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“isn’t the feeling of being in love just beautiful?
it all started out as
hey i think she’s kinda cute
but now it’s all like
i would give up my whole life just to make her happy”

My newest 8tracks playlist: Love, and that’s all

  • Lover, Please Stay Nothing but Thieves
  • High Hopes Kodaline
  • Sleep On The Floor The Lumineers
  • Love Lana Del Rey
  • Just Once Shura
  • Someone To Stay  Vancouver Sleep Clinic
  • Something Just Like This The Chainsmokers & Coldplay
  • Let Me In Grouplove
  • Seeing Stars BØRNS
  • Loving Someone The 1975
Drunk Headcanons- Gentlemen

“Alcohol does not change you, it just makes you lose control of your inhibitions. What those people did–it was inside them.” -Dan Howlter


  • Pre-cyborg? Definitely the sexual predator drunk. Can’t keep his hands off anyone, cat-calls, making offensive comments, and much more likely to make a move on you and wake up with you the next morning with no memory how he got there.
    • Liked all kinds of wild, new cocktails (Sakura martinis, Niagara Grapes, even Grasshoppers)
  • Even though he drank a lot back then, this pretty boy could never build up a proper tolerance. Two and a half cocktails in and he’s singing ebarassingly at the kareoke bar
  • Now, well, I’m not sure he can process alcohol in his new body
    • I mean, it hasn’t been explicitely said if he can eat and drink or not anymore, but I’m assuming not
    • This has actually been really bugging me, in one of his voice lines, he says “Ramen! *sigh* It’s just not the same anymore.”
    • Which raises the question if it’s just that he can’t eat or if things taste differently or don’t taste at all for him
      • Which then makes me wonder if he has a mouth, which I think he does uuugh, I’m so confused
    • And in the newest lines with him and Angela exchanging chocolates? Angela would know whether or not he can eat, so she either knows he can eat the chocolates or is just giving them to him as a kind gesture to show that even though he’s a cyborg, he still deserves the same courtesies given to regular humans
  • BUT for now, I’m going to assume he can’t drink anymore
    • Although he still has a brain, so that means his brain can still be intoxicated, so saying that he was somehow intoxicated through some other means…
  • He would be very unaccustomed to the feeling, after all, it’s been so long since he’s been tipsy or drunk
    • Gets very quiet and ponderous, examining himself curiously for any reasons why he feels buzzed (think Legolas after the drinking contest in Lord of the Rings)


  • As he says in the game, he prefers alcohol with more of a bite to it
    • So I’d say he prefers tequila, whisky, gin
    • Back in his Deadlock days, when he turned 16, the members probably gave him a little “initiation” involving a bottle of tequila, a lemon, Kosher salt, and a worm (look it up)
  • Drinking is a common part of Jesse’s life, and he almost always sipping on a glass of whisky in the evenings
    • Gets wasted at least once every two weeks
    • Not the most healthy lifestyle
  • But he’s pretty good at hiding that he’s drunk
    • Sure, he gets louder, sillier, maybe a little grope-y with his s/o, but when it comes to drunk tests, as long as there’s no breathalizers, he can walk a straight line like it’s nothing
    • Years of experience
  • He has a pretty high tolerance, he is a cowboy after all, and he can drink most anyone under the table
    • But after about 10 shots of tequila, he’s gonna get drunk


  • Back in his Overwatch days, probably went out drinking with Jack quite a bit
    • These two would usually have some cold beers, but on special nights, martinis or margaritas
    • I’d even headcanon that he used to make the martinis and margaritas for the two of them
    • Can probably still shake up a potent drink even now
  • Used to have drinking contests every now and then with Torbjorn, Jack, and Reinhardt. He had a friendly contest with Jack, but always resented Rein for winning 70% of the time
    • He came close to beating him once, but…
  • He has a pretty good alcohol tolerance even today, it’s just that he doesn’t drink much anymore (not sure if he even can in his ghostly form)
  • But even if he can drink as Reaper, he probably avoids drinking simply because it interferes with his work
    • Doesn’t want to look unprofessional
  • But before the fall of Overwatch, when he and Morrison were butting heads, he probably drank quite a bit to calm his nerves
    • And some nights he’d just drink, and drink, and drink…
  • A mix of the angry, emotional, and tired drunk
    • Starts off really pissed, maybe throwing things, complaining about how much he hates Overwatch
    • Then gets really emo and mopes. Back then it’d be about how he lost his friendship with Jack. Now it’d be about living as a literal ghost
    • Then just collapses and falls asleep

