different from the rest of his cousins’. What truly sets him apart from the rest of the Weasleys is his veela charm, as well as his positive personality, and well known obsession with cats.

 Unlike is quarrelling sisters, Louis can be considered rather calm and collected for a Weasley, though he is far from that. Louis is hyper, positive, and always appears to be happy. Like his cousin Lily, he is the human epitome of a huge ray of sunshine. It’s never a dull, nor a sad moment when Louis Weasley is around. He can lighten up the worse of days for anyone. Many call him the definition of optimism and the description is certainly fitting for the boy who never stops smiling. It seems as he is always skipping from one hallway to another in delight, spreading his contagious, happy personality wherever he goes. There are quite a few reasons for Louis’ never ending positivity, among them being the fact that he doesn’t like seeing people sad. Negative emotions are emotionally draining for him and he prefers a comfortable atmosphere over a tense one. However, the main reason Louis is so positive all of the time is because he thinks arguing of any kind is toxic due to his sisters’ own constant fighting. He often plays the role of Hogwarts’ peacemaker due to this. In his perfect, unrealistic utopia, there would be no fighting whatsoever, especially not between his sisters

 Like his mother and older sister, Victoire; generally, Louis is extremely well behaved. He takes after Victoire and their mother in this sense, as he is every bit as polite as they are. However, due to hanging around his cousins, Fred and James, and sister, Dominique, Louis has also developed a bad pranking habit. He doesn’t turn away when an opportunity for stirring up some kind of trouble, or mischief, presents itself. Louis hasn’t been known as one to ever turn away from a chance to make some trouble for someone, potentially someone that he isn’t very fond of. His tendency for stirring up trouble has landed him in some sticky situations with the professors, but being a natural charmer, Louis has always managed to get out of said situations without earning himself a detention. No one knows how he does it and he says nothing but “veela swag” when asked about it.

 He is awfully naive for his age and acts extremely oblivious to most things that his classmates tend to like. Louis cringes at the mention of sexual intercourse and has never made a sexual joke in his life. He claims that Hogwarts is there for education and not a breeding nest for tiny human beings. He likes to keep his mind as innocent as possible, though this is hard growing up around people who are obviously far more educated than he is on such subjects. His lack of knowledge on the subject earns him a great amount of teasing from most. Many call him strange because while boys his age are getting into all sorts of trouble, Louis is brushing his cat’s fur with Lily, or humming muggle tunes. Like his paternal grandfather, Arthur, Louis is also quite fond of muggle things. He has a strong love for muggle music of all genres to the point where Bill bought him a guitar for his thirteenth birthday. He especially loves to “serenade” his family with the muggle song, “Pocketfull of Sunshine”, much to most of their distaste. Its something he sings nearly all day and night and his love for it is obsessive to the point where it annoys those around him. He also has a well known obsession with cats, to the point where he is an obvious advocate for cat rights, which is one of the many things that his peers consider to be strange about him. However, he doesn’t allow their opinion to affect him and continues to fight for the rights of his furry friends.

 Because he is one-eight Veela, people have naturally been attracted to Louis and always will be. Girls come to him like moths to a flame, pretty much throwing themselves at his feet, however, Louis has never actually accepted any of them and has turned many of them down. He still continues to do this every time a girl makes her affections known to him. This puzzled both him and those around him for the longest time. People wondered why he preferred to stay single when he had so many admirers at such a young age. The answer was quite clear, though. Louis Weasley is attracted to the same gender. Louis always knew he appreciated his own gender much more than many others felt was normal. When he was younger he had many thoughts, such as “he’s amazing.“ As he was grew older these thoughts quickly changed from that, to “he’s so attractive,” “I wonder what it would be like to kiss him.” Louis is becoming more and more scared as he becomes more aware of these thoughts. He feels insecure, more than he ever has before. He knows people will begin to treat him differently once they find out that he prefers the same gender when it comes to relationships. He has kept his sexuality to himself up until now, wishing he could speak to his parents or sisters about it, however, the fear of how they will treat him once the cat is out of the bad further exceeds the relief he’ll feel once they know. Although he hasn’t told anyone but one person yet, Scorpius Malfoy uses “gay” as an insult towards him, which makes him feel a little insecure each time the word is said in a negative way. 