Soldier: 76

  • Back in his Overwatch days, probably went out drinking with Gabriel quite a bit 
    • These two would usually have some cold beers, but on special nights, martinis or margaritas
  • Used to have drinking contests every now and then with Torbjorn, Gabe, and Reinhardt
    • Almost always the first one out. Though, he has a decent tolerancy
  • Was probably still professional with his alcohol before the fall of Overwatch
    • He was the Strike Commander, after all
    • Only drank off-duty
  • Now, he’s a little less of gentleman and will drink beer and whisky whenever he feels like it
    • He’s a grizzly, war-worn old man, you think he cares?
  • He’s an angry and emotional drunk
    • He won’t start fights, but if someone says even remotely offensive about him or his friends, he’ll be up in their face!
    • But towards the end of the night, he’ll get really sad and will start to monologue about the “good ‘ol days”


  • Prefers sake or any smooth, sophisticated drink. Nothing with a “bite” to it like McCree likes
  • Has always been very responsible with his alcohol. He had an image to uphold after all, and that sense of duty has never left him
    • Slowly sips his sake, taking into account how much he’s had and when to stop
  • But he’s such a kill-joy when he drinks with friends or significant others
    • Always reminding them when they’ve gone over their limit, being dubious of whether or not they can handle certain drinks, and sometimes cutting them off entirely!
  • Very much like Symm when it comes to drinking. He’ll drink, but he doesn’t believe alcohol should be drank for the sake of getting drunk. It should be savored for its taste and history. Only drinks it to unwind
  • But he can still get drunk. Once he’s hit a nice buzz, his responsibility will begin to waver, and he’ll lose track of how much he’s had
    • Probably the emotional drunk, mumbling about how the Shimada empire was to be his, how horrible he was to kill Genji, blah blah blah…


  • Ooooh boy…Oh dear….
  • There is NOTHING this boy won’t drink (but it has to be confirmed alcohol. He will not drink turpentine or boot-shine just to get drunk)
  • But this boy won’t even shy away from moonshine!
  • For him, alcohol was MADE to get you drunk! Jamie doesn’t drink unless he is seriously aiming to get wasted!
    • But he’s not a total alcoholic. He never drinks when he’s on a heist because he knows it’ll affect his work
    • Only drinks when he knows he doesn’t have anywhere to be in the next 12 hours (this does not exclude day drinking)
  • Usually just drinks plain old amber fluid (Aussie slang for beer) since it’s the cheapest
  • Always makes sure his friends have something to drink along with him. Coldies for everyone!
    • But who said he was paying? Who said he didn’t steel the coldies?
  • Not sure what Jamison’s tolerancy is since he chugs his drinks too fast to keep track of. He wants to get on that high fast!
  • A loud, silly drunk who laugh maniacally and catches the bar on fire!


  • Despite his size, he can drink a lot.
  • In his drinking contests with Rein, Gabe, and Jack, he’d win occasionally
  • A very loud drunk who will do drunken jigs on the table


  • Good luck getting this man drunk. He’s drank some bars clean before
  • He’s seven feet tall, after all
  • Loves a good drinking contest since he knows he’ll usually win
    • But just like battle, he lives for that rush of competition as he swigs down another glass of beer, staring his opponent dead in the eyes
  • Prefers German beers with the occasional schnapps
  • IF somehow you got him drunk, I’m sorry
  • He’s loud and VERY unaware of his size and spatial relation
  • He’ll teeter around, knock things over, collapse into tables (breaking them), and knock people flat on their faces when he pats them on the back
  • And if he passes out, you’ll have to call a tow truck to haul him out of there


  • Doesn’t like to brag, but he has a tolerancy level to rival Reinhardt’s
  • Can often be caught day drinking on the couch with a coldie, even when he has somewhere to be that day (he can handle a few beers before then)
  • But usually doesn’t drink in front of people except Junkrat, since it requires him to lift up his mask or take it off entirely
    • If he were to brag about his drinking capabilities, then someone would try to get him to prove it, and he doesn’t want to take off his mask in public…
  • But then there’s Junkrat, bragging for him, “You wouldn’t believe how much my friend Roadie here can drink!”
    • “Mrrghh…” he grumble, “Shut. Up.”
  • The biggest, hungriest, sleepiest drunk. It’s hard to get him drunk, though
  • But once he is, he’ll suddenly start making drunk food decisions and ordering hugs amounts of food at once!
    • Then he’ll scarf it all down, let out a monstrous burp, and pass out…
  • You should have seen how much he ordered during Chinese New Year! Where do you think that highlight reel came from?


  • He likes a good drink as much as the average guy, but he’s always sure to be careful
  • An all-around wholesome guy who looks out for his friends too when they drink. Reminds them when it’s time to take a break, have a snack, or maybe stop all together
  • His favorite drinks are Jell-O shots and he loves drinking if it involves a drinking game
  • When he gets drunk, though, he’ll pull out his tunes and start playing them really loud!
    • Eventually he’ll dig up some irritating meme music and start blaring that, laughing hysterically to it
  • He’s been booted from a few clubs early in his career for playing annoying music. Now he knows when it’s time to be responsible.


  • Zenny can’t drink, but I’m sure there’s a way to screw with an omnics circuits and recreate a drunken feeling for them
  • And he’d be such a silly drunk! He is only 20 after all–sassy little college student…
  • The next morning he’d be so apologetic for anything he did. He’d say that he just wasn’t himself.
kang dongho as your boyfriend

further - 100% my personal opinions and thoughts. requested by anonymous.

Originally posted by hyun95

  • he looks so hot and scary to go close but when you start a conversation with him he’s like the softest and cutest ever
  • i mean his dream when he was young was a princess after all
  • loves buying or watching at cute little stuffs
  • and he would always buy one for you
  • “oh this one looks like you jagiya!”
  • you’ll realize you’ll have several gifts in your room
  • he also likes couple stuff (shirt, hats, accessory etc.)
  • so you’ll also have a few at home
  • but he’s very meticulous about everything
  • so he wouldn’t buy that much of dolls and stuffs
  • “it’s cute but we’ve got tons at home.”
  • when you guys are doing whatever he’ll be checking over everything thrice making sure if he made the best choice
  • very frugal when it comes to money
  • “you can buy two of these with the price of one of that you know”
  • at a restaurant he’ll take at least 30 mins to choose a menu asking the waiter about everything
  • “so you mean this and that are similar?”
  • always remember what you like or want to buy
  • he wouldn’t really like big events so when it’s a special day he’d take you to a nearby cafe and give a present or stay home together cuddling
  • “when did you even make this jagiya?”
  • number 1 at taking care of you
  • catching you in one hand or holding tight of you closely to him
  • loves cuddling or skin-ships
  • whatever your doing next thing you realize is that he has his arms around you
  • “dongho you’re hugging me tight again.”
  • “huh? really? I didn’t mean to.”
  • but he’ll hug you anyways
  • do not make him jealous
  • DO NOT
  • otherwise you’ll both lose dongho’s temper and a friend of yours
  • “i told you not to hang around with him.”
  • “but he’s a friend dongho”
  • “still i don’t like it.”
  • he’ll secretly stalk down the guy’s facebook instagram or anything he has to know about him
  • rarely has trust issue problems but if you do
  • well
  • he won’t let the situation slip and go so good luck
  • excluding that fact he’s sweet and nice and understanding
  • standing on your side even in situations when you’re not beside him
  • of course he wouldn’t blunt out that you’re innocent without listening to the whole situation
  • takes arguments and opinions seriously
  • asking your thoughts and opinions too in order to make the most appropriate conclusion
  • knows how to comfort you
  • “this won’t make the situation any better come i know exactly what to do”