Notable Relationships:

Bill, Fleur, Victoire, and Dominique:

  •  Louis has always had a great relationship with both of his parents, something he’s quite proud of. After the arrival of two girls, Bill hoped for a little boy to come along and complete their family and was overjoyed when Louis arrived. While the boy didn’t grow up to be who his father thought he would be, it hasn’t affected the sheer amount of love the two have for eachother. Louis has been red-faced and mortified on more than one occassion when his mother decided to rain kisses all over his face in public. He adores his mother, Louis just wishes she’d stop treating him as if he’s still a baby whom she could break at any moment. 
  •  Louis is deeply saddened by the disintegrating relationship between his beloved older sisters. He would love nothing more than the two fixing their differences so they could all enjoy a harmonious relationship that he sees his cousins experience. When the two girls happen to come to blows - he has long since stopped trying to be peace-keeper between them - Louis tends to steer clear and avoid them until the worst of the storm has passed. Separately, he has a great relationship with both sisters. He likes that he can go to Dominique and have a fun, light-hearted and exciting time but then leave and hang out with Victoire who he knows he can count on for serious, heartfelt advice and conversations.

Edwin Finch-Fletchley

  •  It was at the beginning of the summer when Louis sent an owl to Edwin Finch-Fletchley, one of the few boys at Hogwarts who is “out of the closet.“ It was Edwin in whom he confined his new-found sexuality to. It was Edwin who he told about his fears of not being accepted by his family or friends any longer. It was Edwin who comforted him and encouraged him to come out at his own pace and told him that if they didn’t accept him, they weren’t worth it. He told Louis that he shouldn’t be afraid of who he is and ever since, Edwin has become a mentor and brother of sorts to Louis. He is Louis’ go-to guy for everything. Over the months the two have developed a close friendship and an unbreakable bond, as Edwin knows what its like to be the kid who feels like he won’t be accepted. The two had barely acknowledged one another prior to the whole “Louis is gay” situation, but since they began speaking, they have realized that they have more in common with one another than just their sexuality.

Lily Potter & Hugo Weasley:

  •  The two cousins Louis is the closest to are Lily and Hugo. They are his best friends and closest family after his parents and sisters. While Hugo is very much of cunning mastermind, Lily and Louis are the two oddballs. Like Hugo, Lily is very innocent and can be reduced to vomiting at the mention of sexual intercourse. Unlike Hugo and the rest of the students in their year, rather than crashing some party held by seventh years, Louis and Lily would much rather be in their dorms, brushing their cats’ furs. Hugo mostly stands by with an amused expression, watching the cat brushing and talk about how “icky” coitus is unfold. The three are known throughout Hogwarts as ‘The Bronze Trio’, and much like the original Golden Trio, trouble always seems to follow them. 

Other Notable Relationships:

  • Eric Kwan: Eric defended Louis against a homophobic attack at the beginning of the year and ever since, Louis has held a certain fondness for the Gryffindor.
  • Molly Weasley: Molly is the cousin that Louis is closest to due to the fact that she is always willing to lend both ears to listen to him. He has been contemplating confiding in her. 

“What’s the point of being clever if you can’t prove it? I’d do anything–anything at all–to stop being bored.”

Thomas O’Shea ≡ FC: Sam Underwood ≡ 18  Wallkill ≡ Closed

The only children to their halfblood parents who spent a long time trying to have children, the O’Shea twins were spoiled by their Muggle mother because she was so happy to have them, and allowed them to get away with anything. When their magic manifested, the boys became even more mischievous and often got in trouble while attending Muggle school. However the teachers were never able to prove just how they were doing their hijinks. Their wizard father tried to discipline them more and more harshly, which led to heated disagreements with their mother. She was always charmed by the magic her boys were able to produce, and she always took their side over her husband’s. This gave Tristan and Thomas a disdain for authority at a young age, and a yearning to do whatever it was they wanted. Once attending Branneth, they had to be more clever than around Muggles in order to get away with things, but every so often they were caught. Both are mischievous and cunning, and more loyal to each other than to anyone else, even their own House. They will often come up with ways to pit other Houses against each other and start rivalries for their amusement.

Thomas is the more level-headed of the twins, and he often has to talk his brother out of schemes that are too big or would get them into too much trouble. He is very fun loving, and easily makes friends with students of any House. Thomas is the brains of the operation, and he is the one who figures out how to make their ideas work. He is always willing to sneak into the restricted section of the library to find out safe ways to work spells, so that they don’t endanger themselves or others. Because of this, Thomas does better in school than his brother, as he is more of a natural reader and researcher. Over the summer break, he was even able to figure out how to become an animagus, turning into a bat for the first time. He was hoping this skill would help them get away with pranks easier. However, when they went to try it out, Tristan was not able to perform the spell and so was caught defacing public property while Thomas got away. Though Tristan brushed the incident off as no big deal, Thomas feels guilty about escaping and has not used the skill since that night. Now in their final high school year, for the first time Thomas is looking to the future. He wants to attend college when the time comes, though he is unsure of a field of study. Thomas knows his brother’s ambitions lie outside of the confines of school though, and Thomas struggles with the idea of being separated from him to continue his studies in a year’s time. 