boykeats  asked:

wolfgang my guy you should write a poem about seraphim 👌


i seem to have fallen again; 
this time looking up
at an angel brimming and burning beloved
with the holiest fire.

i swaggered out of heaven
knew myself and knew the corruption i could not bear
i do not regret it.

but looking at him
a star supernova constantly reborn, dying, anew
i wonder
what would heaven be
if all angels were him;
could paradise be real
i would have stayed on my knees.

but now we met 
in the middle on earth
sinners and saints and humans colliding
a kaleidoscope of creation;
we sit in cafes and watch the colors turn.

does he think me a mistake? temptation?
love is patient love is kind but most of all
love is trust.

if he wants to make a mistake on me,
gamble salvation to hold my hand here
in the messiest of the Lord’s ways
i’ll let him and love him all the same.

and maybe i’ll forget my own damnation
to trust him when he says
we are our own kind of sacred
perfect and wonderfully made.

if the Lord made him,
He can’t be all bad.  

The KBTBB Guys as dads!

So finally done!! A special thanks to @flutterlovesvoltage for helping me out with the plot!😙😙😙😙 Ty Ty Ty soooo much!!!!!!😊😊And sorry for the last moment changes in the format.😅Hope this is enjoyable!


  • Constantly keeps on saying how undeserving he is to have such a cute little blessing in his life
  • Keeps on thanking God (something that he never did before)
  • Gets something new for the baby everyday
  • Is a HUGE fan of soft-toys
  • Aims at spoiling the baby rotten
  • “Eisuke not another soft-toy please!”
  • “No but this one’s different from the earlier one!” is what he says every time
  • Was going to book n Audi R8 for his baby
  • Hell no, Eisuke!
  • Smirks less since the baby arrived
  • Gives the baby all his time and attention and smiles a lot (genuinely)
  • Constantly receives ‘taunts’ from the other bidders.


  • Cried a lot the day the baby arrived
  • Scared to death when the baby opened their eyes
  • Bracing himself for hearing cries, since *he thinks* he’s scary
  • But the baby didn’t cry at all
  • Surprised Soryu. Says, “You’re just like your mum.”
  • Gave up carrying his precious gun for his baby.
  • Baby likes to pull at his set-back hair and get it down
  • Soryu doesn’t mind. Feels good.
  • Compares how small the baby’s hand is in front of his. Very adorable.
  • Totally a ‘Baby’s Dad’ 


  • Carries baby to his art studio and shows art pieces
  • Baby enjoys being on hiss shoulder and constantly babbles when they see his Blue Bird art as if saying “It’s pweeetty”
  • Ota tries teaching the baby how to paint
  • Baby smears all the paint on Ota’s nose and cheeks
  • Ota doesn’t protest at all
  • Loves to design cute clothes for the baby
  • Always tells the baby stories about him and mom and tells them how amazing mom is
  • *smiles*
  • Sometimes also puts paint on the baby’s cheeks
  • Gets scolded by his wife


  • Whenever the baby cries, Baba almost cries too.
  • Mc: *slaps forehead*
  • Baby always takes his fedora and throws it away
  • Baba picks it up without complaint and places it on the baby’s head
  • Too big!
  • Baby’s entire head goes into the hat.
  • Baba gets another small fedora for the baby
  • Aw so cute!
  • “My little partner in crime”
  • I don’t want the baby to follow your footsteps, master thief!
  • Baba gets disappointed when he hears this
  • Loves to take selfies with the baby and dress up the baby in cute outfits
  • Shows off his little treasure to the other bidders whenever he gets the opportunity
  • Ends up getting teased.


  • Perfectly knows how to cradle the baby and make them stop crying
  • Baby sometimes hides under his coat and they play hide-n-seek
  • Tried to find the baby’s collarbones
  • Failed
  • Dejected, but didn’t give up
  • “Aren’t my collarbones enough for you?!”
  • Oh, sorry….
  • Does everything for the baby- changes nappies, feeds food, and also plays peek-a-boo!
  • Likes to make the baby smile
  • “An ideal father” as stated by Eisuke
  • Baby likes to play with his stethoscope and sphygmomanometer
  • Luke likes to listen to his baby’s little heartbeats as they sleep in his arms

And lastly, Mamoru-😥

  • Hasn’t had a ‘decent’ sleep since the baby arrived(that’s what he thinks)
  • The baby pulls his hair and troubles him
  • Mamoru tries to sleep, but the baby won’t let him.
  • Baby likes to keep him awake and demand all his attention
  • Mc constantly snickers at this
  • Mamoru is Exasperated
  • “What did I ever do to you that you won’t let me sleep?”
  • Baby crawls and runs away whenever he tries to change nappies
  • In turn, lots of exercise for Mamoru
  • Finally catches the baby and changes their nappy
  • Says that he deserves a Nobel Prize for such hard work
  • Has to clean shave every day since the baby doesn’t like pokey-pokey tiny hair
  • Poor, poor Mamoru. So finally we have someone who’s ridding  him of his LAZINESS.
  • Is convinced that the baby ‘Wants revenge’
  • In spite of all this, he immensely loves his baby and is a proud daddy.

anonymous asked:

omg omg pls write some hufflepuff hcs !!

(I actually never posted any of my writing on here)(because of different reasons)(but i’m so motivated for this SO LET’S DO IT)(this is the first time ever that I write hc’s so pls don’t expect too much)(sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes)

Being A Hufflepuff Means…

  • organizating protest marches around the Lake to fight for the rights of transgender studens
  • studying until late at night because of a continually fear to fail
  • smuggling butterbeer to Hogwarts to play fun little drinking games in the common room
  • sneaking out at night to lay in the grass and watch the stars (because is there anything better than the night sky ???)
  • having insider jokes with your friends that no one else understands
  • listening to music while dancing around the common room (Sprout: “Guys, I know we all love dancing but the whole school is awake because of the music.”)
  • going to the owlery just to feed the owls
  • being best friends with the house elves and fighting for better working conditions for them years before Hermione even founded S.P.E.W.
  • speaking up when you see unfair behaviour and unequality and don’t take any shit from anybody (the hufflepuffs reported Snapes behaviour to Dumbledore at least once a week)
  • fading away into day dreams during the lessons
  • defending your friends in front of other people because you would go down for them
  • being passionated about the things you love and sometimes talk about it for hours while the other hufflepuffs just listen happily
  • making ‘body-positivity’ buttons to celebrate all kind of body shapes
  • dreaming of traveling the world to get to know all the different cultures
  • trying to change the world into a better place and never give up on it because you’ll always belief in the good and you would rather go down fighting than not trying at all
  • loving the nature A LOT
  • buying christmas presents for all of your friends because there is nothing better than making people happy
  • making fun of the other houses because they taking this whole ‘house cup’ thing so serious
  • starting petitions to let kids from abusive households stay at hogwarts over the hollidays (professor sprout actually offers to take them to her home)
  • worrying about the future a lot because you’re always afraid to not be good enough
  • actually having problems with finding new friends because you need some time to relax around people (but once you do you’re the best friend someone could wish for)
  • supporitng the lgbtq+ students and even starting a club for them where they can feel safe and where you can help them with their coming out
  • sneaking into the kitchen to bake some cupcakes with the house elves
  • being the house that cheers the loudest at any quidditch match
  • having the coolest clothes from all the houses because your constantly redesign the school uniforms (Sprout: “Guys, you know that you can’t just change the school clothes… *whispers* but this looks damn cool Hannah *whispers*”
  • being the person in class that always has a good comeback to everything
  • having the dormitory decorated with tons of pictures that you and your friends took during the year
  • being the house that always laugh the most at the feasts 
Prisoner- Jim Kirk

Title: Prisoner

Prompt: a part of the BBTM series. Prisoner by the weeknd featuring lana del rey. no one is imprisoned in this story it is called that because of the song it is based off of. 