Adora Branneth: Tristan and Thomas have been friends with Adora for a long while, until she cut away the clique of friends when someone that they had all been mutual friends with accidentally killed another student. She had decided to get away from the chaos that usually came with the friends she had at the time, but Tristan and Thomas had found a friendship in her that they weren’t ready to let go of and continue to pursue her friendship. 

Aidan Havenwind: Tristan and Thomas see Aidan as a someone of the same mind. He’s a peer who thinks the same way as them and great company to be around, along with a willing mind to cause some trouble. They aren’t yet aware of just how far Aidan’s love of anarchy goes. 

Rustin Kisor: Thomas sees Rustin as one of the reasons he’s sane, in the rare moments that he needs to be away from his brother or would prefer the soft touch of the intellectual. When Thomas seeks out a conversation that requires more of a tactical light he goes and finds Rutin to blow off some steam with someone whose brain finds pleasure in scholarly activities. Rustin usually won’t fight it, enjoying the banter and thought that goes into the friendship.  

Bryan Whiteridge: At first, the twins were intimidated by their House’s head but quickly learned that he was a good resource to have. It didn’t take them long to realize that the man was their favorite teacher because he cut them slack on more than one occasion. 


+ Inquisitive, Clever, Outgoing, Analytical

- Sarcastic, Dependant, Risk Taker, Critical

♢ Coen Oakley ♡ 22 ♧ Street Preformer/Magician ♤ Civilian

Coen Oakley’s parents were never the type to stay in one place. Not really ever. Maggie and Orin were travelers, performers, the sort of people who could draw a crowd in a square with no problem and make enough in an evening on tips and donations to get by for a few days. This was the life he was born into and he loved it. From the day he was brought into the world, it was all shows and magic. His mother was a performer, turning the simplest moments into death defying feats, spinning fire and throwing knives. His father was a magician, an escape artist, a hustler. He made his living turning roses into doves and performing sleight of hand that made those around him gasp, wide eyed. They passed those on to their son in hotel rooms and a rumbly RV as they criss crossed the country for new venues. The family was small and close knit, so when Coen awoke in the night to the RV driving off and his father not in it with them, he was filled with confusion. He didn’t know for some time that the reason was Orin’s infidelity, and neither he nor his mother ever saw fit to forgive him. Finding out that he had been leaving behind a string of lovers as long as the road behind them was nothing either one was willing to cope with.

On the other hand, they never saw to change their ways either. Coen knew enough of what his father had known him to practice on his own and Maggie was enough of an act on her own to make do. Once he was good enough to do his own shows, Coen was a draw in his own right, that young and already spinning fire, already making grown men and women believe in magic? They were interested to see a cute kid perform a trick, and astounded to find him doing card tricks they couldn’t imagine.

Coen was taught by his mother, going through home school and only frequenting one place in all his time: Chicago, where his grandparents had left a home to his mother long ago. It was the only permanent address they had, a small home that did little more than collect mail and be rented out to seasonal vacationers once in a while, and every few years, give them a place to bed down for a few months. The city, after all, was big enough for them to make a living for a time. This, of course, is one of those times. Coen and his mother have returned home for a few months, mostly to gather their bearings and feel stable for a time.

Where they are now:

For now, neither Coen nor his mother have any ties to any families, and no particular love for the police. He’s never been a fan of authority, but he has always adhered to a set of morals that were instilled in him pretty early on by his mother. They’re simply a pair of performers living in the city, gathering people in squares before the cops show up to break up their shows.


It’s hard to imagine Coen Oakley being afraid of, really, anything. Given what he does for a living and the way he’s grown up, it’s always seemed like he’s faced life fairly fearlessly. In all reality, there is very little that scares him. He’s loyal and sweet, a thoughtful man who talks, perhaps, far too much. At times, he can be a little too forward for the situation and he’s a magnet for trouble. Whatever he’s getting into, it’s almost impossible to imagine that he’s going to get out of it unscathed and without escaping some kind of reprimand. Too curious for his own good, it’s only a matter of time before is gets the better of him.

Coen is TAKEN