Word count: 2,441 including the lyrics

Warnings: language, nothing else hopefully

A/N: IT’S BEEN SO LONG! i’ve been so busy running all over india, i’ve barely been able to write! well, finally, i’m posting something and that should be it for the next few days since my mom’s coming back to mumbai tomorrow and we’re finally gonna get to do stuff again that’s fun for me (aka shop n eat). i’ll try to write tonight, though, since my cousins are all studying and ask me to sit with them as it is. ENJOY IT AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK i havent read this over so idk if it’s any good (oops) forgive the typos that are most likely there

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Be nosy, ask shit

Would you rather…

  1. Lose your sight or your hearing
  2. Break your arm or break your leg
  3. Get run over by a train or by a truck
  4. Drink a glass of sea water or canal water
  5. Get shot by a gun or by an arrow
  6. Eat a dog or a rat
  7. See a ghost or an alien
  8. Go to jail for 30 years or die
  9. Go to the beach or the countryside
  10. Go to the pub or to the club
  11. Watch an action movie or comedy
  12. Be permanently bald or have 
  13. Be poor and happy or rich and unhappy
  14. Be able to stop time or fly
  15. Be gossipied about or never talked about at all
  16. Love and not be loved back or be loved but never love
  17. Go one normal day naked or fall asleep for a year
  18. Be a child or an adult for the rest of your life
  19. Be human or be immortal
  20. Be able to fly or have an invisibility cloak
  21. Talk in a very deep voice or in a high pitched voice
  22. Be a vampire or a ghost
  23. Get a tattoo on your face or metal spikes in your  head
  24. Eat a small can of cat foodor eat 7 lemons
  25. Not be allowed to wash your hands for a month or your hair
  26. Have a llittle green piece of spinach stuck between your front teeth or a booger in your nose that moves when you breathe
  27. Learn to walk or write all over again 
  28. Lose your wallet or lose your keys
  29. Eat ice cream flavored poop or poop flavored ice cream
  30. Live with Hitler for 3 years or with Saddam Hussein
  31. Age only from the neck up or from the neck down
  32. Speak all foreign languages or be able to talk to animals
  33. Live in a home without electricity or without water
  34. Drink 1lt of ketchup or mustard
  35. Have a zombie apoccalypse or World War III
  36. Drink a cup of spoiled milk or pee your pants in public
  37. Know the date of your death or the cause of your death
  38. Be the richest person in the planet or be immortal
  39. Kill somebody to save a family member or let your loved one die
  40. Kiss a 65 year old men or a 7 year old boy
Kuu Headcanons

Shoutout to @jeffthekiller855-blog-blog for the idea of Kuu & Jyugo headcanons. I got inspired to make some Kuu headcanons myself ~♪

  • Kuu being a cat who has great hearing, he always catches Jyugo off guard when he tries to escape
  • Kuu spends most of his day sleeping in Hajime`s office. A few times have happend where Hajime left is drawer open and Kuu slept in it
  • Sometimes he sneaks away into Shiro`s kitchen and eats together with Haku who gets more then he should 
  • Doesn`t mind being in Mitsuru`s office either, he likes spending time with him, even thought hes really loud
  • Mitsuru has made special bed in his office for Kuu with toys and all
  • Loves to sleep in Jyugos arms
  • Loves cuddles and scratchies behind his ears and his neck from anyone
  • Seitarou used to be scared of Kuu because of the way he looks at him and because he looks kind of like his owner, Hajime. But he has grown up at him a lot since their first meeting
  • One time Seitarou have knitted a small green sweather for Kuu
  • Rock have stolen Kuu a few times to their cell, Kuu didn`t care because he got lots of cuddles from the big guy. Rock loves him a lot
  • He likes to stall around the prison and has a secret hideout somewhere no one knows
﹄ verse names pt. 1 ﹃

Tags that you can use for your verses, sorted out into different sections. Lyrics from my “Musical Yeater” playlist on Spotify, “Coloring Book” by Chance the Rapper, and a little bit of my “aprol showurs” playlist on Spotify. I’ll probably do more when I feel like it because I only got like 4 songs into aprol showurs.

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anonymous asked:

Since it's the Halloween season, can you give some hcs (or mini hcs) about the matsus having a vampire!s/o?

They started as mini hcs, but then holiday hype kicked in… I really need to stop


  • “So is blood the only thing you suck?”
  • Just a lot of bad vampire and succ jokes
  • Is actually really intrigued by how you feed since there are so many different ways you can go about doing that
  • Doesn’t mind giving blood as long as he get’s something in return
  • Doesn’t want to know about any of the past lovers they’ve had over the years at all
  • Would be on the fence if he wanted to get turned into a vampire if they offered


  • His mind immediately jumps to Twilight the second you reveal you’re a vampire, help him
  • He’d want to know what time period their from, the older the better, it gives them more to talk about
  • Would try to court you in the proper fashion from the century you’re from and might start speaking in that language too
  • He’s a little nervous when you mention how you feed, he certainly wouldn’t want to see it in action
  • But he would be willing to give you blood if you really needed it
  • He would be all for getting turned into a vampire so the love between you two will be eternal


  • When you revealed your identity he nearly fainted and was so scared he was going to be your next meal, he needed a long time to calm down and think after that
  • Immediately wants to know what type of vampire you are, there are so many different vampire lores he wants to know what to protect you from (garlic, sunlight, wooden stake, etc.)
  • He is so full of questions like he needs to know and prepare for everything, poor bean
  • He’s so worried that if vampires are real than other creatures are too and possibly monsters hunters and hopes you don’t have beef with anyone
  • Likes listening to some of the stories from their past
  • He nearly passed out the first time they tried drinking his blood


  • He’s so chill about it, like he just says ok and moves on much to the surprise of his s/o
  • But it’s out of respect considering they’re really old, they probably have a lot of things they don’t want to talk about
  • If they have a coffin he would want to try sleeping in it at least once for the experience
  • Constantly asks if animals can become vampires (hey if bunnicula was a thing why can’t there be a cat vampire?)
  • He has no problem with them feeding off him, and he wouldn’t care if he was turned into a vampire or not


  • It’s so hard for him not blurt it out to everyone because he thinks it’s so cool
  • If you’re immune to sunlight that might be a bit of an issue since he loves being outside, you may need to invest in a parasol 
  • He doesn’t like hearing about how you feed at all, he hopes it doesn’t hurt the people or the animals too badly
  • He would give blood depending on how bearable the pain threshold is (different types of vampires have different levels or pain so it would depend on what they are)
  • If they couldn’t be in sunlight he’d try to bring everything that loves that resides under the sun to them no matter how big or small the thing may be, he wants them to experience it all
  • Loves moonlight strolls with them, but they usually end up being moonlit jogs by the end of night


  • He is lowkey jealous at how perfect their complexion, like they just have a perfect face and it isn’t fair
  • Matching parasols
  • He tends to stay away from the sun most official art, or least covers up with a hat or parasol so his s/o as a weakness to sunlight it wouldn’t bother him at all
  • He likes trying a lot of their old clothes because it’s so vintage and loves clashing a classic piece with a modern piece
  • He get’s so frustrated if they’re the type of vampire that doesn’t show up in pictures because he really wants to take a cute picture of them and with them
  • Makes cute accessories if they can take a bat form or have pet bats.